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Stephen Propatier is a Skeptic and Clinical Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Spine and Sports medicine. He completed his graduate degree at Umass graduate school of nursing. He is a board certified acute care nurse practitioner and a member of the North American Spine Society. He is adjunct faculty for both Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School and Rhode Island College Graduate School of Nursing.

NECSS 2014: Astronauts, Physics and STEM Oh My!

NECSS or the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism recently concluded. I was happily able to attend it this year. This is the first time I have been able to go a skeptical conference of any kind. The conference is … Continue reading

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Intelligent Light on Mars

The curiosity rover on Mars continues to delight us with photographs of Mars surface. Recently the rover transmitted a photo to Earth from a section known as the Kimberley, named for a section of Australia. One of the images has … Continue reading

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Probiotics and Colicky Infants

Probiotics are a heavily marketed supplement. A supplement that has some plausibility for certain types of health conditions. Like most unregulated supplements in the US there has been a cult industry built around it. It’s promotion and use has consistently … Continue reading

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International Vaccine Terrorists

The United States suffers from a well funded celebrity supported anti-vaccine terror campaign. This campaign commonly using internet based media to disseminate fear. Most objections to vaccines are pseudo-scientific fabrications, deceptions or magnification of known problems. Anti-vaccine proponents use internet … Continue reading

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Deadly Flu Vaccine and the Bizarro World View.

A skeptoid writer brought to my attention to a webpage about the flu vaccine. After reading the blog post I found myself thinking about the TV show Seinfeld. Specifically a few lines from the episode called The Bizarro Jerry. Where the comeidian … Continue reading

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Should Pregnant Mothers Avoid Tylenol?

Could Tylenol be linked with neurodevelopmental disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? A recent study in The Journal of The American Medical Association Pediatrics (JAMA Pediatrics) has suggested a link between ADHD in children and mothers taking Tylenol while pregnant. This has … Continue reading

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Quixotic letter writing.

Usually I try to post a informational or educational piece. This week I will take a little tilt at a windmill. A skeptical complaint letter. Occasionally I will listen to talk radio. The top rated talk radio station in my … Continue reading

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Was Walt Disney a Misogynist ?

9 months ago I wrote a post about the pop culture perception that Walt Disney was anti-Semitic. Since I wrote the original post, the movie Saving Mister Banks (a biopic about Disney) was released. The movie and the promotion brought this topic … Continue reading

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Royal Caribbean Norovirus Nonsense

There seems to be annual news stories about cruise line passengers being sickened with gastrointestinal illness. This illness is commonly a strain of the highly contagious Norovirus. Norovirus is a tricky virus easily transmitted, and highly contagious. Norovirus is generally … Continue reading

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This post is 100% all natural, clinically proven, and you should only read it if you need to lose at least 30 pounds

George Hrab said it best at TAM, the cornerstone of the skeptical movement is consumer protection. It is what we do best. Education and activism to protect people from dangerous and worthless products/services/treatments. I like to think that woo true … Continue reading

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