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Does Drinking White Wine Give You Melanoma?

Brown University put out a press release this month about some of its soon-to-be-published research. The study, named “Alcohol Intake and Risk of Incident Melanoma: A Pooled Analysis of Three Prospective Studies in the United States,” appears this month in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers … Continue reading

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Don’t Worry, You Can Still Give Your Rat that New Phone for its Birthday

By now, most people have read something from one or both sides of the story regarding new preliminary data published about cell phones and cancer, which Mother Jones referred to as “game changing.” As I would expect, David Gorski wrote … Continue reading

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The FDA is Pushing a Big Pharma Agenda to Get Our Kids High

Outrage media is a big contributor to the scientific illiteracy of the general public. While it is true scientists have to do a better job of communicating science, the media needs to do a better job of balancing views and clicks with … Continue reading

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The Cost of Not Vaccinating

Instead of finishing and posting a normal blog post this week, I wanted to share something that came across my social media feed thanks to the Anti-Vaccine Body Count page. While normally I would post about the statistics and science … Continue reading

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I’m Getting a Vasectomy in Spite of These Anecdotes

The world will now have a piece of very personal information about me: last week, I had a vasectomy. Though I was confident in the statistics and my doctor, I had a certain visceral fear approaching the surgery. I had to … Continue reading

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Sweet Poison, Breastfeeding, Banned Foods, and Zombies

While I’ve spent way too much time this week responding to blog comments here on Skeptoid, I watched so many pieces of bad science flow through my social media feeds this week that it makes me weep knowing how poorly … Continue reading

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NaturalNonsense:NaturalNews hyperbole on cancer screening

Historically I have sort of ignored the site NaturalNews because it is so blatantly wrong. It reads exactly like conspiracy sites like Prison Planet and Info Wars (both by Alex Jones). This turns out to make sense as appears that … Continue reading

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Reconsidering Thalidomide

Last week I made a throwaway comment about thalidomide as part of a statement about dangerous drugs, and how”I wouldn’t touch [it] even on a doctor’s recommendation.” Because, I mean, thalidomide, right? Deformed babies and lawsuits and the poster child … Continue reading

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Roundup and Gut Bacteria

Note: I recently became a contributor over at The Skeptical Libertarian. There will be some cross-posting and similar topics covered. This is a benefit, however, as it has already brought to my attention new material which I might not have otherwise … Continue reading

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Pot. Marijuana. Cannabis. Misunderstood Motives.

I have had a regular argument over the years with a family member about both the recreational use of pot and the use of pot and derived materials from pot. Many of the claims promoted by this family member surround its use … Continue reading

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