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Tuberculosis sensor that fits in your pocket

Tuberculosis is one of those illnesses about which we shouldn’t have to talk a lot. Even though we don’t really understand the bacterium for 100% (I wrote about that earlier), it’s a perfectly treatable disease. Given some extra effort and … Continue reading

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Yes, the climate is getting warmer …

If there was any need to state it, yes the climate is getting warmer. One counter argument was that observational data showed that since 1998 the acceleration was getting slower or, according to some interpretations, did even stop. I will … Continue reading

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Kennedy’s casket

Coming Friday, November 22th, will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy, by the “lone gunman” Lee Harvey Oswald. I put that in quotes, because with the remembrance of the event, there is also … Continue reading

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The end of cooler forests

Let’s face it: climate change is real. If you disagree, then perhaps you are reading the wrong “skeptical” website. In any case, the science behind it is rock solid. I wrote here previously about how sometimes these scientific results show … Continue reading

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Seven bucks per centimer of audio woo

One of my favourite blogs I follow is Big Picture from Bobby Owsinski, producer, audio engineer and author of several books on audio recording and engineering. Mr Owsinski from time to time posts articles that expose some frauds and hoaxes … Continue reading

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Lead coffin leads to no results?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the first scientific publication on finding the tomb of King Richard III, in Leicester, England. The main purpose of the dig was to find his final resting place. This is logical, as … Continue reading

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Floating on air in Stockholm

About six weeks ago, I participated to the European Skeptics Congress in Stockholm. I reported about those three days on this blog (day 1, day 2, day 3). In the afternoon of the third day, we went on a tourist … Continue reading

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3D-scanning Napoleon’s battlefield at Borodino

The company Artec 3D recently reported on work they did for the Russian academy of sciences in scanning the battlefield of Borodino. This is the site of the major battle in Napoleon’s 1812 campaign in Russia, and probably one of … Continue reading

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Meteorite collectors in Antarctica

Meteorite collection is a very interesting scientific endeavour. A very popular location for scientists to collect them is Antarctica. Not only are they preserved in freezing temperatures without hardly any contamination, there are several locations on the continent where a … Continue reading

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The king in the Friars Lane

You probably all have heard about the English King Richard III (1452-1485), whose remains were finally discovered in Leicester. It was virtually everywhere reported that he was found “in a car park”, where initially a Greyfriar’s church stood. It prompted numerous jokes, … Continue reading

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