Everything you need to know about Paul Anka’s cousin and his multi-dimensional alien friend.

Darryl Anka was born in Ottawa on October 12, 1951. He moved to Los Angeles as a child where his father, a nightclub entertainer, was expected to become the “next Mario Lanza.” Musical fame found its way down another branch of the Anka family tree. Darryl’s first cousin is “Puppy Love” crooner, Paul Anka.

Paul Anka, 1961

Paul Anka in 1961. He’s just a lonely boy.

The cousins don’t keep in touch. Darryl began his career as a Hollywood special effects designer, and worked on films such as Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Pirates of the Caribbean, and I Robot.

Now, Darryl mostly just hangs out channeling his friend Bashar, “a multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being” (with a PayPal account). Bashar offers private sessions for a fee of $300, in addition to the $100 booking session charge. And let’s not forget about the $100 follow-up session with someone named April who talks to dolphins.

Darryl has been swindling people this way since 1983, and he has garnered high praise in what is known as the channeling community among people who believe that human beings can communicate with disembodied spirits from other dimensions.

His cohorts in the channeling game include Lee Carroll and his “love-filled and empowering angelic being,” Kryon; Wendy Kennedy, who channels a collective group of souls from the future; and, for history buffs, Geoffrey Hoppe, who channels Tobias, “an angelic being who has lived many lifetimes on Earth.”

These so-called channelers have found themselves a cozy corner of the internet. Bashar has almost 20,000 likes on Facebook and 15,000 Twitter followers. Anka’s website Bashar.org ranks 31,139 in terms of popularity in the United States. Skeptoid.com, for comparison, ranks 29,879. Anka holds events and attends conventions. He sells books, DVDs, crystals, and something called “dolphin videos” on his website.  From what I can tell, the dolphin videos involve underwater dolphin montages accompanied by upbeat, dolphin-related pop songs.

Dolphin with basketball

Aliens + Dolphins = $$$$$ (photo credit: wwarby via photopin cc)

Bashar’s teachings follow a common model, resembling a cross between a get-rich-quick scheme and the end of an Arthur C. Clarke novel. Anka claims that Bashar’s philosophy works because it is “based on physics…a more advanced version of physics than you may have encountered in the past- but nevertheless, it is based on physics.” He is a fan of vague, pseudo-scientific phrases and references to quantum physics, electro-magnetic fields, and feedback loops. He espouses a version of the law of attraction, a New Age belief that humans have the power to physically manifest anything they imagine, especially wealth, or “abundance,” Anka’s favorite buzzword.

Anka promises his followers “enhanced health,” “enhanced love relationships,” and “expanded psychic abilities.” Not one to put all of his crazy eggs in one lunatic basket, Anka also dabbles in “2012”, “Parallel Realities- Crop Circles,” “Psychic Phenomenon,” “Earth Changes,” “Healing Methods,” “future technology,” and “Sacred Geometry.” He has been weaseling his way into the psychic dolphins business since Bashar told him that dolphins are more telepathic than humans.

You may be wondering why Darryl Anka is worth mentioning at all on a site like Skeptoid. Skeptoid’s listeners are particularly unlikely to buy Anka’s line, and the world might be a better place if we simply ignored these people. After all, does anyone naive enough to drink Anka’s Kool-Aid even merit our sympathy?

Aliens are a common feature in new religious movements, including Mormonism and Scientology, and shouldn’t be cause in itself to discredit a movement. The idea of alien contact isn’t that much harder to believe than the story of Noah’s Ark, or Jesus’s resurrection. But religious groups can be corrupt and harmful, and an emphasis on acquiring wealth is a good sign that a group may not have its member’s best interests at heart (I’m talking to you too, Scientology).

Self-help gurus and snake oil salesmen like Anka prey on people who are desperate and vulnerable. On the subject of illegal downloading, Bashar advocates moral relativity, but when it comes to pirating his own material, Anka says those who do “exist in lack- that they are not abundant enough to do it any other way other than violating the rights of someone else.” Anka makes a living convincing people that giving him their money is the only way to get rich. And he is remarkably successful.

In this video Anka advocates smoking or injecting dimethyltryptamine (DMT) to communicate with beings from other dimensions.  DMT is a schedule I drug, known to cause hallucinations involving perceived “contact with ‘other beings’, alien like, insectoid or reptilian in nature, in highly advanced technological environments where the subjects were ‘carried’, ‘probed’, ‘tested’, ‘manipulated’, ‘dismembered’, ‘taught’, ‘loved’ and even ‘raped’ by these ‘beings’.”

DMT is not the most dangerous drug out there, but it is not as harmless as online forums will tell you. Short term side effects include overwhelming fear, increased temperature, and increased blood pressure, which can cause fatal heart attacks in users with hypertension or heart problems. The drug can be fatal for users who take MAOI inhibitors, and can prompt sever distress in those who suffer from anxiety disorders. Long term use can result in “damage to the brain areas that control mood, cognition and problem-solving.” So, if you really need to be dream-probed by aliens, by all means, try DMT.

alien abduction

photo credit: Rich_Lem via photopin cc

Anka’s healing claims make his spiritual pyramid scheme truly appalling. Anka advocates exercise, hydration, and a healthy, organic diet, which are all just fine. But he also suggests food deprivation regardless of BMI and consumption of ridiculous amounts of water to “flush the toxins” that infest the planet earth. He discourages the use of “man-made drugs,” claiming that DMT is a naturally occurring drug because the human brain produces it while dreaming. So, DMT is indeed natural when sucked out of the brain of a sleeping person.

DMT street bag

DMT occurs naturally in labs and dime bags.

Anka claims that by following his spiritual methods, one may regenerate missing body parts and levitate. According to Anka, physical pain is the result of “resisting the natural self,” and those who still experience pain have not taken his lessons seriously enough. He claims that by following his six rules for health, “in 99.99999999999999% of the cases, these 6 ideas alone will eliminate almost any chance you will ever have of contracting any kind of disease in your life at all,” including cancer and AIDs.

If you don’t see the problem with Anka yet, watch this youtube video of him advising a mother on how to deal with her son’s schizophrenia. Anka, confusing schizophrenia with Dissociative Identity Disorder, cracks a few jokes about multiple personalities. He tells her to consult with her “guides, in your dreams,” and to “lighten up.”

Taking into account Anka’s rejection of “earth toxins” and “man-made drugs” and his steadfast commitment to victim blaming, especially with regard to physical maladies, he has the potential to seriously damage people who are desperate for a solution. Advising people to see real doctors is out of the question once you’ve built your career on the idea that the physical world is an insidious lie. Darryl Anka continues to dole out absurd medical advice because Bashar’s continued prosperity depends on a delicate balance of misinformation, insistence on omniscience, and the sale of dolphin videos.

About Jennie Burd

Jennie Burd is a PhD fellow in Temple University's English department. She specializes in early American medical literature.
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214 Responses to Everything you need to know about Paul Anka’s cousin and his multi-dimensional alien friend.

  1. What? The? Hell? Wow, what a find!

  2. Jeff Grigg says:

    Hmmm… Let’s try just a little math. “in 99.99999999999999% of the cases, …” Interesting: That is about 1.4 million times the current population of the Earth — if you assume that his technique could only fail once. So either he intends to use his technique on a great many aliens, or a great many non-humans, or his math is a little off.

    • Daan says:

      Look. I’m critical too. But when you do reply, make it work. Your comment has no value to it…. These 6 methods, if applied fully, will make you extremely heathy

    • mudguts says:

      Jeff, I love that!

    • mia w. says:

      What a completely myopic way of evaluating information and looking at the world more generally. Damn.

    • Alan Szabo says:

      I’m not into drugs, but someone once told me he personally interviewed many entities in a single DMT ‘session’. I don’t remember the number exactly but it was more than a quadrillion. He was 100% convinced the number was precise.

  3. Vere Nekoninda says:

    Thanks for the interesting article. I’m still curious about the question that you posed, “…why Darryl Anka is worth mentioning at all on a site like Skeptoid.” The subsequent paragraph talks about aliens, so I wonder if a paragraph with your answer got left out.

  4. James says:

    This article is hilarious. You make it sound like Darryl Anka is a millionaire.

    The guy has been doing this for over 30 years. The only reason he gained any sort of ‘following’ after doing it for so long is because people realized when they implement the information he gives in their lives it actually works for them.

    I challenge you, Jennie Bird, to attempt to debunk the man directly if you are so sure he is a fraud. It kind of makes you wonder how after 30 years not a single person has successfully challenged any information provided by him.

    After listening to this guy from a skeptics point-of-view I still do not see anything that screams “fraud”.

    • Frederick Eason says:

      Only frauds claim they can cure any disease.

      • James says:

        He has not once said that he can cure a person’s disease. If the person that wrote this article claimed he has, they are bullshitting to support their argument.

        • Bugsy says:

          wow…as a believer, why would you even respond? Drink your Kool-Aid and be done with it.

        • Jennie Burd says:

          He said he can *prevent* 99.99999999999999% of diseases, including cancer and AIDs. The reference is in the link.

          • Daan says:

            He doesn’t claim anything. He says; you ask me, how to free humanity from diseases. Follow these 6 principles and the chance of contracting them will be eliminated. He does not claim to cure at all, nor does he claim HE can prevent. ALL of the below are scientifically proven factors that reduce the chance of ANY type of illness

            Reduce Stress
            Remove Toxins
            Eat clean and healthy

            It is OK to be sceptic. I have listened to Bashar for a few months and am STILL sceptical. I do not believe something out of the blue. Still…. I am also open to the possibility he is real. He does point out a lot of valid cues about life

          • Joshua Lambert says:

            I noticed Jesus resurrection in same issued article you had with Kryon. Are you that irresponsible or simply duped by your own ignorance? Don’t be offended..be embarrassed!

        • Kowalski says:

          What exactly does he claim to do and what is the evidence that it works?

        • mia w. says:

          Precisely, James. Thank you.

        • laBrat says:

          William reich and tesla not pay claimed it, they proved it experimentally: who are you to call them “frauds”?!

          • Noah Dillon says:

            Are you sure you don’t mean *Wilhelm* Reich, the guy who somehow derived from Sigmund Freud the idea that standing in a box made with alternating layers of felt and steel would send cosmic sex particles into you that would make you more vigorous and would cure mental illness and would somehow that defeats Nazis? Is that the guy you mean?

      • He makes. no claims at all. Watch the YouTube videos.

          • Daan says:

            He doesn’t claim anything. He says; you ask me, how to free humanity from diseases. Follow these 6 principles and the chance of contracting them will be eliminated. He does not claim to cure at all, nor does he claim HE can prevent. listen better

          • Frederick Eason says:

            And the snake oil salesman doesn’t say HE can heal, he says his SNAKE OIL can heal.

            Why do you not question Darryl Anka’s claims of receiving psychic messages from a space alien? He has offered absolutely no proof that this is the case, and yet you’re eating it up.

          • Daan says:

            @ Frederik. I do question his claims of channeling an alien. I however also listen attentively to his information, and to be honest, it is very very valuable and brought me loads of happiness, fulfilment and understanding in this life. To me it doesn’t matter any more if he is really channeling an ET.

            ACTUALLY; Daryll states that in one of his interviews, that he himself is not even sure if her really channels an alien, or if it is some deeper knowledge coming from within him. In the end, if it helps loads of people, is not manipulative or brainwashing, nor is it propaganda….. does it really matter where the information comes from???

          • Poor Saps says:

            Funny. Can’t even check out the video since Bashar Communications has claimed copyright infringement. Fraud.

          • ben jack says:

            who cares if he makes claims cuz quess what?…he is smarter than you, knows more than you and what he speaks about rings true to me and what ppl like you speak about is close minded clichés that television has been brainwashing the braindead masses with for years. Your whole deal and agenda is to discredit and be a skeptic of anything that threatens to be more intelligent that you, because you felt safe believing humans were the smartest thing in da universe, but faced with possibility of more advanced beings in the neighborhood scares the hell outta you cuz ya seen 1 too many sci fi movies that portray advanced aliens as hostile and they either subjugate humans or wipe them out. You are just flexing your brainwashed notions of any fringe science and bogus nonsense that only crazies believe. lol u so fake, if that was your real opinion you wouldn’t waste your time trying to debunk the “delusions of all the poor crazies out there” wow you are the patron saint of mental health lol. All these different beings/channelers who are unaffiliated and diff races and nationalities all have virtually the same message and information they are spreading. What did all the swindling channelers have a meeting 30 years ago and brainstorm up a good money making story? listen to the power of the skeptics denial lol you guys are so gd prideful you blind yourself to the truth screaming in your face. Damn so you made good grades in school, and that was how you validated yourself, being smarter than most of the other kids…big deal, so now you know aliens exist is “abundance” and they all made better grades than you…lol get over it man. Don’t bother replying with the mating call of the skeptic? “where is the evidence? Prove it!” Its nobody responsibility to bring evidence to you and prove the truth to you. you choose to not believe only holding yourself back so i care not. i bet you operate like all skeptics ignore anything that goes against your belief and focus and regurgitate anything that supports it over and over. The proof close minded skeptics that lack imagination cry for, u guys always act like the burden of proof lies with the believer. if you want proof one way or the other you go find it, or prove bashar is a fraud? Also skeptics always point out a channeler charging money for sessions as if that proves beyond all doubt he is a fraud? Channeling is his career, life purpose and something many ppl gladly pay for his services. Him charging for sessions allows him to make a living channeling and he can devote all his time to it…instead of getting a regular job to pay bills and have no time to channel. Havent you had a job that paid you money? don’t answer cuz i know you have…so that means you are a fraud right? oh its cool for you to make money flippin burgers? well bashar is giving life changing information that’s can make life better for all mankind once all you block headed cowards who r afraid of being ridiculed for having different beliefs of society, come around and gain some awareness of the changes happening around you. So i think bashar’s channel making a little money for his unique talents is perfectly fair. Besides only a sucker offers his services free. Are you just mad cuz channeling pays more that mcDonald’s is that what this about lol?

      • jeff glover says:

        only a fool believes rumors with out first hand proof

        • Noah Dillon says:

          The onus of proof is on Daryl Anka, since you can’t prove a negative. He’s offered no proof that he’s merely closing his eyes and spouting pablum. So yeah, no reason to believe anything he claims. Most of what he says doesn’t even make sense as a sentence.

