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Chlamydia Infection Devastates Australia’s Koala Population

We have decided to remove this post. The story of chlamydia’s damage to the koalas is an important one, and deserves to be thoroughly and properly reported with high regard to scientific accuracy. The version of this article that was … Continue reading

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Magnetic Wine Aging

Energy, electric fields, and magnetic fields are difficult concepts for anyone to understand, even a student of physics. It takes practice to calculate these quantities, and to also understand how they are all related. Chemists also use some of these … Continue reading

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The end of cooler forests

Let’s face it: climate change is real. If you disagree, then perhaps you are reading the wrong “skeptical” website. In any case, the science behind it is rock solid. I wrote here previously about how sometimes these scientific results show … Continue reading

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The Mystery of The Yeti, Solved

“British scientist may have solved the mystery of the Yeti.”, that was a teaser in the news cycle last week. It involved web and print articles as well as television news. In my opinion not a great day for science reporting. The … Continue reading

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Non-toxicants: Substances That Won’t Make You High

Remember those kids from high school who could make a bong out of absolutely anything? Those young MacGyvers who, having mastered the journeyman’s apple bong, had moved onto spring loaded, Rube Goldberg-inspired smoking contraptions? They hung out in the parking … Continue reading

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All GM Foods Are Not Created Equal

The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe is a podcast that I enjoy every week. This week, the panel discussed the topic of GM foods; and while I don’t disagree with anything they said, I did have to grit my teeth … Continue reading

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Mantid Season In Michigan

Recently, I have been noticing a lot of praying mantises out and about in Southeast Michigan. I knew that there were praying mantises in the state, but I’d never seen so many as I have recently. And so large! These … Continue reading

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15 Crazy Moon Fallacies

A blog post came across my social network feed this week titled “15 Crazy Full Moon Facts.” Oxford Dictionary defines fact as, “a thing that is indisputably the case.” So I am not sure what the author of these “facts” … Continue reading

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Amazing Animals of Africa: Quagga (Extinct)

Above Image: The Quahkah (Quagga) Aquatinta by Samuel Daniell (1775-1811) from the Series African scenery and animals. Image Credit: Smithsonian Institution Libraries Source: Wikimedia Commons; Sourced for this blog in 09/2013. Image is available because it is in the public … Continue reading

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Marvelous Animals from Madagascar: Aye-Aye

Above Image: Aye-aye ImageCredit: Frank Vassen Source:flickr; Sourced for this blog in 08/2013. Image is available under theAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 GenericLicense. Aye-aye are weird little creatures that can only be found in the wild in certain parts of Madagascar. They are … Continue reading

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