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Paying The Toll For Anti-Vaccine Rhetoric

The anti-vaccination movement has run a two-decade-long campaign of fear-mongering. It’s a well-funded campaign with a provocative narrative. They warn anyone who will listen that vaccines are dangerous, useless, and that they may cause autism. They spread propaganda originating from a fabricated 1998 study by ex-medical … Continue reading

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The Cost of Not Vaccinating

Instead of finishing and posting a normal blog post this week, I wanted to share something that came across my social media feed thanks to the Anti-Vaccine Body Count page. While normally I would post about the statistics and science … Continue reading

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Is herd immunity a myth? A response to Russell Blaylock, Part 1

Like late night callers to the Coast to Coast AM, the Internet is filled with articles that claim to have found the fatal flaw in “hoaxes” perpetrated by the scientific community. Using the well-honed technique of throwing an easy pitch … Continue reading

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