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Aspartame-Free Diet Pepsi is Here

I would be remiss if I didn’t pen a brief follow-up on a post I wrote a few months back about PepsiCo removing aspartame from Diet Pepsi in hopes of increasing lagging sales. The new formulation hit the shelves last … Continue reading

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Why Pepsi’s Move to Splenda Won’t Make a Difference

After years of declining sales, PepsoCo is dropping the safe but widely maligned artifical sweetener aspartame from its flagship Diet Pepsi in hopes of boosting their numbers. By August, Diet Pepsi will be sporting an “aspartame-free” label and a new … Continue reading

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Is Soda Bad For You?

This is a reader-recommended topic. In the comments to my post “Please Don’t Tell My Daughter There Are ‘Chemicals’ In Her Soda,” ‘Kristin’ said: Sodas ARE bad for you. It’s a fact, and believe it or not I’m not trying … Continue reading

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Sweet Poison, Breastfeeding, Banned Foods, and Zombies

While I’ve spent way too much time this week responding to blog comments here on Skeptoid, I watched so many pieces of bad science flow through my social media feeds this week that it makes me weep knowing how poorly … Continue reading

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Aspartame and E. coli, oh my!

A “news item” recently came across my Facebook page which has a pretty remarkable claim:aspartame is made from E.coli feces! The even more remarkable thing: That it’s true. Sort of.

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MercolaWatch: The Sweet Misery documentary

I have intentionally been trying to avoid posting about aspartame, but Joe Mercola recently posted a reference to the relatively old Sweet Misery anti-aspartame documentary which I have already seen more times that I would like and responded to. This … Continue reading

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MercolaWatch:Aspartame and milk

I swear I try really hard to avoid talking about aspartame all the time but it seems to be a lost cause. For the past few weeks, my news feed has been filled with various articles claiming that the food … Continue reading

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Anecdotes and Science — Part 1

On my other blog, the anti-aspartame advocate Betty Martini left left some comments in relation to some statements I made about the misuse of anecdotes as evidence. Her comments sparked an interest into diving a bit deeper into the use … Continue reading

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Finally, proof that aspartame will destroy your kidneys?

Hot on the heels of claims about a study that supposedly correlated aspartame with lymphoma, but that turned out to be “weak”, a 2011 study linking diet sodas to “increased kidney decline” has been making the rounds of the anti-aspartame … Continue reading

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Over-interpretation of studies in the anti-aspartame movement

Despite thirty years of research demonstrating aspartame to be safe, and no scientifically plausible reason to be concerned in the first place, there continues to be a large community on the Internet, as well as in the general population, that … Continue reading

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