Have You Heard of the Free Energy Generator?

I came across this fellow and his electrical loop free-energy machine recently from an article in The Epoch Times. The videos are posted under the YouTube ID of Deirones and show the amazing sight of electricity being harvested from a power strip plugged into itself, with only a piezoelectric spark to initiate the whole thing.

The videos refer to a web site called Free Energy, which seems to be owned and operated by Daniel Kobrle in the Czech Republic. Kobrle, on his site, has a number of “loop” concept free energy machines including a spinning magnet device and an LED light feeding into a solar cell that powers the light.

The videos I wanted to share are here and here. The first video introduces the idea of the looping power generation system and shows one being used. The second video was made to answer questions offered by viewers.

Kobrle explains the generator’s function this way, from his site:

The electric loop free energy generator is one of the most simple free energy generator topologies. It works on a principle of an endless electric loop. Once the initial energy is applied, the electric power keeps circulating in the ring. The circulation also starts the process of harnesing the ubiquitous abundant energy, thus turning the device into an overunity. Overutiny state allows adding a load without draining the energy from the circle. [sic]

It’s clear to me that this device, and the others on his site, cannot work as described, or at all, really. Unhappily, the Universe simply doesn’t function this way. I invite you to safely try, of course. What’s interesting to me about this particular free-energy machine is the good job he does of obscuring the real power sources in his videos. Go and watch the first one, please.

Here’s a screen capture showing the device powered on, as illustrated by the lighted switch:

Note the areas I’ve highlighted. Several of the cord loops are out of frame. Also note the position of the strip with respect to to the tabletop.

Another frame showing the system with load attached, in the form of a nightlight.

The wire is still out of frame and the strip is still unmoving. There are a few possibilities for power sources:

  1. A battery is in the strip itself.
  2. The power cord loop is spliced out of frame.
  3. There’s a hole in the table providing power through the bottom of the strip
  4. An AC inductor could be used to induce power in the looped cord from under the table

During this sequence, the strip never moves and the power cord loop is never fully visible. The nightlight is low-power and a battery could supply it, but I judge this to be fairly unlikely. I think it’s more likely that there’s power from under the table.

After a cut, we see the system again from another angle:

In this shot, a 40 watt light is illuminated. The power cord loops are visible and the strip appears to have been moved slightly. However, I note that it still could have an underside power feed and the end of the strip is no longer in frame, allowing power to be added there. Take a look at the second video

The second video addresses the concern regarding the strip being raised up so we can see the bottom of it. He takes a strip fresh from the packaging, loads it up, then initiates the power loop. From the second video:

This is moments before he opens the package and hooks up the various lights and starts it up. Note the power cord for the incandescent lamp. Here it’s in his hand and clearly visible for its whole length. When he opens the strip, however, there is a cut in the video and the cord looks like this:

Note how there’s a whole section now no longer visible? I suspect that the lamp’s cord is plugged into a power source out of frame. The other cord below is wired in as a source of power and will supply the device with its power once testing starts. When you see the video in motion, note how moving the plug doesn’t cause the cord above to shift.

The system being started:

His hand goes out of frame, I assume to flip a switch we don’t see, the noise is perhaps covered by the clicking of the piezoelectric device.

Later, we see the device in this arrangement:

Note the lamp, it never moves and is likely the source of power for this set up, through a hole in the surface below.

In this frame, he picks up the strip to show that it isn’t wired from underneath:

That lamp is sure stuck in place, isn’t it?

I don’t know if anyone takes these things seriously, it’s simple enough to show that they don’t work. What I enjoyed about this was the ingenuity of Kobrle in setting up his demonstrations.

Be well.

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Husband, father, skeptic, technologist, motorcyclist, hunter, outdoors-man, and evil genius. I am formally trained in computer science, physics, mathematics, and emergency medicine (paramedic, former).
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31 Responses to Have You Heard of the Free Energy Generator?

  1. Eric Hall says:

    He just uses a 2nd Law of Thermodynamics shield and it works! 🙂

  2. jeffman12 says:

    I think people are missing out on an entire market for ‘perpetual energy’ devices. Even fake ones make excellent conversation pieces and can be used to educate.
    I move that we, as skeptics embrace perpetual motion devices as installation art, thereby ruining the scam for everyone.

