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Anecdotes are never evidence…unless they’re your own.

In general, skeptics understand the importance of making evidence-based decisions. They look for controlled studies that have been properly conducted and insist that they won’t accept anecdotes as evidence. In theory that is best practice, but the reality is it’s downright impossible … Continue reading

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Anecdotes and Science — Part 2

In Part I, I discussed why it is that anecdotes are convincing, and why me might not want to simply assume that they represent general reality. In this part, I will discuss an example of how anecdotal evidence, even when … Continue reading

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Anecdotes and Science — Part 1

On my other blog, the anti-aspartame advocate Betty Martini left left some comments in relation to some statements I made about the misuse of anecdotes as evidence. Her comments sparked an interest into diving a bit deeper into the use … Continue reading

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