        • ben jack says:

          only a fool demands proof when its a situation where solid proof is virtually impossible to produce. only a fool believes life is all about proving or disproving all that exists. Only a fool dismisses valid knowledge because they require proof before they can ever have the sack to except new beliefs. Only a fool lacks his own ability to discern truth when he hears important knowledge which usually man isn’t lucky enough to be privy to. Only a fool disregards valuable knowledge because Sherlock holmes hasn’t discovered proof with his giant magnifying glass. Only a fool is oblivious to the changes earth and mankind are going thru. Only a fool sits on ass waiting for scientific community to prove or disprove all and shape my beliefs for me because I’m afraid of believing in anything false cuz I’m afraid ppl will find out I’m not that smart? Only a fool makes fun of ppl who believe in channelers only because they sucked at math and now they spend their life searching for ppl dumber than ppl who suck at math. Only a fool fails to realize the messages of channels of the importance of the spirit is the same philosophy most ancient cultures followed and many culture still today follow including most Asian culture, and we know how smart Asians are? Only a fool doesn’t see the correlation of the spirit knowledge being given to us by beings and much of what is in the bible and the new light a lot of the passages take on and make a lot more sense when taken in the spiritual light…for example…the phrase “the body is a temple” has falsely been translated as your body is a gift from god so eat healthy be carful what u consume and do not desecrate your body”..no deeper meaning can be found…a temple is a building where a god dwells within, so the phrase really imlies of mankinds divine nature and the divine(or godly) spirit within the body is what makes the body a temple…it houses the divine spirit. Another is the reference to the 7 kindoms’s of heaven…well that’s a reference to the 7 chakras and the mastery of all 7 is the doorway to heaven(or the spirit realm) and many more correlations exist, check it out yourself and put some bible phrases and look for spiritual tenets that represent said phrases. Also read the book jesus wrote using a channel. its called “A course in miracles” Its eye opening mind-blowing, heart-warming work and jesus himself speaks about some of the true means of the bible that had been mistranslated and he shows the spiritual meanings of much of the bible. Only a fool doesn’t research this, see its value and change their stale beliefs that just aren’t working for mankind anymore.

    • Flashback 40 says:

      So if you think “I’m wealthy and totally sexy” all the time, you are?

    • Everything about him screams Fraud, James! I’m just baffled by the number of people there are who believe his nonsense!

      • Rick says:

        *baffled, I just don’t get it….

      • jeff glover says:

        why so surprised, graham? have you not been aware of politics ever???

      • zita says:

        are you baffled at the number of people who believe that jesus was the son of god??

      • mia w. says:

        Graham Griffiths: It seems like a waste of your time to even consider, no? If you sincerely feel the need to tear down systems which help other people, you’re in need of a life. Ridiculous.

        • Noah Dillon says:

          Encouraging people to believe things that aren’t real just because it gratifies them is not the same as helping them. As far as I can see, there is no system here. The message from Mr. Anka is that you should believe whatever makes you feel good. I believe children should murder the elderly. Should we question that belief, or should we cultivate it for making me feel good? I think we should probably question it, don’t you?

      • ben jack says:

        I’m baffled by how many ppl cannot see the truth in channeling and recognize the importance of it and be excited for this is a sign of a better life and we are lucky enough to be alive at the time transcendence occurs. it baffles me how many ppl are ignorant of mankinds abilities that we can use now to discern truth ourselves and not be weak minded lemmings waiting for the brainwashing machine(t.v and the fake news) to change my beliefs to whatever makes me easier to control manipulate and lead around by the nose by the gov/elite. I’m baffled about why all these skeptics who cannot see or figure out that tons of evidence is already there from ancient times of past to newer stuff, but skeptics as we know have no imagination so expecting them to be able to realize proof when they see it then put it together with more proof and to keep putting that puzzle together is more than one can hope for an uncreative skeptic, who needs proof shown to em on a periodic basis to determine if they still possess an asshole.

        • Fran Bliss says:

          Well said Ben – leave the people who want to remain in the dark, in the dark. Truth is something they don’t recognise yet…. They will come round when they have to and it won’t even be a year away (after this Autumn / Fall equinox). He who laughs last 🙂 Skeptics can’t find their own backside without an atlas, remember that. Keep to your own tribe Ben and leave these jokers to figure it out when it’s a little too late. 😀

          • Noah Dillon says:

            Good advice about closing yourself off from people saying stuff you don’t agree with. And an insult, too! I can see how enlightened you are. Thanks!

          • mudguts says:

            Fran.. The squatty potty page is still current.. no atlas needed

    • Chip Tristan says:

      Check out how he trolls artists on tumblr and then see what you think.

    • Bennie Hale says:

      DMT occurs naturally in ayahuasca plants, I almost took you seriously up to that point (almost). That is common knowledge, or so I thought. I have been following Darryl for a couple of years now and while I do believe in channeling, I do not believe in the exploitation of this kind of information for money. I understand it is a business, but it is hypocritical as well. If you want to be taken seriously, try speaking in a professional tone (not a demeaning one) and talk about the real issue. You cannot prove that he is not channeling a being anymore than he can prove that he is. It is that simple.

    • Zeek the Profound Skeptic says:

      People there is a huge country called China. I say they are all frauds as I have never seen it myself. Until I can actually see, hear and feel it myself it must be fraudulant.

  5. Reg says:

    I’ll believe anything he says if he can fix my erectile dysfunction. Honest. Only requirement is that I later test it on lots of discrimination ladies and get positive feedback from every one of them.

    • SwampWitch7 says:

      Reg: ED is a medical problem. Your choices:

      1] Go to a medical doctor. There are myriad possible causes, including drugs (legal and illegal), blood vessel issues, urological problems, a big selection of diseases and so on. A lot of the causes are treatable, but you’ll never know if you don’t investigate the source of a medical problem with a medical doctor you can trust.

      2] Go with the “mind over matter” route: if you don’t mind, it don’t matter.

      • Reg says:

        Oh you’re a gem SW7. Awful when the mind still works and the body doesn’t. No-one ever tells me about the illegals and doctors have better things to be concerned with. Thanks. I’d better choose [2]

        • 25mg per day of DHEA. Works for me 🙂 Less is more with DHEA.
          Add Tribulum Terrestris herb as a general hormone balancer.
          And a multi-vit. Black grapes for anti-oxidants.
          You mood may wobble as hormone levels increase. You can drop the DHEA for a day or two if you develop an anger-wobble or something. But your testosterone will gradually increase, leaving your loved ones to admire your spunky nature.

          Warning: having higher testosterone is statistically associated with a slightly shorter lifespan. But hey, let the candle burn, baby.

  6. Vivekananda says:

    BASHAR said, You can’t conceive what you don’t contain.
    I hope you get the point.

    • Brigitte says:

      Lol no, that’s the humor in these conversations.The irony is so missed but to each their own 🙂 Still entertaining to read though. Stick to your five senses and put what you don’t understand and haven’t explored in quotations, then find others who do the same to support your point. Pretty easy to call another nuts 😉

    • Trudy says:

      Ten years from now all the nay sayers will feel diffrently. Like it or not we are all expanding, some are eagrly advancing and some are dragging there heels but we will all wake up!
      Leap ahead and expand your mind or take baby steps eventually you’ll get there. Seek and you shall find. Sending you all love and happieness.

    • Chip Tristan says:

      Obviously this is only true for himself as Darryl spends time trolling artists on tumblr and makes disputable claims.

  7. Mason says:

    It really doesn’t matter if he is “real” or a hoax if what he tells people helps them feel better an dmake positive life changes. Being absolutely right and accurate about things is your trip, and that’s what makes you happy. Playing fantasy aliens is what makes other people happy. In the end, you’re going to die either way, and the only score that matters is how much you enjoyed your experience here.

    • ben jack says:

      Mason you should realize that when you die that is not the end, just a transition period where you return to a place you have forgotten and you will remember instantly when you return and u will know that that place is your real home. You will be happier and feel loved and love others in a much deeper way that u could achieve in this “life”. Pain and sadness and all negative emotion will be a thing of the past left behind with your discarded meat sack body, then you will realize how unimportant this physical existence is compared to your spiritual self and u will understand that this pain filled struggle of physical existence was meant as a type of life based on all the hardships to produce an acute spiritual evolving experience. i find it a little sad how many ppl are like u and truly believe death is the end of the road and all u can do is live it up while possible? i promise you one day u will see that isn’t correct and you will be so elated that you were wrong and u will be excited as u never were before at the new knowledge of an eternal life ahead of you when u believed u had reached the end of the line. if you cannot see that or sense any truth in what i say do not worry cuz it just means you are not ready to know it yet but you will one day and when that happens you will seek these things yourself. love you gl in whatever happens and whatever you choose to do…but it wouldn’t hurt to try and love others and except ppl so that you may be loved and excepted 🙂

  8. Mihael says:

    I understand your point of view, it is just the lack of basic logic that is behind your judgements! I belong to no group, no religion, but I do observe and you lack logic and/or non judgemental observation big time! Talking about schizophrenia not really knowing what it is! Official doctors have not cured 1 case of schizophrenia, but they are still curing and selling drugs and experimenting with them! Just a pure observation of someone who use to work in intensive psihiatric help unit. And doctors helping people!? More people are killed by doctors and by side affects of drugs sold on free market or given to them in terminal phases every year than by any other cause!! They invent new names and classifications for diseases so they can sell more stuff! People are lied to by official medical doctors every day that they have cure when truth is they sell hope in more than 70% or in 2% even poison, only 5% is cure the rest is uneficient material! This is acourding to study made by doctors them selfs on all drugs used, published in English Medical journal few years back! So who are you to promote uneficient healt care, dangerous drugs and doctors (with little or no responsibility) that even get extra provision from every pill they sell if not directly than by expensive seminars in exotic places! Who are you to judge those who are potentially opening new doors for emprovement and well being?! Are you one of those who don’t know/believe that there is anough for every one?! One of those who are afraid to stay without work once people realize the game of lies they were pulled in to?! Don’t wory there will always be people without real observation skills that are going to join you… No judgement intended, just an angle of view…

    • Tat says:

      Thank you!!!

    • ben jack says:

      mihael just a quick point i wish to make but not taking a side or saying you are right or wrong? Very rarely will two people who witnessed the same exact event actually “observe” the same thing however. Human perception is a very funny and mysterious thing and for whatever reason people always observe the same thing in completely different ways. We all have different belief systems abd views about what life is and what right and wrong? these different belief make=ups causes each of us to absorb reality in ways that reflect each of our beliefs systems. So sometimes some people seem like they don’t have a freakin clue about something or life and you just assume where his observation skills must suck, well he probably just has very drastically different beliefs and those beliefs may limit him from perceiving aspects of something you find to be obvious and assume it should be obvious to everyone else as well. its a mistake to assume ppl think/believe as you do or that ppl see the world as u do. I used to think like that, and because i was a student of life so to speak, i was very observant of all things and aspects of how ppl were and the meaning of life or reasons why somethings were how they were seemed very obvious to me and i assumed most ppl saw those same obvious life tendencies. well eventually i come to realize that i was of a minority for most ppl just live in the moment living only to enjoy themselves and rarely pondered life as i did. not to mention we all create reality and based on beliefs so a person who may lack belief of something that was a crucial element of an event witnessed will have a completely diff outtake because his lack of belief limited their perceptions from perceiving that crucial element. Anywho i wish you good luck on your quest for knowledge and truth and deeper meaning

  9. dragao says:

    i think youre just envy of the money daril anka makes,and your believe sistems are based on fear and negativity. can you prove aliens dont exist? can you prove paralel realities dont exist? can you prove that we cannot cure ourselves with our will and mind? can you prove channeling is a fraud????ho! so,if he made no money at all,if he just did all this for free,would you then believe him?or would you say he is a fanatic from a religious group?i just think u create a lot of limitations on yourself,and therefor you cant experience anything else that goes a little out of the line you drawed for yourself.have you really listened to the information that he transmits???? try not focusing on the man,but on the information,and see what u feel.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      You can’t prove a negative. The onus of proof is on the person making the claim. Basically anyone with a brain will tell you that aliens probably do exist. So what? That probability isn’t evidence that Daryl Anka is being inhabited by them.

      Skepticism is not about fear and negativity. It’s about looking at the world materially and saying, “These are things for which there is evidence, these are things for which there is no evidence.” There’s no evidence that Daryl Anka has a buddy in outer space. There’s lots of evidence that people making similar claims are charlatans. Therefore, it’s likely that Daryl Anka closes his eyes, tells people a bunch of sweet things, and fleeces them of money that would be better spent on actually improving their lives and the lives of others.

      And lying or hallucinating for free doesn’t make a fabrication any more true.

      • ben jack says:

        noah you can absolutely disprove something. you are the one who requires proof so you find instead of asking others to do the research that shapes your beliefs. you are the 1 responsible for that. like there is some kinda universe law saying the one making the claim has to produce proof…lol this isn’t c.s.i haha. Also you are the skeptic attacking someones belief….to the believer it isn’t as u call it a “claim” its real and truth to them because their belief makes it real and they do not require proof for what they already know in their heart is real. so why should they spend their time finding proof so that someone else can believe. also the believer is interested in that belief not debating the validity of the belief that again is your aim..of proving who is right, so once again its on you to figure out your own beliefs dont be lazy and don’t be afraid to let your heart pick a belief by hedging your bets so u may never be incorrect, well you will also be a gutless coward afraid to believe in anything. seems like a meaningless life but its your life so cya

        • Noah Dillon says:

          That’s a nice cop out you came up with. Get it? CSI? Cop out? Hahaha.

          Nah, look, you can believe whatever you want. But beliefs are not reality and if you want to convince someone else to believe that this guy in a tropical-print shirt and cargo shorts is a messiah just because he closes his eyes and spouts feel-good aphorisms, you should probably have some awesome evidence. It’s not a “law” that the onus lies with the person making the special claim, it just makes sense logically.

          If you’re a believer and a believer is not interested in debating their belief, then why have you left all these really long, poorly written comments here trying to defend this bozo?

          Oh, and thanks for calling my life meaningless. Wow. What a humanitarian Bashar has taught you to be! I guess I should go sit in a hotel conference room and watch him tell me about how I can believe anything I want as long as I pay him to say so. Haha.

  10. Jenny says:

    I have news for you: There are plenty of people who have had access to the same information that Bashar shares, through their own consciousness, minus any Darryl/Bashar involvement whatsoever. There isn’t anything that he says that you couldn’t find out for yourself is TRUE for yourself. So UNLESS you were to have the same wisdom and applied it, you aren’t proving anything other than the fact that you are a skeptic. But you would have to do the inner work of expanding your consciousness to fully understand and experience this, which Im sure you wont be doing anytime soon, since you are too busy being a skeptic. There isn’t anything that he shares that you yourself do not have access to knowing. Work on your own expansion of consciousness so that you can better understand. It’s a shame that some people are so incredibly deaf, dumb and blind to themselves that they don’t even have any discernment even when the truth is presented to them, right in front of their face. Do the inner work, AND THEN tell me “it didnt work” because I GUARANTEE you that IT WILL & does work for every single person who has done it. Whether they have ever listened to Bashar or not. You havent proved anything here other than your own ignorance. And anyone who agrees with you, is just as ignorant as you are. What a pity for you all. Stay dumb for as long as you like. You really arent hurting anyone but your self. Enjoy your ignorance!

