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Rap: Partial Reporting on Partial Rhymes

I just don’t “get” rap music. That is not a value judgment, just my personal opinion, and your own may vary. The bad lyrics, the (lack of) music, the bling… it’s just not for me, I guess. However, one needs to … Continue reading

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Sometimes a Cable Isn’t Just a Cable

A while ago I blogged about an expensive USB cable that claimed to increase the quality of music playback from a digital hard disk. That claim, of course, was complete and utter nonsense, as the playback is digital, so apart … Continue reading

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Rock and Roll Urban Legends

London’s Royal Albert Hall, 1981. Phil Collins stalks the stage, as his band roars through the spare, synth-driven hit “In The Air Tonight.” Collins practically whispers the grim lyrics, bearing all of his focus down into the audience, specifically someone … Continue reading

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