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Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved?

If you pay attention to recent media reports you may think that the mystery surrounding Amelia Earhart’s last flight has been solved, and that researchers have in fact found wreckage from her flight. Headlines read: “Mystery of Amelia Earhart Solved? Fragment From Missing … Continue reading

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Blackfish: Documentary or Propaganda?

There are many examples of crafted activism in psuedo-documentaries. The iconic Super Size Me is a premiere example of this covered in skeptoid episode 88. Recently I came across a “documentary” called Blackfish. It is about the famous killer whale … Continue reading

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Probiotics and Colicky Infants

Probiotics are a heavily marketed supplement. A supplement that has some plausibility for certain types of health conditions. Like most unregulated supplements in the US there has been a cult industry built around it. It’s promotion and use has consistently … Continue reading

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This post is 100% all natural, clinically proven, and you should only read it if you need to lose at least 30 pounds

George Hrab said it best at TAM, the cornerstone of the skeptical movement is consumer protection. It is what we do best. Education and activism to protect people from dangerous and worthless products/services/treatments. I like to think that woo true … Continue reading

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The One And Only Effective Hangover remedy (except for abstaining).

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2…. 1 Trick to avoid a hangover. The internet and national news is abuzz every New Years Eve with advice on how to minimize a hangover after overindulging. Most of it is … Continue reading

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Aspartame, is it safe?

Is your conspiracy theory sense tingling?  Soon the internet will be inundated with the post-hoc conspiracy theories about aspartame and the European Food Safety Authority. I can hear Dr. Mercola typing away as I write. The European Food Safety Authority announced in … Continue reading

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Inside My Kickstarter Project

As promised to my backers, here is the final accounting for the Kickstarter project to launch my new book, Skeptoid 5: Massacres, Monsters, and Miracles. The most notable thing about the campaign is that pledges ended up being double the … Continue reading

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Thanks To Brian Dunning

Approximately 1 year ago Brian asked for volunteers to contribute to the blog portion of his website. I volunteered and it has been a very interesting year. As a regular contributor I have learned a great deal, and hopefully I have … Continue reading

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Skeptoid 5 Epilogue

As you may know, the fifth book in the Skeptoid series Skeptoid 5: Massacres, Monsters, and Miracles is now being proofed for printing as the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. As soon as it’s done, it will be available … Continue reading

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Killer Commercial Airlines

Chemtrails are all over the internet, and purported to be part of a government conspiracy to poison or control populations. This is complete psuedoscience and fear mongering debunked in skeptoid episode 27. Major news outlets are reporting today that science … Continue reading

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