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The Myth of the “Polish Cavalry Charge Against Tanks”

When World War II kicked off with the September 1, 1939 German invasion of Poland, a pernicious, racist myth soon followed: the backwards, poorly-equipped Polish army rolling over at the first blow from the mighty Nazi war machine. Probably the … Continue reading

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Fact or Fiction: Ethnic Food Origins

I’m going to take a break from debunking conspiracy theories and false flags to talk about one of my other favorite pastimes: eating. Whether it’s fried, baked, fried, grilled, fried or served with a dipping sauce after being fried, food … Continue reading

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Historical Misquotes, Volume 2

Welcome to another edition of Historical Misquotes, where we take a look at some of the most famous utterances in culture and history to determine if they were actually said, and if so, in those exact words. Last time we … Continue reading

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Kitty Werthmann: History Distorted

When doing my usual check of “What’s New” on snopes.com, I came across a recent entry for an email from one Kitty Werthmann, purporting to tell her story of living through the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany, also known … Continue reading

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