Quick Skeptoid News: 18-Month Old Dies When Parents Refuse To “Use Chemicals”

Thanks to “the Skeptical Beard” for bringing attention to this story.

An 18-Month Old girl in Pennsylvania died after what was likely a painful final couple weeks. The girl was brought to a local ER in cardiac arrest and later pronounced dead. The cause of death was “streptococcus pneumoniae meningitis” which originated as an ear infection. When the parents arrived at the ER, they told the nurse they had been treating her fever, headache, and earache with homeopathic and herbal treatments, because they didn’t believe in using “chemicals.”

If anyone asks why I react so strongly to stories of people using homeopathy, essential oils, or any other nonsense, especially on kids, I can just point them to this story as an example.

Read more at the Rocket Courier website.

Via Quackwatch, more quotes from the parents.


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9 Responses to Quick Skeptoid News: 18-Month Old Dies When Parents Refuse To “Use Chemicals”

  1. “She told police she has done her own research on vaccinations […]”

    Thanks, Jenny McCarthy. Thanks, Dr. Oz. Thanks, Food Babe. This one’s on you as much as it’s on the parents.

  2. Mudguts says:

    Actually…. Guys its the concept of “research” that should bother you all..

    We have had a few skeptoid bloggers over the years faced with borrowed research. They are far too polite to write back..”well, you have been researching garbage”.

    I’m not.

    This is a tragedy. It happens too few times to let us get traction and far too often to ignore.

  3. Dr. David Gorski (M.D.) (“Orac”) has a detailed article about this, dated June 14/2015, on his site Respectful Insolence. He says the parents’ next court date is “today”, meaning June 14.

  4. The child’s mother said she treated her child with homeopathic and herbal “remedies”. Was a homeopathic “doctor” involved directly? We may have to wait for the answer to come in court.

  5. Sean Nanoman says:

    I dunno…sometimes it seems like we should remove all warning labels and let nature sort it out.

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