  3. ShadowHunter says:

    I was also VERY skeptical about whether this worked until yesterday when I was at a local hospital and saw a girl walking around the waiting room with a power strip plugged into itself. It had several chargers plugged into it charging phones, including one that she was using. I wish I had taken a picture of her, but didn’t think of it until it was too late.

  4. g0nz0 says:

    I am so excited (pun intended). I am rushing a series of wearable powerstrips to market. All the hip folks can show off their powerstrips charging all their devices in public! Additionally, their charged personal fields will lead them to rapidly evolve into trivial, drooling social media savants.
    Watch this space for further announcements!! (I’m going to make a fortune)

  5. Anthony says:

    Are any of the magnet motors or free energy machines on Youtube for real? Because if they are, then shouldn’t they be making headlines in the world news and changing the world, making their inventors rich? And why is this such a prolific idea among people, to use magnets to create a free energy machine? I had that idea when I was a kid, long before I heard of anyone else having the same idea and putting it on Youtube. I thought it was a pretty original idea.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      It is a common idea, and there are a lot of videos on YouTube. And there are patents for various machines. But it is impossible to make energy for free. That’s why no one has ever gotten rich off of such a machine. They could charge trillions of dollars for just one. But they’re a physical impossibility.

      • Paul Larcen says:

        @Noah, being skeptical just implies we are not willing to try or even research deep enough about the subject. I invite you to read the following article from Rick Friedrich: http://potentialtec.com/DoYouWantFreeEnergy.pdf

        Skepticals like you [and sometimes me] oddly contribute to the never ending discussion about the truthfulness of the eternal quest for ‘free energy’. On hindsight, we also contribute to the perpetuity of the utilities oligopolies, with exclusive share of the market of power generation, transport, and distribution of electricity. Truly, those are the real culprits in feeding off on our skepticism! 😉

        Remember, our electrical grid dates to the 19th century, being Tesla the master genius and the enabler of the AC distribution system, originally ridiculed by Thomas Edison in defense of his approach to DC. Our world is too large for the unbelievers and I bet that, in 7.349 billion people, we might find at least one more “Tesla” out there with the future of our outdated electrical grid system.

        My suggestion to you and all the other non-believers out there, lower your guards a bit and start researching what is out there. Don’t take this ‘power bar experiment’ as the norm, because this one is indeed a FAKE, no questions on that!

        Sadly, Daniel Korble is an eccentric skeptical, but his is also damaging his own image. He is trying to – like Thomas Edison – ridicule the ‘Free Energy’ movement in plain sight. He is really blunt about that, even in his personal website, from his FAQ. [(sic.) ” Are you interested into free energy? ” No, i’m not interested into sci-fi.”] (http://danyk.cz/cado_en.html)

        Daniel has the potential to join and contribute to the ‘Free Energy’ movement but keeps wasting his and our time with these hoaxes. Yet, interesting enough and despite of his FAQ, he has a registered domain under his name: http://www.ipgeni.com/whois/free-energy-generators.com

        Enough said.

        Hope it helps, and let’s not give up. Free Energy Is a Reality it is just a matter of time to find it. I can tell your there are many good and strong leads already out there.

        Don’t forget to check, Rick’s website with some very useful info.

        God Bless!

        • Noah Dillon says:

          I’m not an engineer and this website you’ve given me looks really overly complicated, but it seems like the free energy machine that’s being marketed runs on batteries, as many of the ones I’ve seen on YouTube do. It runs a small motor and the PDF seems to indicate that the guy thinks that more electricity is flowing back into them than flowed out, but he also says that he can’t measure very accurately and that a lot of energy is lost to heat. But if he can demonstrate a machine that breaks the laws of physics I will happily pony up some cash. I’d have solar panels on my apartment if my landlord would let me. I mean, I’d rather not be subject to an oligopoly if I don’t have to be. Seems like the solution of solar panels is a lot more proven than free energy machines though.

