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Will Brewer’s Yeast Repel Fleas And Keep My Dog’s Fur Healthy?

Above Image: My dogs, Bruiser and Maggie. I have two dogs named Bruiser and Maggie. Bruiser is my eight year old Rat Terrier and Maggie is my boyfriend’s three year old Jack Russel. These two adorable dogs are the focus … Continue reading

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Natural Dog Supplements – One About Food

If you watch enough cooking shows, you will find yourself inspired to try new foods and new cooking techniques in the kitchen. There is also a “rich” array of advertising that comes along with it – and well targeted to … Continue reading

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Natural Dog Supplements – Aloe Vera Juice

This week I take a look at another supplement promoted by some websites as a way to make your dog “healthier.” Much like other supplements, it seems the advice on Aloe Vera has carried over right from the same woo peddled … Continue reading

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Homeopathic and Natural Dog Supplements – Garlic

When I started back writing for Skeptoid on a regular basis, I asked on my social media accounts what people would like to see me cover. One that had a few votes was Homeopathic treatments for dogs. As I have … Continue reading

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Homeopathic Medicines for Animals

Imagine that you could start a pharmaceutical business selling nothing but pure water.  OK, sometimes maybe you have to put one or two parts per billion of some substance in it, but how much could that cost?  You can sell … Continue reading

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Canine Telepathy? Woo….f

A new study in the journal Learning & Behavior states that dogs are so in tune with us that they can read our minds and that they were likely born with the ability.  Chances are that if you are a … Continue reading

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