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If You Know Anyone Afraid of the Flu Shot, Show Them This!

Internet memes are constant reminders of how unstructured information sharing is. I see memes through the prism of scientific skepticism and critical thinking and the most frustrating aspect is how they can be used to disseminate dangerous ideology and disinformation. There … Continue reading

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Flu Vaccine Failure?

Recently the Centers For Disease Control released an advisory about cases of influenza that appear to have genetically drifted—enough to reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. If true, why is the CDC still recommending unvaccinated people get a flu shot? What good is the vaccine this year and why does this … Continue reading

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I Got The Flu Shot And Now I Got The Flu!

Last week, I wrote about “zombie news” stories coming around on my social media timelines and how it serves only to spread misinformation. While watching these news stories pop up over and over, I also watched a Facebook discussion develop … Continue reading

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