  6. n gh says:

    you are very stupid

  7. mukesh sachdeva says:

    Most of people know the law of conservation of energy that ” Energy can’t be generate and not to be destroy”” Its simply change one form to another.eg, mechanical to electrical and vise-verse,

  8. henry says:

    can u give me an alternative to the piezoelectric plug

  9. Samuel Smith says:

    There is no surprise in the idea of a looped electric current, however it is most likely fraudulent in claim and application. Tesla used a similar concept to acquire his free room and board in the Hotel New Yorker. However as we know now, after his death the system which he built in the basement of the hotel that can still be seen today. Was shut down by the same government watchdogs who took his notes and designs. Though plausible that technology has made application of his methods easier to obtain.. it’s unlikely as these seem to be simple closed circuit ideas that if drawn from would lose charge almost instantly. Most useful for gaining views in the tinfoil hat group however.

  10. John Taylor says:

    Here is a real head scratcher the Magrav off grid power generator. Before you start screaming scam go on the internet and study up on it. There is a great deal of information and youtube videos showing how to make the power units along with detail drawings. They can be purchased from the Keshe Foundation. A US retailer has stated that the process is sound but the manufacturing is suspect and he will not be selling any more units until manufacturing commences in the USA this year (2017).

    What started me searching this site was for an answer to the infinity loop that the youtube bloke is referring to.

    This unit according to the video is running off grid.Two years ago all the skeptics were crying scam. They all seem to have gone quiet of late. Keep an open mind



    • Noah Dillon says:

      If you look at the blueprints linked in the video you can see that it runs off of a battery. There’s a lot of other stuff added into the system, but it’s powered by a battery. No mystery, no free energy. Just a battery. I kept an open mind, I looked at the evidence, and there it is: a battery. It’s a scam.

      • John Taylor says:

        Noah wrote “If you look at the blueprints linked in the video you can see that it runs off of a battery. There’s a lot of other stuff added into the system, but it’s powered by a battery. No mystery, no free energy. Just a battery. I kept an open mind, I looked at the evidence, and there it is: a battery. It’s a scam.”

        You are correct in that particular detail is initially powered from a battery, there are other drawings which show it hooked into external power. The point is that the out put far exceeds the input.

        Now, in the off grid video, the link to the diagram does NOT related to the unit in the video which is misleading. The video unit has an infinity loop so the power is looped back into its self.

        My question is how does this infinity loop work?

        Also, if it is a scam why build a factory in California to produce them?

        There is another free power unit the Searl Effect Generator for those that are interested.

        • Noah Dillon says:

          What? “If it’s a scam, why build a factory”? That’s really a question? People will obviously shell out big for all sorts of junk that doesn’t work. That’s why. If a factory is being built in California (doubtful), then it’s being built to produce and sell novelty junk.

          Why don’t you share a video showing the simplest version of this machine—start it up, disconnect the battery or other external power source, and we’ll see what happens. Let’s see the electricity on an “infinite loop.”

  11. Stevie says:

    It’s all bollocks !!

    Everyone knows you can’t get out more than you put in !!

    Just look at the EU !!!


  12. Jihad says:

    Guys am going to till you something we all wish to hear
    Will am a18 years old inventor
    And i discovered the secrets and the laws of free energy generator that can self run and provide extra energy for our use
    But am afraid to talk about it
    Coz am afraid that am ganna get killed
    Coz am ganna directly effects gasoline companies oil….
    If am ganna do it and lunch it
    Will you people stand with me and support me for
    build up that dream machine
    Witch i called
    I.now my words make no sense
    But i did it with the cost not even reaching 1000$dollar
    Help what should I do

    • Noah Dillon says:

      You’re either a scammer or mistaken about what your machine is doing. You don’t have to be worried about gasoline companies, since gasoline isn’t used for electricity production. You don’t have to worry about coal or natural gas either. The people who invented wind, solar, nuclear, and hydropower weren’t killed or stopped by the fossil fuels industry and you won’t be either. And neither has anyone else who has to claimed to have invented a free energy machine.

  13. anup says:

    Videos has more than 1 million view, what else do they need? Check how much they received from youtube.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      The number of YouTube views does not make something real. I made a video of my school, but almost no one watched the video. My school is nonetheless real. There are videos about Dracula that have millions of views, but Dracula is fiction.

  14. Bruce says:

    Look up stan meyers water car

    • Noah Dillon says:

      It was a fraud. You can try building one. His patented plans are now in the public domain for you to use without licensing. If you come up with an engine that works, be sure to tell us. It will be the first one ever to succeed.

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