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Did You Hear the One About Chipotle and the Pro-GMO Plot?

A new conspiracy theory is making the social media rounds in the wake of last autumn’s Chipotle Mexacan Grill E coli outbreak: that the outbreak is a deliberate effort to sabotage Chipotle’s recent commitment to GMO-free foods and, more broadly, … Continue reading

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Aspartame and E. coli, oh my!

A “news item” recently came across my Facebook page which has a pretty remarkable claim:aspartame is made from E.coli feces! The even more remarkable thing: That it’s true. Sort of.

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E. coli Revisited: When good Science goes Bad

Thanks to our avid Skeptoid readers for pointing out that someone has already written about supposed conspiracy theories regarding the recent outbreak of deadly E. coli in Germany.  Those interested in such things should check it out here.  As a … Continue reading

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No Salad In Hamburg: The latest E. coli outbreak

I suppose this is not the typical skeptical type blog entry in the sense that there really is not any idea to challenge or attempt to debunk here.  Pathogenic E. coli is, and has been, all too common in the … Continue reading

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