    • Brian says:

      As one who has achieved certain definite success in terms of ‘inner work’, I speak from authority when I say that Bashar’s methods and philosophy are either terribly vague or generally unsound. His metaphysics embodies both common new-age misinterpretations of quantum mechanics and the sort of speculative philosophy common to any B-grade sci-fi.

      His methods, when effective, consist entirely of trivially obvious common sense suggestions such as ‘keep well hydrated’, ‘exercise’, and ‘stay positive’. When ineffective, his methods are potentially dangerous: misdiagnosing psychological conditions and proceeding to prescribe treatment is terribly unsafe.

      In terms of overall content, nothing Bashar says is new. Most of his ‘deeper’ ideas can be found in the metaphysics of Seth/Jane Roberts. Furthermore, it is no surprise that there are such similarities between his views and those of Seth and various works of science fiction. He admits himself to have been initially introduced to channeling by Seth, and his previous work in film and self-hypnosis would naturally provide a framework for much of Bashar’s material. Unlike Edgar Cayce’s channelings, there is no concrete evidence for supposing that his diagnoses have been in any way accurate.

      Wasting one’s time with this sort of new-age nonsense is a serious detriment to legitimate spiritual growth and realization. Read some Advaita or Zen Buddhism, or, better yet, Franklin Merrell-Wolff. Or, for easier reading, check out Alan Watts.

      Further, I don’t think you understand the meaning of scepticism. Scepticism proper entails the suspension of judgment, whether of the affirmative or negative, for the purpose of proper rational evaluation. There is nothing ‘ignorant’ about scepticism. Scepticism is the antithesis of dogmatism. The achievement of PROFOUND states of mystic consciousness does not require an abandonment of scepticism.

      • sean says:

        Brian, for a person of such “definate success and speaking from authority” you exude a truckload of ego just in your first paragraph…….

        • Brian says:

          I don’t see the egoism in my comment. But this point requires that I shed light on a common misconception. To claim I have achieved success is simply a statement of fact that logically supports subsequent assertions. You can interpret my statement as having stemmed from an attitude of self-aggrandizement, but such a reading is, strictly speaking, unjustified. Now, there are two senses of ego as found in mystical literature. One is a necessary feature of psychological organization, the other is a pathological entanglement of the subject to and object of consciousness. The goal of spirituality is not to ‘kill’ the ego, but rather to transcend pathological entanglement. The ego cannot be killed as long as you’re alive. It can be either transcended or suppressed. The former leads to a trans-personnel identification with the cosmos, the latter leads to all sorts of delusions and psychological problems.

          For example, the feeling “I am I and no other” is egoism. The feeling “I am I and the world” is consistent with any honest and accurate interpretation of traditional enlightenment. There are those who realize anatman, or no-self, but to realize no-self is simply to realize your identification with a transcendental reality. But the personal self is not just transcended, but included in the transcendence. To consider enlightened people as beyond fault and ego is quite unrealistic, even delusional. It leads to unattainable expectations, which can in turn render impossible Transformation.

      • Moony says:

        Bashar rocks.
        This page is entertaining! Lol.
        And the comment about the authority in inner work is hilarious. Gooo skeptoid! Thanks for the laugh.

    • ben jack says:

      jenny i like your passion and my beliefs probably align pretty closely with yours but theres something i struggle with and as i see u are the same way. i want all mankind to see the validity in the spirit and its importance and also the potential as well. i wish others to see it so much that i get aggravated when someone doesn’t see it and they belittle believers as being crazy dumb dumb’s. i want to insult their intelligence and often i do, and I’m quick to comment on the dullness of their senses lol, but I’m trying to do better and I hope u always remember this just as i strive to do, I’m sure u will know this as well: you cannot debate a skeptic into believing or converting if they are not ready and arguing with them only proves to be counter productive. also any person who doesn’t follow the spiritual path or possess an interest in their higher self is just simply not ready to begin their spiritual journey/growth, but eventually they will reach that point then they themselves will seek out this stuff just as you did. we must be supportive of ppl which ever side of the spiritual coin they may fall on, and lastly calling him ignorant and dumb is useless because you are a part of the same whole as him so he cannot be any dumber or ignorant than you or me for that matter. Keep this in mind not everyone can be as highly enlightened as you and me, plus picture this when that spiritual wave really begins to splash, as i believe it will in the next year or so, imagine the joyous feeling of seeing all mankind one by one remember their divinity and awaken to their spirit and come around and align with us vibration wise? Now that will be a joyous occassion and an event worth celebrating and mark the official beginning of the next step in spiritual evolution and perhaps we’ll call it “the first day of eternity” sounds badass doesn’t it 🙂 love to you honey and pass that love along as well as towards yourself Namaste!

  11. Brian says:

    Bashar’s techniques are sound and his straight to the point techniques hit the core of peoples internal issues so precisely that he probably scares away most people who aren’t able to look inside themselves and see things about themselves that they have been afraid to face all of their lives …Or maybe they aren’t willing to relinquish some of their “control” . Yet it sounds to me like the author made up her mind that Bashar is some kind of fraud before she was able to listen to what he has to say. I doubt she ever did…Many people can’t. It’s probably due to an underlying belief/definition many skeptics have… I’m sure that some people are not able to get past his appearance or his method of delivery because b/c he’s channeling and that’s “weird/ridiculous” and ‘what would people think?’…or because its not a PhD accredited scholar speaking, so why take him seriously…or maybe the whole idea of channeling that scares them deep down bc there is some sort of energy transfer going on that science doesn’t quite understand or believe in yet therefore it can’t be true…and if science doesn’t say its so then thats the law…b/c science has always been right. (or b/c Science has never been suppressed by the egos involved which cannot get bpast what they “know’ to be true..). Or one may have to consider the existence of aliens…Or maybe worst of all, one may have to face some of their own most personal fears that by doing so would be so scary to them that instead of facing the fear they will do anything they can to discredit this new information thus alleviating their responsibility to take action.

    Skeptics, notice the fear that arises in yourself when you are presented with Bashars teachings. Look at that fear and trace it down to its roots, bc its only by facing your fears, becoming conscious/acknowledging your fear that you will be able to move forward in your growth …the caveat is that you may have to use Bashar’s techniques to do it. Enjoy 😉

    • Lance says:

      Brian this is fantastic, Thank you. I have been trying to understand the sceptic point of view.

    • Being a skeptical believer, I’ll respond. I’ve listed to hours of Darryl’s channelings. I even put together a playlist of favorites. I believe in Aliens, alternate realities, stacked dimensions and communication between. I meditate, eat organics, filter fluoride out of my water and believe we are slaves born onto a slave planet. Not in the “Alex Jones” paranoid way, but in that we are magnificent beings whose collective consciousness has been hijacked. So, I’m pretty “out there”.

      With that beings said, I think popular channels like Darryl Anka and Ether Hicks are well spoken frauds. There are many reasons which I don’t think I can articulate properly, but I’ll give a couple of them a shot.

      They have created income streams on which many people rely. I don’t believe a consciousness from another dimension would make itself available to one person, every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, so the channeler can hold a workshop. What if these folks were to sell 300 tickets to a workshop and the entity didn’t show? There are the one time channelings such as the Ra material, Course in Miracles, Urantia which I give more credence to. The source downloads the information over a set period of time to the receiver and then goes along it’s merry way. I don’t believe an entity from the other side would allow the information to be received in such a way, as the receiver turning it into a business and the sender adhering to the receivers pre-set schedule. Does not make a bit of sense to me.

      There is a Abraham-Hicks video where the questioner states he does not want to ask his question on camera. Hicks says it’s OK, he’s in a safe space and to please ask his question. He insists he does not want to be on camera, she again states it’s OK, he’s in a safe space, please step forward to the camera and ask the question. He states one more time he does not want to be on camera. Hicks turns around and snaps at her sound/audio crew to turn off the camera, she turns and for an instant glares at the man, before falling back into her Abraham persona. In that short instant, there was no Abraham. It was a pissed off Esther who fell out of character.

      There is another channeler (don’t know her name because I can’t get through her material) who has a large following, who claims to channel various Arc Angels. She makes so many grammatical errors it’s nuts! She catches her errors, corrects them, and keeps going. Makes my brain spin that people are so invested in believing channeling is real, that they look beyond what are blatant signs that a “human” is at the helm during the channeling sessions. Darryl is good. I don’t see him making a lot of critical errors.

      In regards to being afraid to look within (your post), or not being a “believer” or fearing the information. This skeptic begs to differ with you. I still listen to Darryl because the some of information is helpful in my life. Same with Esther Hicks, I still listen to her even though I believe she is a fraud. Her “Rampage of invincibility” is one of my favorites! Truly inspiring. I have friends who believe in all these folks and pay good money for their products. I just keep my mouth shut and save my money. I’m not going to rain on their parade, nor as I want to rain on your parade. I just felt the need to respond as someone who believes, who experiments, who attends meditative workshops, who has crystals, and feathers, that there are those of us who are skeptical and still walk the path.

      • Elle says:

        Dear Akismet,

        Could you please post a link to the video of the Abraham Hicks seminar you mentioned where Esther falls out of character?

        Thanks very much,


        • Juan Tamad says:

          I have seen that episode, Esther behaves gently and kindly even though the person questioning her behaves rude . There is nothing wrong w/ the video . I have seen Esther Hicks videos a hundred times not once she acted like human .

          • Noah Dillon says:

            Does she do things that a human could do if they tried to? I don’t understand.

      • ben jack says:

        honey do not devalue Bashar/Darryl for charging money for sessions. you must remember Darryl is still a physical being that requires foods, a place to stay and protect himself from the elements. Plz explain how a channeler is cheapened for charging money, doesn’t everyone with a talent or skill hang their hat on it and make their living on that. If Darryl didn’t charge money then he would be forced to get a reg 9 to 5 job for survival severly cutting his time to channel and to get his and Bashar’s message out. Channeling is his life work, his mission in life and his purpose for being here and he may put all his time into this endeavor whole hearted. if he had to carry a regular job his craft would likely be far less acute. He is just helping a benevolent being to relay important spirit info that is very useful to mankind, he isn’t jesus himself roaming the earth offering free healing and teaching. No he has to sustain his human life so they, him and Bashar, may spread their message to many ppl for yrs to come. Also the individual one on one sessions are very intimate, private and much more productive often than groups not to mention they are a product of Darryl and his need for resource’s/bill money. Also Bashar’s consciousness is very easily just instantly here when summoned and does not suffer some great arduous space journey so it isn’t as if solo sessions are a waste of bashar’s time. quite contrary Spirit beings who wish to guide mankind spiritually, well they see all of mankind as one single entity. Since our consciousness is all connected they would never see 1 human as separate from another or as being small or insignificant. If bashar could help even just one person(or what we would consider as one person) with ascension then he would consider that a great success for all of mankind not just that one person. and he does the one on ones for Darryl because they are partners whom help each other and bashar is aware of the limitations Darryl has cuz of physicality but also its another oppourtunity for bashar to be of service to mankind and to offer guidance to any who wish it, so it isn’t as if Darryl is pimping Bashar out. Bashar’s highest excitement lies with being in service to mankind that nurture’s their spirits which are on their spirit journey still as well.They are in a partnership and the love each other in a very deep way just as are all channels and spirit beings engaged in a partnership of sharing a consciousness whom together carry out the joint mission of raising mankinds awareness/vibration also to learn from each others species and to also co-create together where many more doors will begin to swing open between mankind and bashar’s ppl where both races may benefit and horizons widened

    • James says:

      Great summary, Brian. I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on the Seth material. I came across it years ago and found it fascinating – revolutionary, even. I decided it was valid no matter what its provenance… quite revolutionary ideas that I beleive were touch-stones for the New Agemovement.

  12. Well I like it and that is all that matters, A very compelling argument indeed.
    Darryl Anka started his Hollywood career as a special effects designer working on such films as Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I Robot, Pirates of the Caribbean, Live Free or Die Hard and Iron Man. More recently, Anka wrote and directed a fictional documentary about the afterlife called Dearly Departed through his production company, Zia Films, and is currently (2013) in production on a documentary about channelling and extraterrestrial contact, based on two UFO sightings within one week of each other and subsequent experiences. He is an internationally known channeller having conducted seminars around the world for the past 30 years.

    In other words, he is doing well, with or without the money he gets from Channelling, not that their is anything wrong with earning money in a different fashion from working ‘9-5’, if he provides good content, people will use money as a form of energy/service exchange for that content, he also uploads many YouTube videos of his event meaning that if you cannot afford to pay for his services or simply do not wish to, his ideas are expressed for free through his YouTube account, their is nothing wrong with hosting information for an exchange of money, whether you regard his form of communicating of information as ‘fake’ is only an attempt to discredit the information, however, the content that he provides to his audience (including myself), is of value to us, as it becomes less of a matter of if he is real or fake and more of a matter of understanding, interpreting and using the information as a tool-kit to see if it would work within our lives as a ‘permission slip’ the same way you might use ‘Skeptoid’ as your tool-kit for a different perception of information to guide you through what you may regard as ‘nonsense’ regardless of questioning whether or not the Journalist is credible, logical and factual, she still presents content that may have proven useful for you and may have matched your overall perception of life, therefore regardless of if the Journalist is credible, she still provides content in which you wanted to see, and that is all that matters.

    Just to pull a few paragraphs from Darryl Anka’s book – Blueprint for Change:

    ‘Bashar, how can you prove to us you are who you say you are?’

    “First and foremost, the main purpose of this interaction is not for the validation of my existence; it is for the validation of yours. we are not here to prove anything to you, nor can we force you to believe we are who we say we are. If your world insists it does not want to know we exist, we must respect that. The governmental structures you have created on your planet at this point are still insisting we do not exist, and therefore we cannot violate that chosen belief system. You have created your governments and that is who you all are. when you make changes within the structure you have said represents you, then they will represent what you say is the popular will. At this point, they do not.”

    Do you understand that your government is very well aware of our existence — very well aware. But because you have created your society in layers that can hide information from other layers, many of your members do not have that data — although many of the mainstream members within your governments do.

    Within this book and many of his videos, he clearly does not advocate that he is who he says he is and never has, I for one do not accept his information because I think that if I follow him I will get extraterrestrial information, I accept his information because it questions and clarifies my current understandings and through trial and error, his information has proven as great help to me.

