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RAF Vulcan and a UFO

I came across this tiny gem of a UFO sighting via the Huffington Post, UK. According to the article, Elaine Costello, a resident in Sussex, England, was filming a RAF XH558 Vulcan bomber flying overhead. Upon reviewing the video, she … Continue reading

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Flying Car o’ the Day

Aerospace nuts know that my friend Burt Rutan, creator of SpaceShipOne, SpaceShipTwo, the circumnavigating Voyager and GlobalFlyer, the ubiquitous Long-EZ and many other famous aircraft, has recently retired. Before doing so, his staff wanted to make sure that his final … Continue reading

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The Biggest, Baddest Crash You’ve Never Heard Of

Somewhere in the Amazon jungle is the wreckage of a big, bad red jet. It was 1956 and the US Air Force was testing the Snark cruise missiles. Nothing quite like the Snark had ever been built before, or has … Continue reading

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