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Reader Feedback: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Conspiracies

As a reader, I try to live by a simple maxim: never read the comments. While this might mean I miss out on valuable discussion, it’s far more likely that I’ll miss out on insane theories, racism, weaponized anti-science and … Continue reading

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Arguments to Use During Christmas Dinner

Most everyone has a woo-loving, conspiracy-obsessed or anti-science family member. And we all know a Christmas dinner with a few glasses of wine and some long-simmering resentment is the perfect opportunity for them to give their skeptical relation (and everyone … Continue reading

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What You’re Searching For

A few days ago, I tweeted a search term that someone used to find Skeptoid Blog that had caught my eye for its sheer weirdness. Twitter follower Graeme Perrow replied that a post based on some of the most memorable … Continue reading

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Codex Alimentarius: Book of Food or Book of Death?

The Codex Alimentarius, Latin for “Book of Food”, is a set of international standards for food labeling and safety. Developed through fifty years of United Nations meetings and studies, it serves as a touchstone to normalize regulations in food hygiene, … Continue reading

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Agenda 21: Death by Sustainability?

It’s a Friday night in 2021, and you’ve had a long, hard day. Your job of stamping codes on malaria pills bound for developing countries is unsatisfying, but until a position in another section becomes open (and assuming you pass … Continue reading

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