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The Media and the Latest BPA Scare

Bisphenol A is back in the news again. Are you scared yet? The news media certainly thinks you should be. But we all know how dodgy science reporting in the news media is. So, should we be scared? Or is this … Continue reading

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Is the Naturalistic Fallacy Always Bad?

I am certainly not one to buy a product simply based on its claim to be “all-natural” or “organic.” I also don’t buy into the notion that because something is natural it is necessarily inherently good. In many cases, whether … Continue reading

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Paper Money Worldwide Contaminated With Bisphenol A

In a change of pace, I’m going into proactive mode today to try to prevent a falsehood from spreading.  Cut it off at the knees as it were.  Yesterday, during my daily browsing of science websites, I came across an … Continue reading

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