Is Soda Bad For You?

Tumbler_of_cola_with_iceThis is a reader-recommended topic. In the comments to my post “Please Don’t Tell My Daughter There Are ‘Chemicals’ In Her Soda,” ‘Kristin’ said:

Sodas ARE bad for you. It’s a fact, and believe it or not I’m not trying to scare you. If you feel other wise of course you have a right to your own opinion. It seems you feel offended because the soda you enjoyed as a child (yes, it would naturally bring up nostalgic feelings) is being called ‘bad’. Maybe you should do some research and write from the realm of knowledge rather than from a state of defensiveness.

Assumptions about my lack of research aside, I think ‘Kristin’ has offered up a splendid idea! Are sodas bad for you, blanket-statement-full-stop? Let’s find out.

In the past couple weeks I have done more research, and I have quickly discovered something. In order to answer the question “Are sodas bad for you?” it turns out we need to ask two other questions: What’s in the soda? and How much soda is being consumed? 

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Sweet Poison, Breastfeeding, Banned Foods, and Zombies

While I’ve spent way too much time this week responding to blog comments here on Skeptoid, I watched so many pieces of bad science flow through my social media feeds this week that it makes me weep knowing how poorly people understand the process of science. I don’t even have time to read my whole feed every day, so I wonder how many more I missed. So let me just summarize the few zombie junk science that I saw repeated this week – including the woo links so they can be appropriately flagged for Skeptic Action. Continue reading

MercolaWatch: The Sweet Misery documentary

I have intentionally been trying to avoid posting about aspartame, but Joe Mercola recently posted a reference to the relatively old Sweet Misery anti-aspartame documentary which I have already seen more times that I would like and responded to. This documentary features interviews with the main players in the anti-aspartame movement, who make statements that simply are not supported by the evidence. On my other blog, I have a 2-part “fact check” (Part 1, Part 2)of the documentary.
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MercolaWatch:Aspartame and milk

I swear I try really hard to avoid talking about aspartame all the time but it seems to be a lost cause. For the past few weeks, my news feed has been filled with various articles claiming that the food industry is trying to “hide” the use of aspartame added to milk intended for school children.

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