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The International Space Station

Image above: The space station is one of the brightest objects in the sky. Image Credit: NASA The International Space Station (ISS) is basically an enormous science lab orbiting about 354 kilometers above the earth. The first part of the … Continue reading

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Philosophy in Physics

The last week of the spring semester at the community college where I teach is next week. I had my last lecture session that covered new material on Thursday. The last topic discussed in my “Elements of Physics” class was … Continue reading

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Of Schools, Skepticism, and Snopes

By now, I’m sure many of you have seen the alleged “science quiz” making the rounds on the Internet — the one that says dinosaurs lived with people and that an Apatosaurus is the best explanation for the Leviathan of … Continue reading

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What is beauty?

What does the word “beauty” bring to your mind? A pretty face, a flower, a mountain range, or even a sound can be easily described as beautiful. While I won’t disagree with any of these, today I’d like to share … Continue reading

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Come join me for AskScience Live!

About 1. 5 years ago I started a blog called “The Collapsed Wavefunction“. At the time the only reason I was doing it was to improve my writing skills. I had learned the hard way (failed grant proposals) that writing … Continue reading

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What Students Think of Here Be Dragons

As I discussed previously, I like to use resources from the Skeptoid podcast in my composition classes to foster critical thinking skills. I also use the film Here Be Dragons, as it has the good qualities of being (1) short … Continue reading

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Providing evidence for evolution

Last week I pointed out some common misconceptions about evolution and arguments that  are often used to support creationism. This week I would like to share some of what I feel to be the strongest evidences for evolution.

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Skeptical Classroom Resources

When I posted last week my own little experience concerning introducing skepticism and critical thinking into the classroom, I knew I was far from the first person to commit such ideas to writing. But since that post, I’ve become keenly … Continue reading

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Responding to anti-evolution arguments

It seems that creationism/evolution is the debate that just won’t end. More than almost any other scientific theory, evolution seems to be the hardest for people to accept. But why? 

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Gazing deeper into the Orion Constellation (Image Gallery) Part I

I want to continue with the Orion constellation this week to go over each of the components in greater detail. There are parts of the Orion constellation that one can see with the naked eye but there are also quite … Continue reading

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