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I, Skeptic

I am a skeptic and use skepticism in my every day life. It is a part of my thinking and my decision-making processes. This does not mean that I doubt everything I read or hear. It also does not mean … Continue reading

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All GM Foods Are Not Created Equal

The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe is a podcast that I enjoy every week. This week, the panel discussed the topic of GM foods; and while I don’t disagree with anything they said, I did have to grit my teeth … Continue reading

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Of Schools, Skepticism, and Snopes

By now, I’m sure many of you have seen the alleged “science quiz” making the rounds on the Internet — the one that says dinosaurs lived with people and that an Apatosaurus is the best explanation for the Leviathan of … Continue reading

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The REAL scientific method…

Over the years I have judged many science fairs, and it’s an opportunity that I really enjoy.   I have found that the best participants have a strong understanding of the scientific method and have thought carefully about how to … Continue reading

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Animals can’t talk, deer can’t read and trees are only here to enhance human life.

Most of us have seen those animal crossing signs that speckle the roads around the U.S. and up until now I thought that it went without saying that the signs are for human benefit, not for the animals themselves. Now … Continue reading

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Skeptical Classroom Resources

When I posted last week my own little experience concerning introducing skepticism and critical thinking into the classroom, I knew I was far from the first person to commit such ideas to writing. But since that post, I’ve become keenly … Continue reading

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Bringing Critical Thinking to the Classroom

I teach my first college courses in physics in a few weeks. College courses in science generally include a component which asks instructors to teach critical thinking. Reflecting on this piece as I prepare my classes, I thought it would … Continue reading

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What on Earth do Creepy Crawly Bugs Have to do With Critical Thinking?

I remember when I still believed in things like Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy and even ghosts, goblins and ghoulies that go bumpthumpBANG in the night. Honestly, it was pretty difficult to shake those beliefs and, at … Continue reading

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