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Alison is a writer and educator living near Ann Arbor, MI. She blogs regularly about skepticism, games, and the transgender experience.

Why Pepsi’s Move to Splenda Won’t Make a Difference

After years of declining sales, PepsoCo is dropping the safe but widely maligned artifical sweetener aspartame from its flagship Diet Pepsi in hopes of boosting their numbers. By August, Diet Pepsi will be sporting an “aspartame-free” label and a new … Continue reading

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Holy Hardcore! Australia Nixes Religious Exemption

When I wrote about Ausrtralia’s new antivax policies last week, I was impressed by its boldness and wished other countries would follow its lead. Since that article, the Aussie vaccination crackdown has gone a step further: they’re eliminating religious exemptions. … Continue reading

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Will Australia’s New Anti-Vax Law Be a Bellwether?

By now, you’ve likely heard something about Australia’s move this past weekend to enact a first-of-its-kind initiative to tie government childcare benefits to vaccination. Specifically, families in Australia seeking public childcare assistance who opt out of vaccinating their children for … Continue reading

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Have You Seen This Peruvian “Flying Humanoid” Video?

When I write about unidentified flying objects, I’m used to it being of the alien spacecraft variety. But apparently in Puerto Maldonado, Peru, there’s another phenomenon making the rounds: an unidentified flying humanoid. This is revealed in a new video … Continue reading

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Can We Really Achieve a “Tobacco-Free World”?

The Lancet is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the global health treaty aimed at worldwide smoking cessation. Accusing the tobacco industry of using “a business model of peddling an addictive product to children … Continue reading

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About That Disneyland Ghost Video

This weekend was apparently a slow one in the news cycles, because a ghost video from 2009 has suddenly found its way onto websites such as the Daily Mirror and Redbook. Why is this 2009 video news in 2015? Because … Continue reading

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Devil(ish Illusion) in a Blue (and Black) Dress

Yesterday was a momentous moment for the Internet. Not because we won Net Neutrality; not because the 24-hour news cycle chose to devote all their resources to following two llamas around Arizona; but because we all had a night-long freak-out … Continue reading

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Bruce Jenner, Paul McHugh, and Transgender Denialism

The media has been full of speculation recently about whether or not Bruce Jenner is transitioning to live life as a female (and it is all still speculation at this point, no matter how many anonymous sources TMZ speaks to). … Continue reading

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Will Disneyland Change the Vaccination Debate?

By now you’d have to be pretty disconnected to have not heard about the Disneyland measles outbreak: over 100 cases and counting, and — surprise! — most of them are not vaccinated against the disease. It’s even been a recent … Continue reading

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Birch Water is the New Overpriced Woo Water

So just a week after I wrote an article on food woo trends of 2015, someone shared this link on my Twitter feed: a report from Good Morning America on birch water, the “new coconut water.” While I am one … Continue reading

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