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Actively skeptical since 1993. Specializing in monsters, ghosts and the fakey science that people use to justify belief in the existence of the paranormal. Visit her news blog at Doubtful News Follow on Twitter at @idoubtit

At last! An explanation for “The Bloop”

Frequently cited as an “insane mystery science hasn’t solved”, the bloop looks to have a reasonable explanation. Was it a mystery monster squid as most commonly thought? Sadly, no. First some background in case you haven’t heard about the bloop: Skeptoid … Continue reading

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Natural to supernatural and every para-thing in between

When considering or investigating unusual claims, establishing the cause is the goal we try to reach. What caused this event? Today we have thousands of self-styled “paranormal investigators” to help the public with such claims. Often, they attribute the cause … Continue reading

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Paranormal tourism: Fun or fraud?

Loch Ness, Scotland. Willow Creek, California. Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania. Lake Champlain, Vermont/New York. Pine Barrens, New Jersey. All these locations and many more succeed in capitalizing on their famous monsters to draw in visitors. Even a greater draw than monsters … Continue reading

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Jerking us around with Bigfoot “evidence”

With the success of Animal Planet’s new show about Bigfoot and the latest hype (and subsequent fizzle) about “stunning” new evidence, Bigfoot/Sasquatch is a hot topic these days. Animal Planet reported that Finding Bigfoot, a show about a crack team … Continue reading

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Making a bad impression (of a Bigfoot)

Paranormal web sites are reporting receipt of a Media Advisory for a news conference next week to reveal “Potentially the most convincing evidence of Bigfoot since the Patterson Film of 1967”. What evidence might that be? According to the press … Continue reading

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A “supper club for the rich and powerful”

The Bilderberg Group is meeting this week. Let the conspiracies begin! Do not miss this in-depth article from BBC News: Bilderberg Mystery – Why do people believe in cabals? Admit it! You wish you were there for this fabulous insight … Continue reading

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