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The Myth of the “Polish Cavalry Charge Against Tanks”

When World War II kicked off with the September 1, 1939 German invasion of Poland, a pernicious, racist myth soon followed: the backwards, poorly-equipped Polish army rolling over at the first blow from the mighty Nazi war machine. Probably the … Continue reading

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Wow! Those Volatile Organic Compounds Smell Great!

I came across a post on Facebook which is actually pretty dangerous. Not in the normal way I tackle on this blog of people buying useless products or increasing the risk of disease long-term by not getting proper medical treatment, … Continue reading

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Open A Beer Bottle With A Magnet – An Instant Internet Hit… That’s Likely Fake

This week a viral video made the rounds showing a guy demonstrating how to open a bottle of beer with simply a rectangular refrigerator magnet and a quarter. It seemed like most people either accepted it as truth or tried … Continue reading

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Was Walt Disney a Misogynist ?

9 months ago I wrote a post about the pop culture perception that Walt Disney was anti-Semitic. Since I wrote the original post, the movie Saving Mister Banks (a biopic about Disney) was released. The movie and the promotion brought this topic … Continue reading

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The Ugly Truth About the Iraqi Dinar

Does it make sense to you than an investment opportunity could pay a 2,750,000% return on what you put in? That for the price of a latte, you could buy a new house, and for the price of a new … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Myths: Hordes of Hookers, Avalanches of Avocados

The bigger an event is, the more pervasive and long-lasting its accompanying myths are. This is especially true of the Super Bowl, the one day of the year when a billion people gather together to eat avocados, go to the … Continue reading

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I Started Chasing Radiation And Ended Up Following The Money

A recent YouTube video purports to show the San Francisco area being “fried” by radiation, radiation which the videographer somehow knows just had to come from Fukushima. That’s hitting close to home, as I live near San Francisco and really … Continue reading

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The One And Only Effective Hangover remedy (except for abstaining).

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2…. 1 Trick to avoid a hangover. The internet and national news is abuzz every New Years Eve with advice on how to minimize a hangover after overindulging. Most of it is … Continue reading

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Aspartame, is it safe?

Is your conspiracy theory sense tingling?  Soon the internet will be inundated with the post-hoc conspiracy theories about aspartame and the European Food Safety Authority. I can hear Dr. Mercola typing away as I write. The European Food Safety Authority announced in … Continue reading

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The Knockout Game: New Name, Old Moral Panic

It’s happening all over the country, part of a terrifying trend that doesn’t actually appear to exist. People are afraid of it, yet aren’t sure exactly what it is or even if it’s being done at all. And news outlets … Continue reading

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