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Is Soda Bad For You?

This is a reader-recommended topic. In the comments to my post “Please Don’t Tell My Daughter There Are ‘Chemicals’ In Her Soda,” ‘Kristin’ said: Sodas ARE bad for you. It’s a fact, and believe it or not I’m not trying … Continue reading

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Sweet Poison, Breastfeeding, Banned Foods, and Zombies

While I’ve spent way too much time this week responding to blog comments here on Skeptoid, I watched so many pieces of bad science flow through my social media feeds this week that it makes me weep knowing how poorly … Continue reading

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Aspartame and E. coli, oh my!

A “news item” recently came across my Facebook page which has a pretty remarkable claim:aspartame is made from E.coli feces! The even more remarkable thing: That it’s true. Sort of.

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MercolaWatch: The Sweet Misery documentary

I have intentionally been trying to avoid posting about aspartame, but Joe Mercola recently posted a reference to the relatively old Sweet Misery anti-aspartame documentary which I have already seen more times that I would like and responded to. This … Continue reading

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MercolaWatch:Aspartame and milk

I swear I try really hard to avoid talking about aspartame all the time but it seems to be a lost cause. For the past few weeks, my news feed has been filled with various articles claiming that the food … Continue reading

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Anecdotes and Science — Part 1

On my other blog, the anti-aspartame advocate Betty Martini left left some comments in relation to some statements I made about the misuse of anecdotes as evidence. Her comments sparked an interest into diving a bit deeper into the use … Continue reading

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Finally, proof that aspartame will destroy your kidneys?

Hot on the heels of claims about a study that supposedly correlated aspartame with lymphoma, but that turned out to be “weak”, a 2011 study linking diet sodas to “increased kidney decline” has been making the rounds of the anti-aspartame … Continue reading

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Over-interpretation of studies in the anti-aspartame movement

Despite thirty years of research demonstrating aspartame to be safe, and no scientifically plausible reason to be concerned in the first place, there continues to be a large community on the Internet, as well as in the general population, that … Continue reading

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