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Those UFO Files

You may have already heard the news, however, in case you haven’t, a massive amount of US Government UFO files—from Projects Blue Book, Sign, and Grudge—has recently gone live on the web. Fox News has reported on the information, citing an article at … Continue reading

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The Slender Man Stabbing

This past weekend, two 12-year-old girls, allegedly, attempted to murder their 12-year-old friend by stabbing her 19 times. This horrifying act was not only cold-bloodedly premeditated (again, allegedly), but also was, apparently, being done to appease the fictional character of … Continue reading

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The Russian Sleep Experiment

Back in the 1940s, a group of unethical Russian scientists performed a sleep deprivation experiment on a group of political dissidents that lead to a horrifying conclusion, or so the story goes. Is the story true or based upon a true … Continue reading

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Seven Brilliant Quotes? Not So Much

Internet memes are like fireworks, coming out of nowhere, exploding in a burst of color and light, then vanishing, leaving nothing but a lingering blob of smoke and dust. Nowhere is this more prevalent than on Facebook, where anyone can … Continue reading

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Web Browsers for Dummies (Updated)

AptiQuant Psychometric Consulting Company in Vancouver has made some waves this week, by announcing the results of a large trial in which they compared IQ scores to choice of web browser software. Their published findings indicate a clear tendency for … Continue reading

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