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NECSS 2014: Astronauts, Physics and STEM Oh My!

NECSS or the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism recently concluded. I was happily able to attend it this year. This is the first time I have been able to go a skeptical conference of any kind. The conference is … Continue reading

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Intelligent Light on Mars

The curiosity rover on Mars continues to delight us with photographs of Mars surface. Recently the rover transmitted a photo to Earth from a section known as the Kimberley, named for a section of Australia. One of the images has … Continue reading

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An Update To The Burning Diapers

A few months ago, I wrote about a post going around Facebook regarding chemical burns claimed to be due to the chemicals in diapers. Since that post, I have performed several more informal experiments and have also asked a few … Continue reading

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Gravitational Waves and Inflation

Every now and then a discovery rolls in that really catches my eye. Just today, the team at the BICEP2 project announced that they may have detected gravitational waves within the cosmic microwave background. While the discovery has yet to … Continue reading

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Bullshit is in the Mind of the Believer

There is a lot of bullshit being fed to us visually, in print, and in spoken words. Whenever someone wants to sell you an idea or a product, there is likely to be at least some bullshit in the pitch. … Continue reading

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Royal Caribbean Norovirus Nonsense

There seems to be annual news stories about cruise line passengers being sickened with gastrointestinal illness. This illness is commonly a strain of the highly contagious Norovirus. Norovirus is a tricky virus easily transmitted, and highly contagious. Norovirus is generally … Continue reading

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This post is 100% all natural, clinically proven, and you should only read it if you need to lose at least 30 pounds

George Hrab said it best at TAM, the cornerstone of the skeptical movement is consumer protection. It is what we do best. Education and activism to protect people from dangerous and worthless products/services/treatments. I like to think that woo true … Continue reading

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Evidence for Ball Lightning?

Whether or not ball lightning exists as a physical phenomenon is a question still under considerable debate. Our own Skeptoid has dug into the phenomenon in the past. A recently published paper brings new evidence into the debate. Let’s take … Continue reading

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Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Facts and Fiction

CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy has become a relatively large issue for sports athletes and military personnel. It has garnered a lot of press notably in high risk concussion sports like American Football. Recently JAMA published a review of military … Continue reading

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Earthquake Lights: A follow up

I received some feedback regarding my recent posting regarding earthquake lights. Based upon this feedback, it seemed appropriate to do a follow-up piece regarding whether or not there is actually a proven phenomenon called earthquake lights. This seems to be … Continue reading

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