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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and Payne Stewart

Please take this post for no more than what it is: reasonably well-informed speculation. It’s not a prediction nor a claim. At the time of this writing, the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 remains a mystery. It’s been gone … Continue reading

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Gravitational Waves and Inflation

Every now and then a discovery rolls in that really catches my eye. Just today, the team at the BICEP2 project announced that they may have detected gravitational waves within the cosmic microwave background. While the discovery has yet to … Continue reading

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Why I Left Joe Rogan on My List of Celebrities Promoting Pseudoscience

On January 14, 2014, I went on the Joe Rogan Experience to call out Joe on what I believed were public disservices done on his show. What followed was a storm of controversy and charges of dishonesty.

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The Photon Belt

Some new age channellers state that, sometime in the not too distant future, the Earth will come into contact with something that they call the “photon band”, or “photon belt.” When this happens, they say, our planet will be rained … Continue reading

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European Skeptics Congress, day 3

This is my last day here at the European Skeptics Congress in Stockholm. I’ve written about day 1 and day 2 earlier.

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European Skeptics Congress, day 2

I’m still at the European Skeptics Congress in Sweden (23-25 August 2013), going into its second day. The report of the first day can be found here.

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European Skeptics Congress, day 1

I’m currently attending the European Skeptics Congress (15th Edition) here in Stockholm (23-25 August). Organised by the Swedish Skeptics VOF, it provides a very diverse line-up of speakers from the European skeptical community (and beyond).

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Readers as Editors: CNN Continues to Embarrass Itself

A few years ago, to much fanfare, dissolved its science department and replaced it with The Belief Blog and The Empowered Patient. In effect, this was to eliminate the costs of needing anyone to review anything they wanted to … Continue reading

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Supermoon – Not All That Special

Note: This is a repost from 2011 from my personal blog. Because of another ” Supermoon” this weekend, I thought it made sense to repost it here. I made minor edits, including updating Phil Plait’s links. Phil Plait also wrote … Continue reading

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The Redstone Blob

Around the middle of last week, weather radars showed a mysterious blob of signal in the Tennessee Valley area over Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama. What made this blob interesting is that there was no weather event happening there. A … Continue reading

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