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Your Birth Certificate Is Not a Bond. Really.

If you’re like most people, you read that title and scratched your head in confusion. “Rich,” you may have said, “what on earth are you talking about? Of course my birth certificate isn’t a bond. It’s a birth certificate.” And now you’re … Continue reading

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A Conspiracy Theory Primer – In Fun Alphabet Form!

Modern conspiracy movements come and go so quickly that it can be hard to keep up with the new threats and concepts that get tossed around social media and the water cooler. So here’s a quick and easy list of … Continue reading

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Common Arguments Against Skepticism (And Why They’re Wrong)

If you spend enough time reading pieces on skeptical websites, or commenting on websites that promote conspiracy theories or pseudoscience, you’re going to start seeing the same feedback over and over. And by “feedback” I mean hysterical insults and accusations. … Continue reading

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Did Jews Bring Down the Twin Towers?

Did Jews bring down the twin towers?  No, they did not. I wanted the title of this post to sound a little inflammatory.  That is the intent of some conspiracy theorists, to irritate and inflame.  To make you feel more … Continue reading

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