    You can gain useful information from any source in which you please by simply following the long forgotten ‘Trivium’ of critical thinking, (Grammar logic and rhetoric):

    Grammar is concerned with the thing as-it-is-symbolized,
    Logic is concerned with the thing as-it-is-known, and
    Rhetoric is concerned with the thing as-it-is-communicated.

    This helps you determine the usefulness and value of information after the questioning and reasoning of the information discussed, it disregards the characterisation and the source completely leaving you with data in which you can Validate with this structure, I used to use it when I started watching Bashar’s videos, and for me, the information makes plenty of sense, although, I must say, this information makes sense more in terms of ‘it works for me’ as a pose to whether it is fact, let yourself decide by researching him for yourself.

    • Daan says:

      Thank you. I just realised, I want to defend certain things but don’t have to. If something works for me, helps me in life, then does it matter if Bashar is real or not?

    • pamina says:

      Thank you for this. Critics take the foundations and findings of science as the final and only authority on knowledge and information. While true scientists are constantly breaking barriers, creating new definitions, even criteria for knowledge and information, their less innovative and orthodox practitioners (and therefore less scientific in the truest sense) and dogmatic followers and believers keep closing doors to the expansion and introduction of new paradigms.

      • pamina says:

        I should add that Darryl Anka and Bashar have received requests from scientists to listen in to the information they are conveying. Now those are real scientists — who keep an open mind, constantly investigating and seeking information from different sources – whether from shamans and indigenous ‘primitive’ cultures to study the medicinal and nutritional properties of plants, from practicing psychics to study the human mind, or from their own dreams, which some scientists have been known to get their ideas from, most notably James Watson on the double helix structure of DNA.

      • Science is not dogma it is not a religion, science is a method for investigation and judgement of evidence. It is not a set of carved in stone knowledge. That is Dogma. Science is always open to new ideas, however science always asks the question “what is the evidence?” Peoples opinions and idea are not evidence. Massive miraculous claims that goes against all accumulated well evidenced knowledge is not dismissed out of had. It just requires massive air tight evidence to displace it. Scientist is a term that has an exceptionally broad meaning. No more specific that the term human shaman or priest. Scientist doesn’t mean expert in in everything and it doesn’t mean they have arbitrary authority to decide what is true or not. It is the evidence that matters not the title. Scientist means someone who gets excited when they are proven wrong. When people make stuff up even if it something that we want to believe that belief does not supersede evidence, and why so negative on science?
        “What do you think science is? There’s nothing magical about science. It is simply a systematic way for carefully and thoroughly observing nature and using consistent logic to evaluate results. Which part of that exactly do you disagree with? Do you disagree with being thorough? Using careful observation? Being systematic? Or using consistent logic?” to quote a wise scientific philosopher.

  13. Bashar concerns himself with the edge of where humanity is at. So there!

  14. Give the guy a break! “We, skeptics, are on a mission to unmask every person who intends to give other people hope through methods that are not scientifically proven… etc, etc.” Good god (whoa, sorry for the blasphemy)! Have you listened to other talks of his while not fetching for phony medical advice or something (he gives none, by the way, you are just making that up)? He talks about positivity, and facing life in different ways that those we are used to, i.e, through fear, since television is always scaremonging about diseases and violence and stuff… Even if he is making up whatever he talks about, he’s a very smart guy and knows more about human experience than you do (because skeptics must think life is just a series of pointless chemical reactions between substances that exist out of the blue and then turn into ashes, isn’t that so?). As you avoid what you can’t explain, there are people trying to enter those unknown realms and really go find out whatever it is that teachers, parents, doctors, scientists and “skeptics” do not tell them because they are so afraid of exploring their own selves. We’ve all been told that we’re supposed to be born, be a nice kid, study hard, work hard, procriate, be grumpy about life and other people and die. But what if there’s something else? Can you blame someone who makes a living out of exploring the soul (is that word allowed in this site?) with other people more than a journalist at Fox who distributes fear over national (and global) television, telling people to “keep an eye on each other” and stuff like that, keeping us apart rather than promoting union among humans? Well, go ahead, then. I think dolphins are far more interesting individuals than skeptics – who are skeptics just for being skeptics and who will die skeptics and blank out for the rest of eternity, hopefully.

  15. greg says:

    in the end,it doesn’t matter what anyone says,in this case ,about Daryl Anka, personally,i have greatly benefitted from his videos and teachings,a life transformed, so if someone calls him a fraud,or judges me for following snake oil salesman, its up to me to accept it or not, what the teachings taught me was that everyones opinion is valid for them at that point they made the observation or comment, if i choose to remain in loving joy when someone is hateful and judgemental, thats the choice i prefer, so i choose to not be affected by the comments,it really doesn’t matter, as Daryl Says through Bashar,only state of being Matters,circumstances don’t matter, peace everyone

  16. clarkg says:

    It’s funny how people like Jennie Burd claim Anka is a fraud and then say things like, “he promises this or that,” which exposes she has not thoroughly studied the subject of which she is writing. She is supposedly starting her Ph.D. in writing but I don’t know what she is learning because her article is fallacy infested and provides no conclusive evidence that he is a fraud, just a bunch of her opinions that aren’t argued persuasively enough to be able to hide that this is an opinion piece made to persuade the reader to agree with her.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Here’s a logical fallacy: you think that she has to offer proof that he’s not talking to aliens. Actually, the onus is on Anka to provide evidence for his claims.

      I don’t know why you think Ms. Burd’s education in a PhD literature program would have any bearing on this one way or another. Seems like kind of non sequitur intended as an insult. And she’s not “supposedly” doing anything. She’s a PhD candidate. You can look it up. That kind of stuff is publicized because research universities like to show off what intelligent people they have working for them and at their institution.

      In most all lit programs you’re expected to do original research on a literature topic. This is not the same thing as a dissertation. Making that comparison is what’s called a “straw man” argument.

      How does her saying “he promises this or that” indicative of ignorance? Doesn’t he promise things? Is there any evidence that he delivers on his promises?

      I don’t know what your stake in this is. Do you fork over cash to this guy?

      • clarkg says:

        No sir, I do not give money to receive information I can get for free from his YouTube videos, that’s illogical to me! Lol! However, that being said, I already had a basic understanding of the concepts he discusses through my bachelors degree in psychology, my advanced practitioners license in the Law of Attraction and all the personal time I have spent studying quantum physics over the years. Those without a basic understanding may feel that they need to further invest in the information Bashar offers.

        You asked if there was any evidence that he delivers on his promises; in a 2007 video session with Bashar, someone asked him a question about IF they can meet his ET crafts in physical form and rather than promising anything definite, he SUGGESTS that there is a high chance that the ET crafts that came to Earth in 1997 above Arizona (The Phoenix Lights) would come AGAIN in March of 2007. While he was one month off, the event did in fact take place.

        Also, there have been many people, myself included, that have felt a sense of expanded awareness as a result of the information provided. Much of the information Bashar offers are a priori truths which are able to be contrasted against the a posteriori truths from quantum physics and LOA concepts.

        I should never have insulted her abilities and education, when I see others doing it in defense I disagree with it but I had a few drinks before I came upon this article and my emotion got the best of me. When people do what I did it displays ignorance and I apologize to Ms. Burd. It’s just that when I saw this article lacking any conclusive proof and trying to discredit someone who is only promising information to expand people’s awareness, it upset me that this article was trying to cast doubt on something that many claim is helping them. If Darryl Anka was a complete fraud and scamming people out of their money without producing any results, in the 30 years he has been doing this, there should be many challenging him and reporting such things but there isn’t.

        Is Bashar legit, I don’t know but if people are mentally benefiting from the information, why do those who can’t get past the whole channeling thing and don’t understand the information have to try discrediting it? What Ms. Burd explains about Bashar giving advice to the mother of a schizophrenic child is incomplete, she did not include all of Bashar’s SUGGESTIONS, not promises.

        You said, “you think that she has to offer proof that he’s not talking to aliens. Actually, the onus is on Anka to provide evidence for his claims.” Well, an identical craft flying over Phoenix 10 years after the original sighting as SUGGESTED by Bashar doesn’t hurt his case. And if his main mission was to prove and convince the world that he truly is a channeled E.T., then I would agree that the responsibility to provide undeniable proof would be on him. However, since Bashar is not putting forth a scientific theory for global acceptance, he doesn’t need to provide proof; he is only offering assistance through information to those who want it.

        The fact that he charges $300 for private sessions, or any money at all really, seems to somehow discredit Bashar’s authenticity because Darryl gets paid to provide this information. So, if Bashar is authentic, Darryl should not make a living on something that takes up most of his time trying to help people? If he didn’t charge, he would have to spend more time focusing on making a living rather than helping people in this way. By charging those who want to pay, he is able to spend more time channeling Bashar to help more people.

        Also, I am unclear as to why you thought I was referring to her writing this persuasive article as having anything to with a dissertation.

        • Noah Dillon says:

          I’m saddened to hear that you have an advanced degree in math and science but are still getting conned by nonsense promoted by hucksters. I don’t know what an “advanced practitioner’s license in the Law of Attraction” is, but it sounds like something I could print out at my desktop right now. It’s nice that you feel good about your belief in that junk, but that isn’t evidence that it’s true. I’m basically a pessimist and nihilist, and yet the Universe keeps shoving good things my way: I keep making more money, my health is great, people love me, I find romantic and platonic joy. I think it has more to do with my being who I am rather than the vibes that I give off. That’s not really evidence against the Law of Attraction—it’s just an anecdote, like your own good feelings. But it’s also not an argument for the Law of Attraction.

          The so-called Phoenix Lights weren’t aliens. We know exactly how they happened. So Anka didn’t provide any evidence is what you’re saying, and hasn’t delivered on any of his promises. And we have a pretty reasonable, non-supernatural or alien-related explanation for the original 1997 sightings. Giving him credit for an event with almost no documentation and pretty good alternative explanations, plus a second event that he inaccurately predicted and that is well documented and has basically only one plausible explanation, ignores a lot of evidence that contradicts his claims. And, on top of all that, neither sighting is at all evidence for his “powers.”

          As far as I’ve seen he just closes his eyes and spouts feel-good aphorisms like Stuart Smalley. If you’re making up reality, why don’t you try coming up with one where people aren’t exploited, abused, and starved in poverty from birth until death? Seems like a pretty foul situation to invent for other people. Why would you imagine people like that?

          He’s not speaking with a priori truths, he’s giving poorly thought-out metaphysical jargon. “You are all worthy; if you weren’t worthy you wouldn’t exist.” That’s not an a priori truth, that’s gibberish intended to make middle class Americans feel not so bad about their apathy in the face of economic and social depredation. Worthy of what? “Creation does not make mistakes.” Again, not an inherent truth. What about congenital illnesses? What about genetic copying mistakes that cause undesirable mutations? Ask the parents of a kid with encephalopathy whether or not their child was worthy of that or deserved something better from nature. Ask them why their bad vibes or the embryo’s bad vibes would want to terminate their child’s life within a few years of its birth. Ask the sex abuse victim why they would use the Law of Attraction to have themselves assaulted.

          If I’m a junkie fearful of needing to get some dope and I steal a bunch of stuff from my happy neighbor, whose has the good vibes there? I got what I wanted despite my ill will, and he ended up hurt, despite his good mood. That’s not logic (except as you seem to understand the word) but it is pretty sound reasoning and those all seem like good counterfactuals to a cruel ideology that blames victims, excuses sadists, and ignores suffering to focus on one’s own desire to always feel positive despite the natural need and highly evolved process of sometimes being really upset, through which people can make actual material change in a world that we all share and that is not just made up in your own head.

          Telling people what they want to hear is not benefiting them. It’s stroking their ego. If that message comes with the affirmation that you are all alone in the world and don’t have any obligation to your fellows other than thinking good thoughts, Anka is doing actual, measurable harm. If he’s also persuading people to give him cash for that pap, he’s doing them economic harm. Flat out. That’s nothing to do with the authentication of his claims. Rather, that he’s taking money for something so absolutely spectacular, un-evidenced, and nonsensical smacks of fraud and exploitation of people who don’t know how to think critically about the garbage that he’s shovelling at them. Good for him that he’s found a way to make a living by closing his eyes and giving sweet pronouncements about how great everyone is and how the world is the best of all possible worlds. I’m reading Candide right now; apparently such junk treacle has been eagerly swallowed by people for a long time, despite (or perhaps because of) the continuing horror of the world.

          This is how you called her education into this conversation, “She is supposedly starting her Ph.D. in writing but I don’t know what she is learning because her article is fallacy infested and provides no conclusive evidence that he is a fraud, just a bunch of her opinions that aren’t argued persuasively enough to be able to hide that this is an opinion piece made to persuade the reader to agree with her.” That seems like pretty utter contempt for someone you don’t know. Bad vibes, bro. You seem to want to attract some calamity. Or who knows, maybe reality is all in your head and the real world only affects you as you want it to. Unfortunately, it seems pretty likely that mortality, suffering, and injustice probably still exist in your conception of the Universe, unless you just ignore them and think about yourself all the time.

          • clarkg says:

            I know that it was wrong to speak of someone I don’t know with such contempt, hence the apology to her in my last comment. Not sure why you felt you needed to point this out again since it did nothing to specifically address the last sentence in my previous comment and I had already admitted that I shouldn’t have done that.

            You said, “Ask the parents of a kid with encephalopathy whether or not their child was worthy of that or deserved something better from nature,” but I don’t have to ask someone else, I can ask myself. I was diagnosed with viral encephalitis at the age of eight months old and I am in a wheelchair (read my biography on mindofreality.wordpress.com).

            Just because we cannot, with our limited conscious mind, understand how everything is connected and why certain things happen, does not imply the absence of a reason. If everything were perfect and peaceful, how would we evolve without anything to evolve through? There would be no need to evolve and adapt without reason to evolve and adapt.

            You stated, “He’s not speaking with a priori truths, he’s giving poorly thought-out metaphysical jargon. “You are all worthy; if you weren’t worthy you wouldn’t exist.” That’s not an a priori truth, that’s gibberish intended to make middle class Americans feel not so bad about their apathy in the face of economic and social depredation.” I’m not sure saying that it’s not an a priori truth because its gibberish is a valid argument as to why it’s not an a priori truth.

            When Bashar says “if you weren’t worthy, you wouldn’t exist,” the a posteriori truth to support this statement comes from the discovery of quantum physics that you cannot have a universe without the mind entering into it. He also talks about parallel realities which has support from quantum physics in the discovery that an electron does not stay on the path of the trajectory around the atom, it blips out of reality, continues traveling in another reality, then blips back into this reality and continues traveling on the trajectory. The electron is not being destroyed and then recreated because that would mean that it should be recreated at or near the point it was destroyed, not further along on the trajectory. Now, these are scientifically accepted and verifiable concepts from quantum physics.

