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Why Didn’t The FTC Just Outright Ban Sensa?

Shocker! It turns out that Sensa, the “tastant” food additive that supposedly curbed cravings and led to weight loss, doesn’t actually do what it’s advertised to do! At least, that’s the finding of the Federal Trade Commission, following on the … Continue reading

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The Trendiest Food Woo of 2014

I know it’s only coincidence that the newest Skeptoid episode, Student Questions: Food Woo, Food Woo, and More Food Woo, released on the same week that the new year turned over, but it feels appropriate that it came out the same … Continue reading

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Should We All Be Worried About Estrogen Dominance?

As a transwoman, I get asked all sorts of odd questions about my body. One question I hadn’t encountered until recently, though, is “Aren’t you concerned about estrogen toxicity?” The question came after a discussion of the typical hormone regimen … Continue reading

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All GM Foods Are Not Created Equal

The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe is a podcast that I enjoy every week. This week, the panel discussed the topic of GM foods; and while I don’t disagree with anything they said, I did have to grit my teeth … Continue reading

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A Bevy of Food Fads In One Small Cup

Grocery shopping can be a fun exercise for the skeptical mind. There’s not an aisle of my local big box store anymore where I can’t spot some sort of overblown food fad on display: organic cupcake mix, probiotic tea bags, … Continue reading

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Essential oils: A perfect example of alternative medicine exaggeration

Healthcare is a breeding ground for pseudoscience – and for good reason too. When it comes to our health we really are an easy target. Nobody likes to be sick and nobody wants to lose a loved one. It makes … Continue reading

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More Mercola Misinformation: Grounding In Reverse

Skeptics are well aware of a few of the more popular doctors selling woo on the web or on TV. One of the them, Dr. Mercola, is mentioned many over and over for his anti-vaccine stance and his pseudoscientific approach … Continue reading

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Is the Naturalistic Fallacy Always Bad?

I am certainly not one to buy a product simply based on its claim to be “all-natural” or “organic.” I also don’t buy into the notion that because something is natural it is necessarily inherently good. In many cases, whether … Continue reading

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Please Pray For This Post

I don’t describe myself as an atheist. I subscribe to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s declaration that I don’t really want to be associated with the stigma of activism that is carried with the term atheist. The term does describe my belief … Continue reading

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Why Do Vaccines Make People Crazy?

Yesterday, The Skeptical Libertarian posted a video showing Bill Maher’s ignorance when it comes to vaccines. Bill Maher is always an interesting example of the intersection of atheists, libertarians, skeptics, and general critical thinkers. Although many peoople in one group will tend to … Continue reading

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