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Did You Hear the One About Chipotle and the Pro-GMO Plot?

A new conspiracy theory is making the social media rounds in the wake of last autumn’s Chipotle Mexacan Grill E coli outbreak: that the outbreak is a deliberate effort to sabotage Chipotle’s recent commitment to GMO-free foods and, more broadly, … Continue reading

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Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved?

If you pay attention to recent media reports you may think that the mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart’s last flight has been solved, and that researchers have in fact found wreckage from her flight. Headlines read: “Mystery of Amelia Earhart Solved? Fragment From Missing … Continue reading

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Nine True Conspiracies That Aren’t Actually True or Conspiracies

In Skeptoid Episode #364, Brian made a statement regarding conspiracy theories that I’ve since used many times in my continued battle against tinfoil-helmeted nonsense. It’s simple, direct, and 100% true: No conspiracy theory has ever been proven true. A less-elegant … Continue reading

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Why I Left Joe Rogan on My List of Celebrities Promoting Pseudoscience

On January 14, 2014, I went on the Joe Rogan Experience to call out Joe on what I believed were public disservices done on his show. What followed was a storm of controversy and charges of dishonesty.

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Death by Mysterious Circumstances

The idea of the “mysterious death” as a cornerstone of conspiracy theories is one of the more commonly held tropes in that world. Whether it’s people related to 9/11, UFO’s, false flags or corporate maleficence, believers tend to describe the … Continue reading

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Hello? Is It Nazi Me You’re Looking For? ABC’s ZERO HOUR In Memoriam

When ABC announced it was producing a series called ZERO HOUR, revolving around a massive conspiracy, with a skeptic for a main character, naturally, I was excited. Then I was able to get a copy of the pilot script (through … Continue reading

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Three Modern Conspiracy Theories

By definition, a conspiracy theory that has been proven should probably be called something else.  Perhaps the term “good old fashioned well-researched historical analysis” would apply.  The three theories offered below remain just that.  Theories.  Some of the stories are … Continue reading

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