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Never Throw Anything Away: The Wealth of Science Archives

Our sciences are advancing at a rapid pace. New technologies emerge that help scientists dig deeper into the fundamental particles or peer farther away into our Universe. So I was quite happy when the following news item appeared. It combines two … Continue reading

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False Discoveries and True Science

Last month the science sections of various media were ablaze with the “discovery” of a ninth planet in our Solar System. Or at least, that’s the impression one could get when skimming the titles. Some less reputable media I saw … Continue reading

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Gravitational Waves and the Value of Errors

Imagine a fat guy doing a cannonball into a calm swimming pool. We can predict that a minute later the surface of the pool will be mottled with waves: ridges and valleys, peaks and pits. The Standard Model of cosmology … Continue reading

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How ancient Indian astronomy can enrich modern science

Sometimes the news is less scarier than the title suggests. For instance, when I read here about “link astronomy to ancient science”, my skeptical senses started tingling. Reading in the first few paragraphs about “astronomy […] should be linked with ancient … Continue reading

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Gazing deeper into the Orion Constellation (Image Gallery) Part II

As promised, we will continue this week with the Orion Constellation. If you need to catch up start with Gazing Deep into the Orion Constellation and then read Gazing Deeper into the Orion Constellation (Image Gallery).

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