            It’s this kind of closed mindedness that made Einstein’s peers laugh at him when he presented his Theory of Relativity; it did not line up with their past beliefs of what was true and was so new and “out there” that they wouldn’t even consider it, until finally Einstein was able to catch the proper angle of an eclipse to support his theory. Had our scientific community been more open minded to new ideas, we could have put to rest whether it was true or not and began developing the theory sooner.

            There is a difference between skepticism and cynicism; skepticism is a healthy form of questioning toward discovery without judgment while cynicism is a complete rejection of a discovery because it is judged as inaccurate against pre-existing beliefs. It is clear that when you say this information is “junk,” you are not approaching it with skepticism but instead cynicism.

            Darryl Anka is in the process of working on a documentary about Bashar in which Darryl will be hooked to an EEG machine to provide evidence of the difference between his resting brainwave frequency and Bashar’s resting brainwave frequency. The idea being that when we are totally relaxed and have cleared the mind in a meditative state, our brain produces a signature frequency that looks different from signature frequency of others. Then once has channeled Bashar, he will relax and clear the mind in a meditative state to compare the two resting frequencies.

            Do you believe in a soul or spirit??

          • Noah Dillon says:

            The Global Science Foundation lists no accreditation on its website, unlike probably wherever you got your bachelor’s degree. The College of the Study of My Refrigerator is accredited by The Institute for the Science of the Advancement of My Dinner Tonight, though, and for a nominal fee I’d be happy to email you a certification in the Science and Alchemy of the My Dinner Tonight Studies in .rtf format.

            Look: just because Joe Vitale has a “doctorate” from a diploma mill called the University of Metaphysics, and just because Dr. Steve Jones has a doctorate of education (a real one from a real, accredited school) doesn’t mean that what they’re selling is actually right and true.

            I don’t know what hooking up Darryl Anka to an EEG is supposed to show unless we already have some baseline of evidence that people channeling extraterrestrials have some measurable difference in brainwave activity when they’re channeling that English-speaking alien. All sorts of things can change brainwave activity. Why we should attribute a change in brain-state to his professed abilities I do not know. I do know that there’s a really cool device developed by some MIT students that will lift you into the air if you manually change your brainwaves, which you can easily train yourself to do. It looks like a really fun toy and people who are good at meditating find it especially easy to play with. You can get other devices at Toys ‘R Us marketed under, like, the Star Wars franchise.

            I do not believe in a spirit or soul.

            You should also realize that you can reason very soundly from a wrong premise and although everything follows very easily and orderly, the answer you get is almost certainly wrong. The soundness of an argument is not proof of its truth.

            Anka’s statements aren’t a priori truths because they’re gibberish. A priori truths are semantic or mathematical facts. The classic example is that all bachelors are unmarried men. It’s a tautological statement and it’s absolutely a priori true because there’s no deductive reasoning involved: A = A. With a proposition like “You’re all worthy or you wouldn’t exist,” again you have to ask, Worthy of what? What does worthiness entail? What or who made the decision that I am worthy? Is my existence dependent on worthiness or are there other necessary and/or sufficient conditions that I also fulfill? What does he mean by existence? Does that just mean today or what? Are all people and organisms that have ever lived similarly worthy? What about a tuberculosis bacterium or a bed bug? What about inert substances and objects such as argon gas or the sun? How does one qualify to be worthy? Did this happen before the beginning of existence or only after? If its the former, did it occur before or after the beginning of time? How does this impact arguments for free will? Etc. Etc.

            Quantum physics has nothing AT ALL to say about any of this stuff. It’s the science of very small subatomic particles and the way that they behave. It’s not a metaphysical get-out-of-jail-free card. You can have the Universe without any mind, you just can’t observe it. And your mind’s observation collapses a set of probable outcomes into one instantiation. That doesn’t mean your mind makes things happen or that you are necessary for the Universe to exist. A guy named Bishop Berkeley tried to advance an argument like that and it’s been totally shot to bits in the subsequent centuries. That’s an anthropocentric view of a Universe that is kind of actively antagonistic to the probability of humanity existing.

            The difference between Einstein and Darryl Anka is that Einstein’s peers checked his math and recognized that he was right. Your narrative about his published paper is flat-out inaccurate. He was following on the work of colleagues and was supported by colleagues and his findings were confirmed by colleagues. It was simple, elegant, explained a lot of phenomena, and could be tested, was tested, and was found correct. Anka’s claims have NONE of those same properties. This is not an issue of skepticism vs. cynicism; it’s a question of skepticism vs. metaphysics. Anka’s claims bear all the hallmarks of metaphysics with none of the qualities of scientific investigation. If he can provide useful evidence via scientific testing that would be useful. Goofy demonstrations of him closing his eyes in public and giving pronouncements, or hooking himself up to medical equipment, do not qualify as actual scientific tests. They’re publicity stunts.

            You brought up Ms. Burd’s qualifications, writing abilities, and knowledge and cast doubt on them. Then you asked why I responded to your questioning of her education, then you wondered why I responded the way I did. You supposed that she wasn’t educated properly in metaphysics to write a persuasive argument against a sham medium (I, for one, was totally persuaded) and then perform shock and disbelief when you have that correlation not only doubted but also discredited. That seems pretty intellectually dishonest. I do appreciate that you’ve apologized, though. Thank you for that.

          • clarkg says:

            I said, “Also, I am unclear as to why you thought I was referring to her writing this persuasive article as having anything to with a dissertation,” in relation to your statement, “In most all lit programs you’re expected to do original research on a literature topic. This is not the same thing as a dissertation. Making that comparison is what’s called a “straw man” argument.”

            I simply did not understand how that pertained to my original post is all.

            You state that “You can have the Universe without any mind, you just can’t observe it.” If there can be a universe without a mind existing, just no one can observe it, how can that be known for sure with no possible way to prove it? If there’s no mind to observe a universe with no mind in it, how can that statement ever be scientifically validated?

            The reason I asked about your belief in the soul was to determine whether I should even continue this spirited debate. This debate really is pointless because my perspective includes knowledge from non-physical reality and yours includes only physical beliefs. We will, of course, never see eye to eye. I have had too many things happen in my life that have proven to me that there is more to this reality than what our physical senses can detect; this has solidified my belief in the non-physical which, if we believe and utilize dichotomies for understanding, requires there to be a non-physical for the physical to exist. However, such things have prevented any change in that basic belief and it is valid and true for me, as the pragmatic philosophy of truth would define such things and your basic belief that only the physical exists is valid and true for you and I respect that. None of this was ever stated with the intent to change your mind, just explain my point of view.

          • Noah Dillon says:

            It pertained to the part where you said, “She is supposedly starting her Ph.D. in writing but I don’t know what she is learning because her article is fallacy infested and provides no conclusive evidence that he is a fraud, just a bunch of her opinions that aren’t argued persuasively enough to be able to hide that this is an opinion piece made to persuade the reader to agree with her.”

            You can know that the Universe exists without any observer because you can see events that happened far before anyone on Earth existed since light takes time to travel through space. You can find fossils of creatures that existed before mankind did. You can model the way that the Universe was born and developed. I’ve never been to England or San Salvador, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist in my absence. I’m the center of my own experience, but I’m not the center of the Universe. And every methodological, scientific discipline we have, from history to astrophysics, depends on the understanding that we can know a lot about stuff without having been there when it happened and recognizing that we don’t just make up the world in our heads. We model the world, experience the world, interpret the world in our brains and minds, but we don’t invent it. I certainly wouldn’t have invented you and I doubt that you would’ve invented someone like me, or this extended conversation.

            If you don’t want to continue this debate based on my answer to one question and the preconceptions and prejudices that lights in you, that’s fine. I don’t know what bearing the existence of a soul would have on any of this. I suppose you’ve a notion of why it’s significant. If we can’t measure something and can’t have any notion or evidence for its existence or effect on the world, it effectively doesn’t exist. It may exist and we don’t know about it or how to detect it or its effects. But positing its existence with no evidence whatsoever kind of doesn’t go anywhere. Non-physical reality is a contradiction: reality is physical. That’s why people starve, fossil fuels pollute, meteors strike the Earth, and bad vibes don’t change matter.

            The invention of a fake dyad doesn’t really do us any good. That’s an artificial construction. Why should we expect reality to have a counter? What is the opposite of you? What is the opposite of a computer or a dog? The opposite of material reality isn’t immaterial reality or spirit realms anymore than pancakes are the opposite of hot dogs.

            Seeing eye-to-eye isn’t necessarily the goal of exchanges like this.

            You should go back and read some William James. That’s not what pragmatism is. That’s more new-age aphorisms to just do what feels good and assume that what you believe is true because you like it. I’d love to believe that the world is trouble free and we’re all going to live in love and peace and harmony forever. If I believe that I’m ignoring the immediate and horrific suffering of others, which I could otherwise give aid and comfort to. Seems like kind of a callous and self-centered belief system.

          • clarkg says:

            You stated that “You can know that the Universe exists without any observer because you can see events that happened far before anyone on Earth existed since light takes time to travel through space.” This is very true but you are only considering Earth, only our part of existence. Since mainstream scientists are agreeing more and more that the idea of other intelligent civilizations are not only possible, but probable due to the seemingly infinite number of galaxies seen by hubble, I take into consideration that while conscious minds did not exist on Earth at one time, it is likely that there were conscious minds on other planets during that time. I try to consider possibilities when forming new beliefs.

            The bearing of the existence of a soul on this discussion has to do with the inability to attempt understanding things outside of the physical realm of existence. I know that here you will claim that the physical is the only existence but if you believe in the Big Bang Theory in which the universe exploded into existence, where did it exist before that point of expansion? If there was nothing in existence before the Big Bang, wouldn’t that be non-physical existence? If it is said that the universe existed in a condensed point of dense energy that increased until it exploded into the existence, where did this condensed point of energy come from since nothing existed before the Big Bang? If one believes in the Big Bang, there has to be a belief in non-physical existence if nothing existed before this event but then existence sprung forth from no existence.

            However, I do not believe that the Big Bang was the beginning of all of existence, only the beginning of our universe. Since something cannot be created from nothing, I believe that our universe was created out of a different pre-existing universe through the creation of a black hole in that pre-existing universe. It is an a priori truth that something cannot be created from nothing, reality has proven this to us as common sense. I believe that conceiving of the Big Bang as the beginning of all that is, is the direct result of our three dimensional human experience with dichotomies; up and down, left and right, birth and death, creation and destruction, bad and good, wrong and right, black and white, Thinking in this way, there has to be a beginning and an end to physical existence and the advocates of the Big Bang Theory model this dichotomy well when they predict that the universe will come to an end as further and quicker expansion occurs. On the other hand, if reality shows us that something cannot be created from nothing, how could the beginning of existence have occurred if nothing existed before the beginning of existence?

            The theory works because it does accurately calculate the beginning of the existence of our universe, this is why it is accepted as valid because in this sense it is valid. However, our universe had to spring forth from some sort of prior existence but the Big Bang Theory does little to explain what that possibility could be. This is why I believe existence has always existed, it is infinite with infinite universes being created through the black holes of every universe. For me, this is the only logical explanation for how the Big Bang Theory asserts that existence did not exist before the Big Bang; and if existence didn’t always exist, according to the theory, there would have to be some form of non-physical existence which it came from.

            What solidified my belief in infinite universes was when I heard quantum physicist Dr. Fred Alan Wolf describing the true behavior of the electron circling the atom, which I earlier explained pops out of our existence, continues traveling along the same trajectory even though it has disappeared and pops back into our existence where it continues traveling the trajectory at a point that coincides with the length of time it disappeared for.

            Again, I’m not saying all this is a fact or what is true but simply my beliefs.

          • Noah Dillon says:

            Well, you’ll notice that with the double-slit experiment, and with quantum physics generally, everything posited, examined, experimented on, and studied is physical, material, extant. There is no non-physical, supernatural explanation for the observations. It’s not magic. Light is both a wave and a particle. That’s pretty well-accepted science. When we look at its wave-like properties, we see it as a wave; when we look at its particle properties, we see it as a particle. That doesn’t mean our presence makes it snap into a different shape. It just means that it has both of those qualities at all times and we can’t observe both simultaneously. The other quality doesn’t disappear when we turn our backs. Pretty much no particle physicist will argue that light is just a particle or just a wave. It’s a pretty fundamental tenet of contemporary physics that it is both. I didn’t last long in physics class in high school, because I’m lousy when it comes to math, but I was definitely taught that. And that’s a pretty high bar considering that high school science classes don’t typically go very deep into the weeds on any topic and don’t teach stuff that’s cutting-edge.

            I don’t know if such sensitive measurements can be carried out with a camcorder and I don’t see anything about the experiment being videotaped.

            We are reality. We live in reality. We can affect things in reality. We can’t and don’t do that just by showing up. That’s an effect of the probabilistic nature of very small particles. What you seem to be saying is that because small particles move so fast that their position is effectively indeterminate until we examine them, that means that all of reality is up for grabs and nothing is certain except whatever is going on in your head and that somehow means that Darryl Anka is certifiably channeling an alien. That doesn’t follow.

            Part of what you’re talking about is what’s called solipsism. It’s kind of been chucked from contemporary philosophy, so far as I know. It’s the idea that you can only know that you exist. Descartes dealt with this and he used a trump card similar to that of Bishop Berkeley (who I mentioned yesterday). You talked about the presence of some other alien solving the problem of things beyond our event horizon existing. So, Bishop Berkeley solved the problem similarly. If everything exists only in our consciousness, then what happens to the table when I leave the room? How can I be certain that if you go in there after me you will find the table? Berkeley said, Well, it must be that God is always observing everything, just in the same way we are, and because he’s always everywhere, it makes sure that our experience of the world is pretty reliable and consistent. That’s kind of a cop-out. The problem with the alien you proposed is two-fold: who observes him in a way that brings him into existence? And, because of stuff like parallaxes and the unique and different perspective that alien would have, it wouldn’t follow that he would observe a thing, invent it in reality, and then we would uniquely observe it and be able to have the same information about it. So whatever supernova or whatever that he, the alien, saw before we did would be totally different from the one we perceive on Earth, unless those two events have some sort of objective, material foundation in reality.

