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The Washington Navy Yard Shooting: No Surprises

The hours and days after the Washington Navy Yard shooting followed a pattern that is as predictable as it is tragic. News outlets struggled to find out what was going on, conspiracy theorists decided they already knew (and that said … Continue reading

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False Flag Attacks: Myth and Reality

One of the terms most commonly used by conspiracy theorists when discussing “the real story” behind incidents like the September 11th attacks or the recent Sandy Hook shooting is “false flag,” meaning that it was caused or staged deliberately to … Continue reading

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Kitty Werthmann: History Distorted

When doing my usual check of “What’s New” on snopes.com, I came across a recent entry for an email from one Kitty Werthmann, purporting to tell her story of living through the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany, also known … Continue reading

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