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Why I Left Joe Rogan on My List of Celebrities Promoting Pseudoscience

On January 14, 2014, I went on the Joe Rogan Experience to call out Joe on what I believed were public disservices done on his show. What followed was a storm of controversy and charges of dishonesty.

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Terror Attacks and Drills: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

A few weeks ago, I was driving around where I live, and saw something extremely alarming: armed soldiers blocking off the road that leads to Pasadena City Hall. What was going on? Had there been a bomb threat? A hostage … Continue reading

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Comic ‘The Big Lie’ Delivers Just That

Quick note before you dive in: I’m a big time comic nerd, so when possible I’ll use comics to inform about skepticism, which is what I attempted in the following post. This was originally posted on my personal blog, The … Continue reading

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Did Jews Bring Down the Twin Towers?

Did Jews bring down the twin towers?  No, they did not. I wanted the title of this post to sound a little inflammatory.  That is the intent of some conspiracy theorists, to irritate and inflame.  To make you feel more … Continue reading

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