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What Skepticism Ain’t, Part 1

  If you question authority, challenge common opinion, abhor dogma, and consider an intellectually honest pursuit of the truth to be a noble goal and an ultimate virtue, you are a skeptic. If you’ve already realized that you are, you’re … Continue reading

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Drugs in disguise?

The study of medicine has been around in some form probably for as long as we have been recognizably human, however, ideas of how to ensure the quality and efficacy of medicines have only evolved very recently. In prescientific cultures, … Continue reading

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The Photon Belt

Some new age channellers state that, sometime in the not too distant future, the Earth will come into contact with something that they call the “photon band”, or “photon belt.” When this happens, they say, our planet will be rained … Continue reading

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UFOs and Lasers caught on video

  So, UFOs. The rise of near ubiquitous video cameras has coincided with a reduction in UFO reports, surprisingly. That said, a recent video sighting claiming to show a UFO firing a laser or a beam at a car caught … Continue reading

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The Global Wine Shortage Hoax

Peak oil. Peak coal. Peak…chardonnay? For a few days earlier this week, it looked like we might be on the verge of a global wine shortage the likes of which had never been seen. Credible news sources began reporting on … Continue reading

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Busting Some Myths About the Shutdown

As of this writing, the US federal government is in a state of shutdown, unable to operate without a budget. Both sides of the impasse, Democrat and Republican, are hammering each other in the press and social media, accusing the … Continue reading

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Men’s Rights and Straw Men

I should stay away from Men’s Rights forums. The world is certainly full of well-meaning men looking for an open dialogue on gender politics. But their voices rarely appear in online Men’s Rights forums. A quick glance at the Men’s … Continue reading

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Here Is Where Big Pharma Pulls My Funding

I often and vociferously advocate science based medicine. I attack poor reporting and media fails related to medicine and medical science. Many critics of my posts accuse me of being “blind” or some form of gullible advocate for “Big Pharma”, … Continue reading

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What is the Coriolis Effect and does it really affect my toilet water?

By now, everyone’s heard that the water that goes down the drain in their sinks and toilets spins clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere because of The Coriolis Effect. Most of us have been using … Continue reading

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The Honest Company?

I love Facebook. I’ve met so many like-minded mums online and many are, effectively, my Twitter filter – not a great fan, to be fair. A friend of mine in Michigan was totally outraged to see the Honest Company tweet … Continue reading

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