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Do Anecdotes Have A Place In Science?

What’s covered in this blog: Anecdotes are not evidence. Anecdotes are valuable to the scientific process, but they are not conclusions. The number of anecdotes does not matter. They can, at most, serve as a basis for forming a hypothesis … Continue reading

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Is Water Causing Autism?

As a step-parent of an autistic child, I have taken a long personal interest in all things about autism. I needed to do my own research regarding the raising of my younger children to ensure I did whatever I could … Continue reading

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It Is Likely This Post Will Get Anti-Science Comments

Why do I read the comments? Since taking on the task of blogging for Skeptoid, I continually read and respond to the comments. My motivation often is I hope to perhaps have someone see the difference between science and pseudoscience. … Continue reading

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What About The Comments?

I have a few “heavier” posts upcoming, but in an effort to make them thorough, I didn’t have a good idea of what I could write as a shorter post for this week. I found some inspiration in the last couple … Continue reading

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