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FDA Smackdown on GMO Fear Mongering

In my estimation, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) incur fear mongering of the highest order, perhaps second only to vaccines, if at all. For reasons that escape me there has been a concerted effort to marginalize or outright stop the use and development … Continue reading

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The FDA is Pushing a Big Pharma Agenda to Get Our Kids High

Outrage media is a big contributor to the scientific illiteracy of the general public. While it is true scientists have to do a better job of communicating science, the media needs to do a better job of balancing views and clicks with … Continue reading

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What The FDA Doesn’t Want You To Know

Conspiracy theorists and cranks, such as Mike Adams or Dr. Joseph Mercola, like to say that the Food and Drug Administration is keeping the truth from you. Like all good lies there is a grain of truth to that statement. Experimental research is submitted … Continue reading

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On American Cheese

This week a completed a move into another state with my family, so thought I’d write something a bit lighter than normal. I grew up eating American cheese. I loved American cheese. When hungry near bed time I would go … Continue reading

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The Latest Vitamin Uproar

Vitamins are big business. Sales topped $9.6 billion in the US alone last year.  Millions of us take them, but do they really do any good?  More importantly, could they be causing us harm?  No US government agency recommends them … Continue reading

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Why the New Warning Images on Cigarettes Won’t Curb Smoking

After September of 2012 cigarette packaging and advertising in the U.S. will have a new, supposedly stronger anti-smoking message.  These are the first such changes made to the packaging in 25 years.  Will they do a bit of good to … Continue reading

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Big Victory for e-Cigarettes

Attention smokers!  By now you have probably seen those smoke free electronic cigarettes for sale in internet ads or in magazines.  They are tobacco free, flame free, and emit a cool nicotine containing vapor that looks like smoke.  Since they … Continue reading

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