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‘Tis the Season for Ghost Stories

With Halloween only a week away, you can be certain that your local news networks will begin to air Halloween themed fluff pieces. There will probably be someone on to discuss trick or treating safety; maybe a local chef demonstrating … Continue reading

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The Mystery of The Yeti, Solved

“British scientist may have solved the mystery of the Yeti.”, that was a teaser in the news cycle last week. It involved web and print articles as well as television news. In my opinion not a great day for science reporting. The … Continue reading

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New “Bigfoot” video

My news feeds lit up today with the most intriguing of headlines: Hikers capture ‘Bigfoot’ in Canada. Really? The Sun chimes in: Is this mystery figure Bigfoot?. Fascinating. The footage is available on YouTube. Let’s take a look and see … Continue reading

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The Case of the Spinning Statue

Today we take a look at a mysteriously spinning Egyptian statue of a man (Neb-Sanu) in a Manchester museum and try to decide if supernatural forces are at work. Spoilers: Nope. 

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In Which I Respond to Josh & Chuck of @SYSKPodcast regarding Ghosts

In a recent episode of Discovery’s Stuff You Should Know podcast, hosts Josh & Chuck discussed the subject of ghosts, what they are, and “how they work”, in other words, what their properties are and what they consist of. At … Continue reading

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H.H. Holmes Is an Angry Ghost

America was an innocent place in the 1890s. A few years earlier in London’s Whitechapel district, an unknown killer called Jack the Ripper had become “the world’s first serial killer.” Jack the Ripper didn’t earn this moniker because he was … Continue reading

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Is Dulce Base the New Area 51?

With a population of under 3,000, the New Mexico border town of Dulce is remarkably unremarkable. Populated almost entirely by Native Americans, it has a Bureau of Indian Affairs office, a couple of churches and a very small airport. But … Continue reading

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I Predict the Mother of All Comebacks

The Republic of Ireland is facing deep financial crisis, as these robots will explain:  

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Miniature Skeleton: Not an alien

I saw this report last week. The buzz was up about Ata, a tiny (12cm) skeleton found about 10 years ago in the Atacama desert in Chile. The story of Ata has come to light with a recent UFO documentary, … Continue reading

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The harm in psychics

When we go to bat against people who prey on fear, uncertainty, grief, and ignorance, such as many psychics, we often hear “What’s the harm? If it makes people feel better, let them find their comfort” or something to that … Continue reading

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