            Here’s another issue: either reality is invented by each person, or it isn’t. So, who invented me? You? Who invents that independent observer alien out there that we can’t see? Does that make them subordinate to you? Are you the only person that exists? If we function in the world in a way that suggests that other people exist and have free will and are not dependent on you for their action, why would we posit a complicated and philosophically difficult, convoluted, and implausible construction of the world that is the opposite? It seems much more likely that the physically examined, experienced, and reliable scientific model of reality is a much better solution and more in line with what we experience. You seem to be layering on all sorts of ideas that don’t make sense, have a lot of contradictions and holes, and are finally unnecessary. The most desirable thing in science is a simple and elegant explanation of how the world functions. In physics, that’s usually boiled down into a few interconnected and interdependent mathematical equations. What you’re talking about is metaphysical speculation. I’d really suggest you go read Berkeley. Here’s a great podcast that will suggest some readings and discuss them:

            These might also be useful, though they’re not the full episode, which are great and I would strongly recommend that you download to listen to after reading the texts:

            Here’s a great one about quantum physics and philosophy, discussing a paper by Heisenberg:

            And on the philosophy of science, with stuff by Karl Popper:

            I really like these guys. The podcast is great. And it’s a good introduction to philosophy.

          • clarkg says:

            The particles they shot through the two slits were photon particles, a beam of light shot from a laser through the two slits and onto a film enclosed in a machine that could read where the photons were traveling into the film and it was hooked to a computer that could process a black and white image by the information received from the machine. The first computer image they received, while processing it from the computer with nobody observing, came back with several white bands spanning across a black background representing the film area. Somehow the photon particles from the beam shining only around the slits were traveling around the plate, bouncing off themselves and producing an interference pattern as they continued traveling to the film.

            When they focused a video device to view the film as the beam of light shown on the film, the beam of light only portrayed two bands of light and the computer image processed an image of only two bands of light while they were observing it through a live camera from another room. Keep in mind also that the front point of the laser where the beam of light comes out was designed to shine a straight and steady beam exactly around the two slits without going around the plate in any way to avoid the light directly hitting the film.

            The only thing I can imagine that is going on is that the usually cylindrical and visible laser beam is becoming dispersed as it leaves the laser when we are not looking. That’s the only explanation I can think of for how the beam of light is also making it around the plate and not just through the slits as it does when we watch it from another room with a live camera. Our belief that particles are tiny, solid clumps of matter is an organizing principle for how we expect the beam of light to behave when produced by a laser and so we perceive it that way when we observe it. However, the film is showing that photon particles, light, behaves differently when we are not looking.

            It is believed, based on the fact we can’t see things in total absence of light, that we can only see objects as the result of light bouncing off of them and then deflecting a steady stream of light into the eye, upon which the brain interprets the eyes sensory data of photons into information we can perceive with the conscious mind. Well, according to the results of this experiment, when we believe it’s a steady stream of light bouncing off the object, the photons behave that way, producing a steady image of a fixed object but when we are not observing, the light we believe allows us to see objects may be behaving differently.

            Those maintaining an “I have to see it to believe it” type attitude will not likely be able to ever believe this unless they have the funds to develop an exact replica of the double slit experiment to prove it to themselves because they just are not able to believe something they cannot see, resulting from the existence of a lack of faith within most beliefs throughout the entire belief system.

            If you search the double-slit experiment on Google, you will find many trying to say they are performing the double-slit experiment at home but they are only doing this based on how they have interpreted it, unless they have the film machine that has sensors behind the film which can hook to a computer to process the information from those sensors to produce an image; this is the only way to record the behavior of the light with no observation.

          • clarkg says:

            I don’t know if you have ever heard of a show on the science channel called “brain games” but what the show does is scientifically reveal to you how your perception can be fooled. One experiment they showed was a psychology researcher in a restaurant with a tray full of small paper cups containing either jello or some sort of liquid drink, half with a cherry flavor and half with what looked like lemon flavor due to the yellow appearance.

            However, the lemon flavored cups were actually cherry flavored with yellow food coloring in it. The researcher tells the participants that the red color is cherry and the yellow is lemon. He has them try the cherry flavor first to develop a baseline for the cherry flavor and then has them try the “lemon” flavor afterwards. Almost every participant that comes up to his table in the restaurant tastes lemon flavor even though it was really cherry because most of us have the tendency to believe what professionals say; I mean, why wouldn’t they, there was no reason not to believe him and the flavors he described matched the colors the participants perceived.

            The participants that didn’t taste lemon looked at the cup awkwardly but could not reveal what the true flavor was when the researcher asked, even though they had just tasted it seconds before. These participants could taste that there was a difference in flavor from what they were told and perceived but the memory of what that flavor was had become distorted by partially accepting what they were told and what their eyes were confirming. Those who partially accepted what they were being told by the professional are those who usually have a problem with authority; these individuals have a tendency to resist what those in higher positions tell them.

          • clarkg says:

            Even though we so obviously have different beliefs, so obviously (LOL), I have really been enjoying our spirited debate, even looking forward to it. You are obviously very well educated and I don’t find that quality in many of those around me; do you have a degree? It seems like you would.

            To answer Berkeley’s question, “How can I be certain that if you go in there after me you will find the table?” The table would still exist if someone else walked in the room after him because there is the belief that the table is there and it doesn’t matter if the belief is held by the person walking in after him because Carl Jung’s concept of the collective consciousness constructs reality.

            Also, I prefer not to use the term God because our western religious culture has anthropomorphized it, causing most people to visualize God as some white bearded, ball headed man in a white robe and golden sash that can move things around in existence at will. From this common conception, it is no wonder why people are atheist. Lol! This faulty conception is also single-handedly the cause of sexist attitudes as described by the philosophy of feminist Mary Daly

          • clarkg says:

            I apologize Noah, I was inaccurate in stating that “The only thing I can imagine that is going on is that the usually cylindrical and visible laser beam is becoming dispersed as it leaves the laser when we are not looking.” That was not the correct explanation, the beam of light becomes dispersed when it hits the solid parts of the plate with two slits.

            When we aren’t observing, the beam of light is illuminating the right and left side of the plate with a band of light traveling around each side of the plate that has the same height as the diameter of the beam. However, when we observe, we only see light shining on the plate exactly where the beam strikes it, just around the slits.

          • clarkg says:

            I’m not sure if you have ever hear of the quantum physics experiment called the double slit experiment but this also led me to believe that reality is more non-physical than we originally thought.

            Particles, what we believe to be the tiniest form of physical matter, have been shown to behave very differently when there is no observer compared to when there is an observer. In the experiment, they shoot a steady flow of particles through a plate with two slits in it and behind this plate, is a screen or film that can detect where the particles land once they have been shot through the slits.

            If particles are, in fact, solid, then we would expect the screen behind the plate with the two slits to mirror only those two slits, only producing two bands of particles; any other particles would be blocked by the solid parts of the plate. However, the experiment revealed that when no observer is present, the particles travel through space like a wave, being many places at once and produce an interference pattern of many bands. If particles are only solid, how can the interference pattern be accounted for?

            Even stranger, when a video device was setup to view how the particles were doing this, the observation of the scientists, with their belief that particles are only solid, caused the particles to behave like originally expected, producing only two bands on the back screen after traveling through the two slits.

            This experiment has been reproduced with scientists believing only in solid particles and scientists believing that the particles are also waves. The results from both kinds of observational belief behaved according to the belief, indicating that simply observing a particle, the fundamental building blocks of all of existence, has the ability to effect how particles exist when traveling through space.

            If we are not connected to reality on the most fundamental level of existence, how can the conscious mind’s belief and observation effect particles at a distance through a camera while sitting in another room? This led me to seriously reconsider how solid and separate we are and reality is.

          • clarkg says:

            I forgot to address this in my last comment: my practitioners license in the LOA comes from the Global Sciences Foundation, an accredited organization developed by certified doctors.

        • Frank says:

          Your remarks :- “The fact that he charges $300 for private sessions, or any money at all really, seems to somehow discredit Bashar’s authenticity because Darryl gets paid to provide this information. So, if Bashar is authentic, Darryl should not make a living on something that takes up most of his time trying to help people? If he didn’t charge, he would have to spend more time focusing on making a living rather than helping people in this way. By charging those who want to pay, he is able to spend more time channeling Bashar to help more people. ”
          He Anka , or Bashar , as the case may be , insist that ” Every One of you can Manifest exactly what you want ! ” . So why doesn’t HE/THEY , just MANIFEST exactly what HE/THEY want , instead of taking money from their followers . Personally I feel tha6t this would give much more credibility to HIS/THEIR claims ! .
          Or is the secret in the fact that HE/THEY state ” WITHOUT ANY EXPECTATION ” ? >

  17. Mark says:

    Self help gurus who can’t help themselves……gotta love it! I’ll take the godamn aliens any day! The simplicity of Bashar’s “abundance” is stunning. Give yourself a permission slip baby!

  18. Open your mind just a little, and listen to the Bashar YouTube video’s. He never tells anyone what to do and he says if it’s something you can’t believe then don’t. He brings love practical advice and he is here to help all of us. Really listen with an open heart.

  19. treeha3 says:

    I have often wondered what it would be like to live in a world where we allow others the sovereignty to have whatever experience they desire…could we have peace? As for “Everything you need to know about…” anything…I think I will let that be my decision and I will not ‘impose’ my opinions on anyone else. I will only say that in my eyes the post and all comments are true…for the individuals involved…Thanks for the contrasting ideas here. You have all helped me to clarify!…xo

  20. steve says:

    Great article. Mediumship is real. It would helpful for people to understand the mechanics of the process. What is it and how it works. I knew a medium in Arizona who told me that whenever he heard the word “channeling” he thought of sewage canals. People should not be so gullible and take someones word that they are genuinely channeling information from an external source. There is a fine line between a genuine psychic impression and the imagination. I have encountered many sincere people who are completely deluded. And there are many like some of the ones mentioned in your article who are completely phony. With any level of spirit control the medium’s mind is involved. Most automatic speaking involves a lighter level of trance with the medium’s consciousness involved in the process. It could be 80% the medium and 20% the communicating personality. The less of the medium and the more of the spirit communicator the better but the medium’s mind is still involved. Always test the medium and test the spirit world. Fake accents and silly antics have nothing to do with communication with the spirit world. But keep up the nice writing as you have a great sense of humor and valuable information to share.

  21. May says:

    Why try to shoot Darryl down? He has helped so many people’s lives by channeling Bashar, including mine. Bashar’s messages are for ones who are ready to listen to their heart and ascend from pitiful and fear-based responses such as yours. There is no need to be afraid of things that are foreign to you, you are infinite. Listen to the information that is presented and see if it resonates with you instead of resisting. Remember who you are.

  22. Deniz says:

    The “point of view” Bashar/Daryll presents in his seminars, books, video’s is a lot less expensive then most speakers, trainers, successful management guru’s, personal change coaches and so on. They charge for their “point of view”.

    Some of those speakers present a simple model about how to built a successful company and are paid thousands of dollars for it. Why? Because there is a demand for it. It does not really matter that the businessmodel is just a new copy of a classical one, it also does not matter that the model is a simplification of a complex reality and it also does not matter that everybody actually knows that it is the people making a change, not a model. All that does not really matter because people go to this seminar to gain inspiration. To hear what you already know ones again in a slightly different context. To get energized.

    These speakers/writers earn a lot of money with it. If you don’t agree with that, then don’t go, don’t buy and don’t pay. It is supply and demand.

    Why would it be different with Daryll/Bashar? You can regard Bashar/Daryll Anka as an inspirational speaker who still does not charge too much so that people with a lower income can also access the material. That is all. Inspiration. Philosophy. Point of view. If you don’t like it, don’t pay. If you don’t “buy it” don’t buy it!

    I personally LOVE the idea’s of some speakers/writers in business management and leadership topics because tI think they make sense and I see prove of that in companies applying these idea’s: successful companies with happy employers . So I use their material in my classes business management and work environment.

    I personally LOVE the Bashar’s idea’s because I think he makes sense and I see prove of that in people applying these idea’s: happy people with a positive attitude So I use his material in my personal life.

    What is the difference? It is all just a point of view. For some people it is the ultimate truth, for some people it is all bullshit. It is all ok.

    What I love about Bashar: Two core messages (which are not new, read your classics):
    1) You can not perceive what you don’t have in you. Everything you perceive in your world is your own coloring of it. You see what you pay attention to. And what you pay attention to, grows! As a parent, as a teacher, as a manager, we all know that don’t we.
    2) The driving engine in your life is following your highest excitement: I found (back) my passion for horses and could not have imagined that following that could bring such happiness and fulfillment.
    3) Emotions are triggered by definitions about something. Nothing contains meaning onto it self. That is why I can feel sad or angry about something you laugh about…

    Again…it is all not new. I read it all before… looking for answers to life questions. But this time it landed for me. Probably because I find this speaker very very inspiring!

    When I read a skeptical article like this one, I can feel the irritation (=anger) between the lines. Why? Why are you upset? What has triggered you? Old trauma? Guilt? Fear? Feeling of powerlessness… I am not making fun of you, just demonstrating what I ask myself when I am angry about something or someone. Usually the situation or person is not the reason, but the association with something unsolved in myself causes an attitude of not accepting and judging.

    I would love to recommend you my two other ” friends” in life: Gary Zukav and good old Eckhart Tolle. Both are so talented in giving down-to-earth, easy to understand examples of application of – again – the classics….as also presented by Bashar, who is, I think, the master speaker

    @Allan Zaarour: LOVE your article about the pharmaceutical industry.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Ah. So he fleeces everyone and not just those with more disposable income? That’s supposed to be humane?

      Would you expand the two (three) core messages you see in Bashar to include with will of pedophiles, mass murderers, con men, thieves, and dictators? Are their points of view, perceptions, moral principles, and driving engine just as equally valid as your own?

      No one anywhere in the Classics says anything like this junk. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle all completely disagree. Pythagoras disagrees. The Stoics disagree. The Stoics disagree. Eratosthenes disagrees. Democritus and Pyrrho disagree. Confucius disagrees. The Tao disagrees. Judaism disagrees. Christianity disagrees. I defy you to present a text that supports anything he says that was written prior to the Modern era. I’d even go so far as anything prior to the development of the New Age movement. This is self-centered solipsism. You are not the most important thing in the world and your own personal perspective isn’t the truth to end all truths.

      • Deniz says:

        @Noah, yes I can expand the three messages. And yes you are right it is actually two. First and third are almost the same thing, with a different stress:

        1) This is also accepted in psychology: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/in-flux/201211/you-are-what-you-believe
        2) murderers, dictators and so on do not act on their highest joy, their actions are based on fear (anger, trauma..). The need to supress, kill, hurt is always based on fear. These people are very “troubled”. The driving engine is that warm joyful feeling like “yes I love this”. When you act on your joy, it will be contagious for people surrounding you.

        Plato’s theory of forms is about believing is perceiving, and yes I hear and read similarities and confirmations with Descartes, Krishnamurti, Sartre, Bagavat Gita, Socrates, Tao Te Tjing, Einstein…The Holy Bible.

