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I work at home, in Wales and am the proud mother of the adorable Pwdin of my blog. My son is autistic and (let's get it out the way) fully vaccinated. When he's asleep or at school, I contribute to various websites such as Vaccines Today and Seek the Evidence among others. Here at Skeptoid, I intend to write about products, therapies and practices being marketed to parents and families. Give me a bit of wiggle room on this one, though, as I have found that parenting pages and mum magazines promote much woo targeted at women which may well get a good going over from time to time. Follow me @MLOCallaghan

The Honest Company?

I love Facebook. I’ve met so many like-minded mums online and many are, effectively, my Twitter filter – not a great fan, to be fair. A friend of mine in Michigan was totally outraged to see the Honest Company tweet … Continue reading

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Mum on Hunger Strike to Save Daughter from Pseudoscience

Seven year old, Melissa, is autistic and lives with her parents in France. Her mother, Jacqueline Tiarti has not eaten for eleven days. “Thank you, my country,” writes Tiarti on Facebook, “for having pushed me into a hunger strike to … Continue reading

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Child Sacrifices

This story from 2011 recently appeared on the fabulous Doubtful News. As a result, it is being discussed all over again at least in some of the online circles I move in so, having written about it at the time, … Continue reading

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Skeptics and Retards

Bill Maher is lauded by many skeptics for his criticism of organised religion. Some prefer to just gloss over or totally ignore his rejection of “western medicine” as he likes to call it and his many rants about the fantasy … Continue reading

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The Very Basics of Peer Review

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the role of peer review in the MMR causes autism scandal  kick started by Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent 1998 study. In my other guise of Autismum I’m often locking horns with … Continue reading

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I Predict the Mother of All Comebacks

The Republic of Ireland is facing deep financial crisis, as these robots will explain: [youtube]  

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The Stem Cell Business – Part 2

Part one of this short series looked at unregulated stem cell clinics fleecing patients of their savings and robbing them of their health and even their lives. I had intended to write about the changes to regulation of stem cell … Continue reading

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The Stem Cell Business – Part 1

On April 22, 2013, the International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) issued a press release urging, “Italian lawmakers to heed concerns of scientists around the world about the premature practice of unproven stem cell treatments.” The warning comes after Italy’s … Continue reading

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Peer Review and the MMR-Autism Debacle

When a study is submitted to a scientific journal, it goes through a number of stages, at any of which, its publication could be rejected. The editorial team check the paper. They ensure it fits within the scope of their … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day: the Flu Vaccine and Narcolepsy

Winter, with its wonderful festivals and awful weather is the time of year we are often physically closest to our fellow men, women and children.  For much of the day we are indoors breathing the same few cubic metres of air … Continue reading

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