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Who Killed the Pig?

How do you train an archaeologist? Sure, you can teach all the methods and precautions in a classroom, using books, photographs, and videos. But at a certain point in a time you need to get hands-on experience, preferably in the field. … Continue reading

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The London Hammer: An Object Out of Time?

An old story regarding a hammer found encased within rock has recently resurfaced. It came to us in a question: is this hammer, the London Hammer, an example of an out of place artifact (OOPart) that calls into question geology, archeology, … Continue reading

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The Face on Mars has a Peruvian Cousin

Some interesting links came in over the Skeptoid transom the other day, and they provide a good opportunity to apply a little healthy skepticism as well as learn about an interesting corner of the world. A web article published by … Continue reading

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Igliqtiqsiugvigruaq: the village excavated but never pronounced

Recently, a news item appeared in the Arctic Sounder about an arctic village that made me think about Brian’s Skeptoid episode Angikuni Lake. The village was habited before Europeans came to Alaska. It’s name is even more interesting than its discovery: Igliqtiqsiugvigruaq.

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