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An analyst with a passion for science. Seeking truth through logical deconstructions and skepticism.

Memories: The Enemy of Truth

Recollection of events are an important part of sharing information. Every time we tell a story about something we experienced, we are imparting pieces of knowledge to others who haven’t experienced the events, themselves. The collecting and sharing of memories … Continue reading

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Bullshit is in the Mind of the Believer

There is a lot of bullshit being fed to us visually, in print, and in spoken words. Whenever someone wants to sell you an idea or a product, there is likely to be at least some bullshit in the pitch. … Continue reading

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I, Skeptic

I am a skeptic and use skepticism in my every day life. It is a part of my thinking and my decision-making processes. This does not mean that I doubt everything I read or hear. It also does not mean … Continue reading

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