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Jennie Burd is a PhD fellow in Temple University's English department. She specializes in early American medical literature.

The Mysterious Origins of Vaginal Steaming

Hey, gals. Ever worry about your yoni, that nasty, carcinogen-ridden creature that lives between your legs? I know I do. After all, that thing must be loaded with toxins. Well, I have good news. For only $75 you can steam … Continue reading

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Truvada, the Preventative HIV Drug

The preventative HIV drug Truvada, one of several HIV pre-exposure prophylaxes (PrEP) endorsed by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease control, has renewed discourse surrounding sexual health in the LGBT community. The drug represents a major breakthrough … Continue reading

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“Hot Convict” Jeremy Meeks Was Not Arrested for Sex Slave Trafficking

On June 18, 2014, the Stockton, California Police Department posted a photo of Jeremy Meeks on Facebook. Meeks is a local convict who was arrested on five weapons charges and one gang-related charge. The photograph attracted over 50,000 likes within … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones Tinfoil Theories: Shocking Shockers That Will Shock You

*This article refers to the books as well as the television show. Major spoilers are marked in the section headings, but if you’re halfway through the books and you’re still invested in avoiding all spoilers, you might want to come … Continue reading

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Smallpox Inoculation Debate of 1721

If you remember Cotton Mather from history class, you probably know him as the villain behind the 1692 witchcraft trials in Salem, Massachusetts. In fact, Mather also deserves credit as one of early America’s most prolific intellectuals and as the … Continue reading

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There Will Be No Funeral for Fred Phelps

Westboro Baptist Church founder, Fred Phelps, died from natural causes late Wednesday night while in hospice care in Topeka, Kansas. Most Americans know Phelps as the mastermind behind Westboro Baptist’s outrageous, bigoted protests of military funerals. Contrary to many misconstrued … Continue reading

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How to Be a Google Scholar

When Facebook friends get into inconsequential scuffles in the comments, there are a few basic directions the exchange may take. Name-calling, the least productive and most frequently utilized defense, is the reason I’ve kept my Facebook account active for so … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know about Paul Anka’s cousin and his multi-dimensional alien friend.

Darryl Anka was born in Ottawa on October 12, 1951. He moved to Los Angeles as a child where his father, a nightclub entertainer, was expected to become the “next Mario Lanza.” Musical fame found its way down another branch … Continue reading

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Chlamydia Infection Devastates Australia’s Koala Population

We have decided to remove this post. The story of chlamydia’s damage to the koalas is an important one, and deserves to be thoroughly and properly reported with high regard to scientific accuracy. The version of this article that was … Continue reading

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Now that you’re done with Halloween, here’s some boring information on the Salem witch trials

Arthur Miller’s 1953 play, The Crucible, is an American classic. The Crucible is one of the major sources of most people’s information on the Salem witch trials. As a work of art and a political allegory, The Crucible is a … Continue reading

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