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Employer Bias When Recruiting Women Leads to An Unjust Society

An interesting study popped up in one of my “Skeptoid ideas” feeds. Dr. Stijn Baert from the University of Ghent, Belgium and of the IZA Institute in Bonn, Germany, is applying an interesting research methodology to the field of employer … Continue reading

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Elderly Sexual Activity: Some More Myths

Last month, I reported on research done in Belgium that debunked several myths around sexuality. This research was done by one of the two biggest universities in the Flemish-speaking part of the country, Ghent. Not to be outdone (I guess), … Continue reading

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Homeopathy is Officially Recognised in Belgium

As of this month, homeopathy is now officially recognized as a therapeutic discipline in Belgium, my country. The recognition as such is quite absurd, and not only because it’s difficult to estimate the value of water and sugar pills as having an effect … Continue reading

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Sexual Health Research in Flanders: Sex Myths Debunked

Earlier this year, the SEXPERT workgroup (link is in Dutch) presented results from the first years of their research programme. This workgroup is a combination of psychology and sexology researchers from the universities of Ghent, Leuven and from the university … Continue reading

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On the “Softly, Softly” Skeptical Approach

Earlier this month, ghost geek and known UK skeptic Haley Stevens wrote a long article on her blog “Hayley is a ghost”. It is well worth the read. She talks about how one could describe your skepticism: “loud and proud” … Continue reading

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The luminescent virgin statue of Jalhay

During the month of March, the small town of Jalhay in the Belgian Ardennes was in the national spotlights. The reason was a small statue of the Virgin Mary, that suddenly lighted up during the night. The statue itself, as … Continue reading

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Kids are fans of Bayes Theorem

Last time I gave a small (and humble) introduction to Bayes’ Theorem. I hope it got you all interested in this small little formula, because I think it is an important tool for any skeptic endeavour. And to be honest, … Continue reading

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Probabilistic Christmas reasoning with Bayes

I’m quite a big fan of the Bayes’ Theorem. In a quite succinct formula, it manages not only to explain how to work with probabilistic reasoning, it also puts a number to our beliefs or hunches. Now to be honest, … Continue reading

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Hurling old spears

I never cease to be amazed on what archeology can learn us. It’s amazing that, based on a couple of artefacts who were lucky to survive, we can deduce a lot about our ancestors. Of  course, as with all good … Continue reading

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Sudbury schools: everything but an education?

My wife recently suggested me this topic for my blog post. She had read in a “women’s magazine” about a mother who sent her kids to a Sudbury school here in Belgium. Sudbury is rather new over here, but a … Continue reading

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