        Self centered? Aren’t most our actions in one way or another conditional? When I do this I will get….. (satisfaction, love, money, respect, peace..).

        What I believe is: When you follow your highest joy, you really start doing, thinking, giving pure joy. Unconditional. When you accept yourself as how en who you are, truelly listen to this voice within you in stead of what others say, you stop acting according to what people might expect and finally stop working so hard to gain something. You stop being self-centered.
        It is the opposite. You stop thinking about yourself and let go of so many exhausting drama’s. You don’t need confirmation, respect etc. anymore. Because you are fulfilled. You doe what you love what more is there in life to gain then feeling happy and relaxed because you do and are everything you wish for?

        Actually I think “following your highest excitement” is what most mystics mean when they say “follow God” or “follow source” whatever. I think this highest excitement concept of Bahsar is what Christians mean with “holy spirit”. To me the feeling of true joy which can come from nowhere, which can happen to me when I am walking in the street with my son and suddenly feel overwhelmed by love, this feeling is -I am sure – the physical translation of God. This highest excitement guides you not only to big things like where to live, what kind of work to do. It guides you to healthier food for example.

        It is difficult for me to summarize alle the lectures of Bashar. I can olnly write down what my experience is. Why don’t you listen to them yourself. You can download them (for a normal price :-)).

        • pamina says:

          Thank you for this input. Why aren’t so many philosophers and religious leaders in the past who’ve dealt with metaphysical ideas called frauds? Because they aren’t alive to charge money for their lectures? But they are taken so seriously still that whole semesters and dissertations are spent on just one idea or line of theirs, not to mention expensive books that are required reading in universities. Sure, they may not be taught under science departments, but they are occasionally mentioned, even read in some science courses. The lack of pertinent science during their time is seen as explanation for their false ideas, but perhaps the science to verify Bashar’s ideas does not exist yet. At any rate, given that the false metaphyscial ideas of philosophers have not been a deterrent to taking items of wisdom from their teachings, why can’t this be the same with sources like Bashar?

  23. Dwaine says:

    Title should be “Something you need to know…” and not “Everything you need to know..”Every perspective is valid only for the one’s who perceive it—others may or may not agree with it. Have fun!

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Oh yeah, I see what you mean. Like when totalitarian regimes took over parts of Europe, the middle East, Latin America, Africa, and Asia during the twentieth century and started executing dissidents, that was just them experiencing their own different and equally valid reality. And the people who are really into deforestation, carbon emissions, and pollution, that’s only a problem if your reality isn’t cool with that stuff. They have their own reality that should be respected.

      Why does the New Age movement always sound to me like Ayn Rand with crystals instead of factories? Your own personal perspective isn’t the most important thing in the world and the fallibility of all people means you’re likely to be wrong about a lot of stuff pretty often.

      • “Why does the New Age movement always sound to me like Ayn Rand with crystals instead of factories?” – a summarizing query that works so very well for me. As a one-time enthusiast of New Age perspectives (yes, there was some value for me at the time) I’ve since found cause to pay closer attention to down-to-earth fundamental human vulnerability and psychology.

        My conclusion: We’re born with both at play, and the first (vulnerability) relies on the second (innate psychological set-up) to develop ‘strategies’ to firstly survive, and secondly thrive – ideally thriving in the most fulfilling psycho-social way possible.

        An important proviso, IMHO, to assorted fears and strategies around challenges to our vulnerability, is the ‘social’ aspect of our psycho-social nature. We are not only ‘individuals’. We are by our very nature oriented toward ‘the social’, which, in largest sense, is species community.
        — Cutting to chase: The New Age Movement has generally disregarded the social good in favor of individual aspiration. I.e. “it’s all about me”. There may have been temporary need to focus on individual aspiration – it’s certainly the case that ‘social’ conventions, beliefs, and constraints have hampered opportunity for individual “blossoming”. But we’ve over-focused; we’ve neglected community. How many of the comments here reference “me” – “I have personally benefited”. How few (none?) are able to say: “The disenfranchised and marginalized have also gained.”

        From my now ‘expanded’ view, New Age can easily overlook down-to-earth social-economic-political dynamics. D. Anka’s Bashar persona fails to awaken critical analysis of human societal structures across time. These structures, (IMHO), can be understood as an outgrowth of impossible vulnerability and need to feel reassured by finding cause/hope. Hierarchical models (from ‘god’ on down) made the best sense. It was not until late 20thC that psychology understandings were clear enough to help us recognize that human nature, in the individual, seeks to thrive. Because the individual seeks thriving, “thriving” is built into all human social structures – cultures and subcultures.

        Across eons, we’ve managed to complicate our plight via religious dogma – including Calvinism, mis-understanding Darwin (social Darwinism), and eventually by eastern reincarnation concepts, which dismiss material/psychological suffering in a manner that’s on a par with Calvinism. The ‘untouchables’ have not disappeared.

        Un-‘sexy’ pragmatic insights such as learning to identify psychological motivations without condemning them, and learning/practicing strategies such as conflict resolution. transformative justice, and participatory democratic problem solving are strongly promising. Yet these pragmatic practices challenge status-quo power dynamics. Not nearly so much fun – and not so ‘soothing’ – to an individual who seeks only personal sense of success and comfort. (Quite likely contemporary conditions lead to enough personal anxiety, even if subtle, to make ‘personal sense of success and comfort’ a powerful compulsion!)

        And then – beyond private concern of individuals of our species – is contemporary condition of this very earth, without which we’d not exist.

        Aiyee! A primary reason to debunk the likes of ‘Bashar’ is that he and his type of off-world message seduce us to “look after number one” in a non-community minded way. We are psycho-social beings. Empowerment of individual for benefit to community – and vice versa – seems obvious and essential to me, along with cooperatively stewarding our ‘home’ (i.e. earth).

        • Deniz says:

          Bashar has the most down to earth approach I ever encountered in the “new age” world. That is why he is also so popular among high educated people like scientists. Like me who never was attracted to other “spiritual” movements (except Eckhart Tolle). I agree with your underlying mesage. I teach new-economics, which is all about social good and challanging today’s systems.

          My point of view/opinion is: the self obsession comes from the fact that people as infants have never really been encouraged to find their unique talents, explore life in their own unique way. As a child, we are ” forced” to ignore their true passions and live and act according to expectations and certain community rules (family, school and so on).

          The “unsexy” pragmatic insights you mention can never really be succesfull when one is still struggeling with deep feelings of self unworhiness. That is wy succesfull teams, communities encourage the individual personal development of the individual members of team/community. So that all can contribute in a unique way.

          I am my own example: Afster my children were born, having a nice job in finance, beautifull life (from the outside) I hated myself for feeling so unhappy. I was allways looking for something new to fulfill me. When I finally realised that, I started talking to psychologist, read lots of books en started watching Bashar video’s. I came to understand that my perfect life was a design based on fears. Now, 7 years later I am divorced, found my true calling as a teacher, and I do voluntary work to help young criminals with a second chance. I am more engaged with social work then ever. Not because it is expected of me. But because I am in a real flow when doing it, I forget myself and just love my work.

          I would never be able to contribute to community in this way, if I had not worked hard to expose alle fears and intentions of ” this one important person”. Bashar encourages to do the things that give you joy. It is the most natural way of contributing to community.

          • Thank you Deniz for taking time to share a response to my post. I’ve ruminated on a range of ways to further the dialogue and time has passed. I’ll post what occurs to me this evening while also noting what I say is an ‘incomplete’ review of my objection to ‘Bashar”s and other ‘channeled wisdom’s “role” in advancing human thriving. As you noted in one other comment (above) “it’s difficult to summarize”!

            I smiled at some of your remarks to me as they seem something of a parallel track to how I sometimes try to describe my own ‘path to better understanding’. Long and involved explorations of self, of learned helpful/unhelpful beliefs,(distinguishing between the two).

            My personal quest-driven study of psychology was enhanced and expanded during my mid-adult years as a classroom teacher to young students. I began conscious, intentional, exploration before entering teaching. Perhaps, looking back, even when I was very young. So it was ‘natural’ for me that responsibility for development of ‘whole child’ in my students was as much a furtherance of my journey as it was service to others.

            It may be useful to mention that I seem always to have been ‘tuned into’ “dynamics” of interactions – of force and counter force. This was true for me growing up on a mixed-product family farm on the US prairie. I was immersed in a reality of forces of nature and also attuned to mechanical forces involved in how machinery worked (or not). Oddly, despite Presbyterian heritage, I was also attuned to some kind of ‘spiritual consciousness’ that was absolutely ‘everywhere’, was ‘unconditional’ in its commitment to ‘life’s continuance’, and could not be described. (I hasten to add – this did *not* prevent my acquiring a range of personal anxieties available through Calvinist perspectives! Cultural environment is a powerful belief-shaping force for human vulnerability!)

            Over time, I’ve come to know a number of ‘truths’ about physical reality – the world in which we – with our physical vulnerability – find our challenge. For me, these truths ‘demand’ that we watch ourselves for tendency to “rest easy” if/when we can gain personal satisfaction and comfort with ‘the way things are’. We are vulnerable from instant of birth and begin individual strategic response to thriving – but we do this in our social and material context and cannot do otherwise in our early ‘world view shaping’ years. Material needs can’t be dismissed.

            At the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy, starvation is real, and in some environments.remains the case. It’s also a truth that social, political, economic structures and the (usually incompletely examined) beliefs that underlie them strongly influence material conditions – i.e. starvation or abundance. I speak not only of conditions in our nation, but across our species community in which we (usually) unwittingly participate – in a context of “earth is our home”.

            (Note: paragraph edited by request of author of comment) Cause-effect forces as an outcome of culturally acquired beliefs are inevitable.” might be better expressed: ‘Cause-effect forces in relationship to physical survival and also to acquired beliefs are inevitable. For me, the key is to be willing to examine these – not only to ‘free’ ourselves as individuals, but to address possibilities on behalf of brothers/sisters across town or across global landscapes. Your work with young criminals is part of this – but IMO ultimately must transcend promoting thriving within a global system that is geared to expansion and exploitation wherever possible. (A severely truncated critique! Entire chapters required to properly qualify – especially since I have no idea what you’re really mindful of in your work with these youth!)

            A material earth – a material existence. Each child born is psychologically geared to thrive in context of thriving community. Adlerian insights underlie these understandings, with awareness that these insights were advanced by late 20thC. Alfred Adler is scarcely a ‘god’ to me but is a critical and profound resource. A 2nd critical resource for me is Marx’s Capital as I have gleaned him via David Harvey’s lectures available online. Marx’s observations of “alienation” are among the most profound and neglected insights available to those of us who would seek full-out blossoming of human potential, IMO.

            As far as I’m concerned – core psychological realities, and the boosts and pains they bring, can be understood more ‘pragmatically’ than they’re sometimes presented by elaborate ‘otherwordly’ myth and metaphor – much as I genuinely am sometimes a passionate enthusiast for metaphor!

            I’ve concluded that universal deep vulnerability is always a psychological situation directly related to survival, i.e.- material existence. The two are intertwined and inextricable – one from the other. Also unavoidable is “the political”. Our human social structures are political – period. As are the economic structures we build in hopes to sustain ourselves. It doesn’t take long in careful examination of ’cause effect’ force dynamics to notice that “being comfortable” resists change. It also follows that “not being comfortable” attempts to seek change.

            Can we, as a species, study these dynamics and resolve – in name of yet unrealized species potential – re-design, re-structure, our politics and economics? Can we diagnose high-consumption society’s harm to those whose lands and lives we exploit? (Such exploitation is not only ‘distant’ via history and current wars and small village or habitat destruction in name of “progress”. Our debt economy, our neglect of health care and education needs of those without easy means in our own society is constant.)

            Can we “put our money where our mouths are” and learn what we may need to learn to cooperate with species community? Personally, as a stubborn supporter or “unrealized human blossoming potential”, I stick to the idea that we can make shifts in paradigm we may need to make. But I’ve lived with and without plumbing. I’ve lived in impossibly poorly heated housing and in relative comfort. I’ve nursed humans in hospitals and have nursed failing livestock individuals at sub-zero temperatures. I’ve seen young children of diverse circumstances universally demonstrate intuitive knowledge of fairness, justice, unconditional regard, and compassion. I don’t see ‘channeled wisdom’ as a primary contribution – I see it as a serious distraction if it’s held as a ‘resting place’.

            I hope this comes across as acknowledgement of where you are in your ‘journey’, and without intending condescension, may nudge you to re-consider ‘Bashar’. Perhaps he/she/it is a part of more realization to come. On behalf of a family member enamored with Bashar I’ve taken in a very few of D. Anka’s videos on YouTube. I confess, on behalf of genuine suffering of people and wilderness creatures on our exploited earth, I find the whole phenomenon indulgent and – as I said – a serious distraction.

        • Deniz says:

          Thank you for your post on 25th of March.
          Just a little comment to the last part: I think every source can be used and misused in any way. The bible, the koran etc are reffered to as a source for the good and are also used to justify fear based actions. Bashar indeed can be misused, and distract. I think I probably am guilty. I probably do sometimes fly away from daily problems by diving into spirituality/philosofy or music. But at the same time I can see these sources are used for stregth,empowerment. To get to know yourself, examine yourself, facing fears, sabotage and start living, contributing in a more honoust, pure way.

  24. Fred says:

    Bashar is one of the greatest sources i ever encountered. I was sceptic first. But as i was interested in the way he would “hoax” such a thing i listened for about 4 -6 hours of material before i started to understand that this could be the real deal..After some time it became crystal clear that he is real…. Channeling is real. Since then my life changed and now i know many peoploe who channel (not everyone does that for money) and learned that “wonder” is really the modus operandi of existence..

  25. Marie says:

    Thanks Daan I agree. When I initially heard Bashar/Darryl I raised and eyebrow, but a week later I felt drawn to listen to him again…I now listen and enjoy him very much. I had some insight before I listened to Bashar. How many people have said, “i should have followed my first mind” are we being channelled?

