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St. Malachy and the Prophecy of the Popes

Is it a forewarning of great tribulation to come? Or an obvious forgery with no more accuracy than a strip-mall tarot card reading? Since the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, both fringe and mainstream media outlets have buzzed about the … Continue reading

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How to Throw a Great Apocalypse Party

As everyone knows, the world will end in just a few weeks, on December 21st, 2012. We don’t know how, or what time it will take place, but through some combination of pole shift, magnetic field collapse, zombie apocalypse, asteroid/rogue … Continue reading

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End of the World Pt 3: Asteroids

For reasons best known to the race of space creatures who pick which films to greenlight, 1998 was the year a meteor was supposed to hit the Earth and destroy all life upon it. In the end, Tea Leonie and … Continue reading

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The End of the World pt 2: Algorithms

The End of the World pt 2: Algorithms Let’s start with a list of predictions. No, not the kind involving a crystal ball and a woman called Mme Arcady who claims to be able to see a tall dark stranger … Continue reading

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