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Have You Heard of the Free Energy Generator?

I came across this fellow and his electrical loop free-energy machine recently from an article in The Epoch Times. The videos are posted under the YouTube ID of Deirones and show the amazing sight of electricity being harvested from a … Continue reading

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Perpetual Motion Machines Now Available on Indiegogo

There is currently a campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to sell a perpetual motion machine. As discussed in-depth in this Skeptoid episode, and as fundamental physics proves, perpetual motion machines (aka “free energy” machines, aka “over-unity” machines) do not, and … Continue reading

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I Will Pay You to Prove Me Wrong! (Money Not Included)

As Brian discussed in a recent Skeptoid episode, a number of groups in the US and around the world have issued challenges offering to pay the first person who can prove they have paranormal, psychic or supernatural abilities. But even … Continue reading

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One Weird Trick to Rule Them All

Hey, you there. Sitting at your computer, clicking away. Times are tough, right? You’re feeling lethargic and a bit overweight, yes? Your skin has gotten blotchy and your teeth aren’t as white as they used to be. You’ve got a … Continue reading

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