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Probiotics and Colicky Infants

Probiotics are a heavily marketed supplement. A supplement that has some plausibility for certain types of health conditions. Like most unregulated supplements in the US there has been a cult industry built around it. It’s promotion and use has consistently … Continue reading

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Kids are fans of Bayes Theorem

Last time I gave a small (and humble) introduction to Bayes’ Theorem. I hope it got you all interested in this small little formula, because I think it is an important tool for any skeptic endeavour. And to be honest, … Continue reading

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Probabilistic Christmas reasoning with Bayes

I’m quite a big fan of the Bayes’ Theorem. In a quite succinct formula, it manages not only to explain how to work with probabilistic reasoning, it also puts a number to our beliefs or hunches. Now to be honest, … Continue reading

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Bullshit is in the Mind of the Believer

There is a lot of bullshit being fed to us visually, in print, and in spoken words. Whenever someone wants to sell you an idea or a product, there is likely to be at least some bullshit in the pitch. … Continue reading

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How to Be a Google Scholar

When Facebook friends get into inconsequential scuffles in the comments, there are a few basic directions the exchange may take. Name-calling, the least productive and most frequently utilized defense, is the reason I’ve kept my Facebook account active for so … Continue reading

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Sudbury schools: everything but an education?

My wife recently suggested me this topic for my blog post. She had read in a “women’s magazine” about a mother who sent her kids to a Sudbury school here in Belgium. Sudbury is rather new over here, but a … Continue reading

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Is the human eye irreducibly complex?

Behold, the human eye. There’s a lot going on in there. The average human eye only weighs about 7 or 8 grams, but they are absolutely jam packed full of stuff. Chances are, you’re the proud owner of two of these … Continue reading

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I Said ‘Show Me The SCIENCE’

Writing this blog has proved to be quite the challenge. I enjoy doing it as it is greatly helping me work on being a better writer. It also is a fantastic way to educate people on the process of science, … Continue reading

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What Skepticism Ain’t, Part 1

  If you question authority, challenge common opinion, abhor dogma, and consider an intellectually honest pursuit of the truth to be a noble goal and an ultimate virtue, you are a skeptic. If you’ve already realized that you are, you’re … Continue reading

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The Science Behind the Aurorae

My last post was about how various old mythologies explained the Northern and Southern Lights, so it seems appropriate to talk about the amazing science behind the aurorae, next. In short, the phenomena is caused by charged particles that stream … Continue reading

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