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Don’t Worry, You Can Still Give Your Rat that New Phone for its Birthday

By now, most people have read something from one or both sides of the story regarding new preliminary data published about cell phones and cancer, which Mother Jones referred to as “game changing.” As I would expect, David Gorski wrote … Continue reading

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Electrohypersensitivity and Bad Reporting

The April 2015 issue of Popular Science includes a bizarre feature article that might give many readers cause for a double take: a detailed promotion of a thoroughly debunked pseudoscience. It is largely a profile of one woman, Diane Schou, and … Continue reading

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A Not-Very-Smart Debate on Smart Meters

This morning I had the pleasure of going on the Bill Good show with guest host Mike Smyth at CKNW radio in Vancouver, Canada. Many Canadians are concerned about possible health effects from wi-fi and smart meters, so they had … Continue reading

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