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Hi! I'm Chad Jones, a PhD student studying physical chemistry. I also write/manage a science blog. Please check it out! Also, feel free to e-mail me:

What is beauty?

What does the word “beauty” bring to your mind? A pretty face, a flower, a mountain range, or even a sound can be easily described as beautiful. While I won’t disagree with any of these, today I’d like to share … Continue reading

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Come join me for AskScience Live!

About 1. 5 years ago I started a blog called “The Collapsed Wavefunction“. At the time the only reason I was doing it was to improve my writing skills. I had learned the hard way (failed grant proposals) that writing … Continue reading

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Statistics are weird…

Intuition, in science, can often get you into a lot of trouble. Things like the wave/particle duality described in quantum mechanics, horseshoe orbits, and relativity seem to bend our minds in ways they just don’t want to go. An implicit … Continue reading

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Anecdotes are never evidence…unless they’re your own.

In general, skeptics understand the importance of making evidence-based decisions. They look for controlled studies that have been properly conducted and insist that they won’t accept anecdotes as evidence. In theory that is best practice, but the reality is it’s downright impossible … Continue reading

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The REAL scientific method…

Over the years I have judged many science fairs, and it’s an opportunity that I really enjoy.   I have found that the best participants have a strong understanding of the scientific method and have thought carefully about how to … Continue reading

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As a chemist there’s almost nothing that annoys me as much as chemophobia; the belief that chemicals – especially synthetic chemicals – are inherently bad. In supermarkets I see things labeled “all natural” or “organic” and cringe.

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Providing evidence for evolution

Last week I pointed out some common misconceptions about evolution and arguments that  are often used to support creationism. This week I would like to share some of what I feel to be the strongest evidences for evolution.

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Responding to anti-evolution arguments

It seems that creationism/evolution is the debate that just won’t end. More than almost any other scientific theory, evolution seems to be the hardest for people to accept. But why? 

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Essential oils: A perfect example of alternative medicine exaggeration

Healthcare is a breeding ground for pseudoscience – and for good reason too. When it comes to our health we really are an easy target. Nobody likes to be sick and nobody wants to lose a loved one. It makes … Continue reading

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