Yes, There Are Women Conspiracy Theorists

While there are many women involved in numerous areas of pseudoscience and health fads, it appears that being a hardcore conspiracy theorist is pretty much exclusively a male domain. In fact, searching the internet for “women conspiracy theorist” brings up only a few message board posts asking why women are so uninterested in the topic. Believing in silly things with no evidence to support them isn’t gender-specific, so this didn’t make much sense to me. So I went looking for prominent women involved in various conspiracy movements, and it didn’t take much research to find them. Here’s a list of just a few, both past and present: Continue reading

Stuff They Should Teach in School


I doubt that I’ll get many arguments when I make the statement that the educational system in the United States is not the best in the world.  My main complaint is that students are not, for the most part, taught to think.  By that, I mean that they are not taught to ask the all important question, “why?”.  Why is the sky blue?  Why didn’t dinosaurs and humans occupy the Earth at the same time?  Why did we fight the Civil War?  Why was Shakespeare such a great writer?  There are literally millions of questions out there for students of all grade levels and abilities. Continue reading