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Do Not Try This Paleo Diet

Cannibalism is of one those topics that automatically gets a lot of eyeballs and clicks on the Internet. I’m sure there are a lot of psychological and sociological hypotheses to explain this but that’s not why I’m bringing up the subject. I want … Continue reading

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Whales’ Pelvic Bones: Evolutionary Science at its Best

This summer I took my kids to the Royal Museum for Natural Sciences here in Brussels. Apart from the usual dinosaur exhibits and a very nice exposition on evolution, there was also a large room (evidently) for the display of … Continue reading

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Origins the Series

My brother Abe sends me a lot of cool videos and articles about science: recent research, new inventions, educational materials, or the work of grad students who are sharing presentations of their findings on YouTube. This week he sent me this great video series, … Continue reading

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Cosmos (2014) Episode 2: Best and Worst

I think that even those in the skeptical community who were a little bit … well, skeptical after Episode 1 of the new Cosmos will be walking away from Episode 2 satisfied. The series definitely seemed to find its stride last night. Personally, … Continue reading

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Predictions of Evolution

While finishing up the content for the article I intended for this week, I realized that I wanted to scrap the whole thing.  So this week’s entry is actual a re-post (and slight edit) of a 2010 entry on my … Continue reading

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Providing evidence for evolution

Last week I pointed out some common misconceptions about evolution and arguments that  are often used to support creationism. This week I would like to share some of what I feel to be the strongest evidences for evolution.

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Responding to anti-evolution arguments

It seems that creationism/evolution is the debate that just won’t end. More than almost any other scientific theory, evolution seems to be the hardest for people to accept. But why? 

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Five Signs of Evolution in Modern Mankind

Have you ever seen a picture of a blind cave fish?  Over many millenia, in response to their pitch black environment, their eyes have dwindled down to mere vestigial organs.  Humans, too, have developed vestigial body parts during the course … Continue reading

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