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Black Cats are Victims of Our Own Imaginations

It’s Halloween this Friday, and that felt like as good a time as any to talk about black cats. These poor critters live with the weight of several erroneous beliefs on their feline shoulders, all because of their high melanin … Continue reading

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Do Brain Parasites Make Me Love My Cat?

I am the happy roommate of a precocious cat named Olivia. I protect her from harm, I feed her decent cat chow, and I let her sleep next to me at night if she wants to. I am, in other … Continue reading

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Detroit’s “Mystery Cat”

Suburban Detroit had a bit of a cryptid scare recently. The story started making the rounds last week about a mystery cat roaming the suburbs north of the city, though sightings of the cat had started before that. News headlines declared it … Continue reading

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Homeopathic Medicines for Animals

Imagine that you could start a pharmaceutical business selling nothing but pure water.  OK, sometimes maybe you have to put one or two parts per billion of some substance in it, but how much could that cost?  You can sell … Continue reading

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