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A recent recipient of an MS in physics, I am beginning my new career as a college educator. I write about physics, other sciences, politics, education, and whatever else interests or concerns me. I am always working to be rational and reasonable, and I am always willing to improve my knowledge and change my mind when presented with new evidence.

Essential Oil Claims – The Dangers Keep On Coming

Today I am going to focus specifically on one essential oil blog which came to my attention through a Facebook post about making your own “dry shampoo.” Why did I click on it? Sigh. Well, I did. I ended up … Continue reading

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An Update To The Burning Diapers

A few months ago, I wrote about a post going around Facebook regarding chemical burns claimed to be due to the chemicals in diapers. Since that post, I have performed several more informal experiments and have also asked a few … Continue reading

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Oil Pulling Revisited: Where The Danger Lies

This week my social media feed exploded with one particular link to the trend of ” oil pulling.” While Mike Rothschild already did a great job of debunking some of the miracle claims on a Skeptoid blog last year, and … Continue reading

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Wow! Those Volatile Organic Compounds Smell Great!

I came across a post on Facebook which is actually pretty dangerous. Not in the normal way I tackle on this blog of people buying useless products or increasing the risk of disease long-term by not getting proper medical treatment, … Continue reading

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Open A Beer Bottle With A Magnet – An Instant Internet Hit… That’s Likely Fake

This week a viral video made the rounds showing a guy demonstrating how to open a bottle of beer with simply a rectangular refrigerator magnet and a quarter. It seemed like most people either accepted it as truth or tried … Continue reading

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Would You Like Some Freshly Ground Placenta On Your Salad?

Whenever I write on Skeptoid about medical topics, it seems a majority of both the content of my posts as well as most of the responses to comments is spent in repeating over and over that anecdote is not evidence. … Continue reading

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A Blogger Goes Looking For A Catchy Title. You Will Be Shocked at What He Found!

Writing titles for my blog posts here on Skeptoid have always been a bit of a conundrum. It ends up being a mix of thinking back to my high school English classes, influences from modern internet writing, and my desire … Continue reading

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I Said ‘Show Me The SCIENCE’

Writing this blog has proved to be quite the challenge. I enjoy doing it as it is greatly helping me work on being a better writer. It also is a fantastic way to educate people on the process of science, … Continue reading

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Sweet Poison, Breastfeeding, Banned Foods, and Zombies

While I’ve spent way too much time this week responding to blog comments here on Skeptoid, I watched so many pieces of bad science flow through my social media feeds this week that it makes me weep knowing how poorly … Continue reading

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Disposable Diaper Chemical Burns – A Hypothesis

I am blogging early this week because of the timely nature of a post beginning to circulate on social media. A woman in New York is posting pictures of her young child and is making the claim the marks on the … Continue reading

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