  26. peter goose mcallister says:

    I honestly hope that the above comments supportive of this halfwit and his chanmadeupcrapeling are being sarcastic either that or some people need to be told x-files was only a TV show and that the only real channeling is done at 2 in the morning on the TV when you can’t sleep. The fact that anyone capable of turning on a computer takes the above morons claim of making mind calls to little green men(reptilians,giant arthropods or whatever) seriously fills me with real worry

  27. Greg Inniss says:

    people can say what they want and they will, and some of those people have a microphone in front of them or are editors of magazines or bloggers, and taken out of context, they can mix words and make perceptions of people they are not, Bashar has gone toe to toe unprepared on too many occasions speaking in detail about such array of topics , sorry Jenni, with all love and joy, youre out of your league here, but you are entitled to your truths based on your beliefs and definitions, no one can take that from you, but you decided to stir the pot here, and i made a conscious decision to reply, peace;

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Wait, so are you saying she’s wrong but everything she believes is true? That sounds like a contradiction. If there’s no such thing as verifiable truth claims then no one can be wrong or right. I could say I believe you’re made of cheese and I’d be right. And you couldn’t argue about it at all. There isn’t even an “out of context” in that circumstance because there is no context except my own opinion and feeling. I feel you’re made of cheese and things don’t fall to the ground, they fall into the sky, and what you call red is actually blue, and Bashar isn’t real he’s a unicorn. That’s all the context you need. I feel good about my beliefs. They must be true. I’ve made the conscious decision to reply to solipsism with solipsism.

  28. Floris says:

    Bashar is the real thing. I have never heard anyone so intelligent. After hearing him I woke up in the night and saw two aliens. You’ll say I’m crazy, but I know what I saw, more then once. Everybody can become more receptive of all kinds of so called paranormal experiences when you focus more on feelings in your body instead of on your thougts. Reality is shrouded by our thoughts. Dare to take a peek?

  29. nick says:

    Geez u are so smart with your phd arent you? This man Is light

  30. Starlite says:

    Sorry that you weren’t awakened yet Bashar Abram and Kryon are here to guide us to a better earth. Open your heart and experience the flow of true life. Love an harmon

    • Noah Dillon says:

      This is true life. The realm of fantasy is where you believe in things just because someone claims that they’re real, like talking to aliens no one else can see, who apparently just spout platitudes about how wonderful everything is and everyone can believe anything they want and it will be so. Tell that to kids being blown up in Syria or an unemployed mother of three whose husband died in a plane crash. Tell them your self satisfaction is more real than their experience of the flow of true life.

      • Ross says:

        Who said self satisfaction is more real than someone else’s life experience? Its like you are pulling blame for injustice of nature, and directing it at anyone trying to better their lives while claiming reality can be manipulated. Maybe these people who experienced negative situations chose the experience before birth? In which case it was a choice and not an outside force somehow projecting unfortunate situations on these people.

  31. Ross says:

    I’ve personally downloaded and watched maybe 30 or 40 hours of his seminars. I have no doubt in my mind its all truth. Some people cant handle that and I accept it. You dont have to believe. But you can learn a lot. The real eye opener video for me was called “Fundamentals”, its over an hour long and the key part is near the end, it builds up to it. So if you watch that whole thing and it doesn’t start to click into place in your mind that what you are hearing is ringing the truth bell in every part of your body, then I would be surprised. Its one of those things you have to give it a chance, just in case, because you wouldn’t want to miss such life changing information.

    i think this article is comical, if you dont like it dont watch it, i dont understand why people are motivated to write hatred against other people. annoyed that he charges money? who gave you the responsibility of deciding what people can choose to spend their own money on? Con artists take the money and run \ leave you with ****, Darryl gives information and they take appreciation to the grave. Its plane and simple really

    • Uhhh
      No no I don’t have to give a chance to every crank theory because it rolls off the apple truck. I prefer some evidence before I waste my time and money on something. I hate using this Hitler gambit but it is low hanging fruit… Hitler was a persuasive and charismatic public speaker. He held people enthralled and convinced them that his crank theories were real. I am not saying that this topic is Nazism. Just making the point the being persuasive and making you feel good doesn’t mean that such an idea holds value.

      • Ross says:

        Well since reality is a reflection of peoples energy, it makes it very difficult to see past the illusion, unless you change your energy first, then the reflection can contain the evidence. You shouldn’t pay attention to these concepts just because someone has evidence that they are real and so you “should” to know it. Its more like you should listen to it if you enjoy this type of concept. Hitler? well when someone deceives like that, it makes people more defensive as for them to avoid it happen again. But what if it was a truly positive intention and you blocked it out? Then your defense was too heavy. I don’t pay money, I just invest time and I’m glad I did. It’s not for everyone. I just get annoyed at people who say they would waste time by watching it. Yet they spend hours and hours promoting hate speech, making articles and trolling youtube comments. With words such as “prove its fact”, “debunked”, “Charlatan”. I’m not saying that’s you. But these people I find to be the cranks. 😛

        • Energy is the capacity to do work??? What are you talking about. I am sorry but this paragraph it doesn’t make any sense. Can you clarify what your saying.
          “Change your energy first, then the reflection can contain the evidence.” Sound like a type of faith. I am not sure about “blocking” as well? What is someone blocking and how is that done? I find your statement to be confusing in the extreme. Is this some type of religion?

          • Ross says:

            Blocking = belief against the concept, which causes you to dismiss or ignore, which means zero consideration. So if someone is giving out free Ferrari’s down your road and you didn’t believe it you would ignore and miss out. Poor analogy I know but thats what I mean by it.

            Energy, in the context of frequency inside the body. Combining of beliefs, emotions and thoughts. These things are transmitted out, against a multidimensional mirror and some time later the reflection comes back to shape the reality around you. Consider like the Matrix movie reality illusion. But the computer program generating the illusion is an encoding of your energy.

            I do not follow any religion

  32. This attempt at discrediting Bashar is full of holes. A discarante being does not need anyone’s approval or money. The human channel Darryl Anka is no more than that, an intermediary. All this activity is taking up his time and energy for which he deserves to be rewarded. Bashar is one of the most if not THE most inspirational sources of information around and has been for many years. if you don’t get it, don’t knock it. Just admit that you don’t get it. Some of us do. Vive la difference!

    • Noah Dillon says:

      If it doesn’t need money, why is Darryl Anka asking for money to attend his seminars, for his books and videos and other materials? Just because there’s no evidence for this nonsense and no reason to believe it doesn’t mean skeptics don’t get it. Anka is telling you nice things you like to hear: that you’re a good person and you can have whatever you want without doing anything more than believing in it. I get it. But it’s nonsensical pandering that no one would believe. It’s the worst magic act I’ve ever seen.

      • Ross says:

        He isn’t asking for money, he is selling stuff, and it is April who does most of the business strategy, she runs bashar communications, and I personally believe she is milking it fairly hard. Darryl however is more laid back, he “get’s it”. As David said, Its taking up his time, and his money, Why give out channeled information for free? Maybe to friends yes, maybe to neighbors yes, but when groups start coming, it consumes your life, work becomes harder, why not make it your work? if people are willing to pay for the “service”. These costs are things like hiring seminar location, paying for lighting and camera hire and crew to run it. ALSO he probably pushes the prices up, as to keep the skeptics out. simple as that. Because they ooze out negativity, not all the time, just when they see things that brings up a conflict inside them, a belief that doesn’t match, it generates a lot of anger and fear..

        ” you can have whatever you want without doing anything more than believing in it. ”

        Not as simple as that. Belief does not make stuff happen, it blocks things from happening. Passion \ Joy make things happen. Your summary was so brief it make me think you never watched more than 10 minutes of bashar? Try 30 hours and then maybe you can conclude a more accurate judgement. Videos on law of attraction = Beyond the secret, 15 minutes span, changing core beliefs. When you apply those 3 videos in your life and you clearly see somethings changed, then you have just proven it to yourself.

  33. Avery says:

    Two individuals are observing a cube in the same time.

    one says:
    A cube with 5 blue sides and 1 red side!

    the other says:
    A cube with 1 red side and 5 blue sides!

    now who is correct?

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Well, if they’re looking at a cube that has those properties, then they’re both correct. So what?

  34. Floris says:

    There is no way anyone can convince eachother by disccussion or reasoning. And it doesn’t really matter.
    Luckily, Bashar has made the following prediction: In the fall of 2016 an event will take place that willl proof for everyone on the planet as a fact that an alien civilization exist.

    Just wait and we’ll see what happens.

  35. Bennie says:

    I would just like to say, in reference to the photo captioned, “DMT occurs naturally in labs and dime bags,” that this is not true. DMT is naturally occurring in a plant called ayahuasca and is used often by South American shamans. It is a psychoactive drug.

    I would also like to say that, as a channel myself, I understand how it works to translate what is being communicated to you from other beings. They do not speak any language, they communicate via telepathy and energy exchange, from what I have experienced. You translate the images or emotions that are shared to you into a language that you can understand. The entire universe is connected by energy. All you need to do to channel is tap into the universal energy that connects every single thing in existence. While I do not agree with what Darryl Anka does, charging ridiculous amounts of money for much needed advice, I have to attest to the fact that channeling is very real.

    I am by no means a religious woman, but I can feel the energy in living things and could never be told that God isn’t real. It can be real to anyone who opens themselves to it. There is so much to see and to learn if we could just step away from our mundane lives and take off the blindfolds that we were born into this world with.

  36. susette godly says:

    And do you remember when Bashar (Daryl Anka) said to you? God is “all that is” Can you digest and sink it in your heart and try to understand what that means? Do you know what that means?

  37. susette godly says:

    Hi, all. again I’m reading all mundane stuff. You’re talking about human analogy about life. Think for a moment that you’re not a human because you’re not. So forget and drop the crap about Einstein and law of mathematics. think that you’re divine light and love. Life is MEANINGLESS”. What you see is hologram that is made just enough for you to react. You’ll get angry, joy, depressed depending on what your circumstances are. YOU give meaning to whatever the stuff that popping up in your life. You’re vibrational beings. Your thoughts and feelings are vibrations. Positive vibration, like joy, excitement, creativity will create joyous life, but if you are angry, depressed, despair, it will create disasters like diseases and chaos. it’s not caused by evil spell or out of luck, it’s YOU that creates that reality by virtue of your vibration. It’s time to wake up and know who you are and why you’re here. Any human experiences are irrelevant to divine or cosmic designs because it’s all physics! You’re made out of molecules. Think about that!

  38. susette godly says:

    Actually, Stephen, I’m not the same person who commented on those yesterday. (Crazy? but it’s true. Won’t even go into that. If you’re not awaken, it doesn’t make any sense to you) Now all I have to say is Love to you all. You’re simply the reflection of myself. That’s all I have say. Be happy no matter what humans!

    • Roy says:

      All I have to say is he is a fraud and he does a good job exploiting people of their money
      And the reason he goes by bashar is so he doesn’t get into trouble for saying anything wrong or false statements
      He should be blocked by YouTube

      • Noah Dillon says:

        It does seem pretty undeniable that he’s a fraud. I don’t think he’s using that name to relieve himself of any culpability. People freely give him money and he never seems to give them any real advice, just empty platitudes about how they should be positive and do what they want and believe whatever they like and seek love from the cold, empty void of the Universe. His alien name is just a gimmick.

        YouTube can do what it wants since it’s a private company that sets its own rules about what users can do on its service. But I’m a pretty firm believer that censorship doesn’t help a problem. Other people agree and that’s a big part of why you see so many defenders commenting here: unlike the websites of quacks, who often remove comments that question their claims, Skeptoid allows people to talk and a lot of its writers and readers (such as yourself) can demonstrate the implausibility of claims not answered in the blog posts. That’s much better, I think, than ignoring woo and hoping it will go away be segregating it.

        • Roy says:

          I would like to meet this guy and have a one on one interview and broadcast it on live television and prove to the world he is a fraud I don’t think people like him should exist and if they do they have to live their life in shame

          • Roski says:

            funny though because there is no way to prove he is fraud, so all of your skepticism is assumption and guesswork. His mentality is that he respects peoples free will, so if you want to believe he is fake then he will support you in that. So if you had an interview with him to try and validate he is a fraud then he will NOT validate he is genuine. He will demonstrate nothing to convince you as to respect your free will. You can say “convenient” all you want, it’s just how it is. I find that skeptics not only dis-believe things, they actually direct hatered at people based on these assumptions + guesswork. Reminds me a lot of Nazi mentality. Haters hate, if you want to live in a world of judgement then thats up to you

          • Steve says:

            Yes. Actually he is a fraud. He has absolutely no connection with any external personality working through him. This can be observed through discernment of his energy fields. As a medium with four decades experience studying the process of channeling as well as tutoring thousands of students worldwide I can tell you that he is not genuine. A really excellent book on the mechanics of trance channeling is:
            ”PSYCHIC NEWS” BOOKLET-3
            TRANCE STATES in Relation to
            SPIRIT CONTROL By Harry Boddington
            This rare booklet is out of print but you can download a copy here;
            It is pretty amazing how gullible people can be but it is understandable given the fact that most people do not understand much about the process in terms of how it works.

  39. Maryellen says:

    I get bad vibes from Darryl Anka. Of course he’s a fraud. Doesn’t anyone try and put two and two together. He starts working special effects for Star Trek and then all of a sudden he starts to channel Bashar. If you’re a real Trekkie you’ll notice that most of what Bashar says were actual Star Trek episodes of the various series. It isn’t that I”m a skeptic of ETS but I do question the authenticity of this man. I put him in the same category as Whitley Strieber, both out looking for a buck.

  40. She says:

    First of all, hahahah, you can not be serious about this “article”. I definitely believe Bashar is channelled by Darryl. So, to me, this does not make sense. Aliens, or better said extraterrestrials are real. You should acknowledge yourself before writing your ideas on website. But I understand that for many people it is a lot to handle. But it’s time to wake up, our spiritual awakening is happening right now! Dear author of this article, how can you be so ignorant to people who have experiences you have never imagined, who have physical evidence of “alien abduction” and so more other things… Dont you want to write about me? I was born with sacred symbol (birthmark), so can you tell me how is it possible? How is it possible that in that symbol there are also portraits of “other beings”? You can not tell me, no one can, no scientists. But that’s ok, because only I can. So now, think about “information shared by Bashar” again. Start with meditation. Shivai

  41. Jessica says:

    I have spent entirely too long this evening reading these comments. Since there’s no question that Bashar — and all channelers/mediums/psychics — are frauds, I have nothing to add to the conversation. I just have a question: Noah, will you marry me?

  42. Thomas0 says:

    I watched quite a lot of Bashar materials, mostly question sessions.
    I`m scientist and one thing he said was extremely important. Someone asked about expansion of observable universe and he said, that GRAVITY HAS WAVE NATURE, explaining that soon our scientists will under stand that fact. The whole thing was recorded in late 2015. The very said fact was confirmed on 11 February, by Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO).

    Is he communicating with E.T.`s, I don`t care. With my background in NLP I will only say It`s extraordinary ability to respond to questions this way. Over 30 years he bring very consistent informations

    We can`t debate analizing philosophical statements. But once in a while some serious people ask some serious technical questions.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Uh, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity predicts gravity waves. It’s something that scientists have been trying to confirm for decades. And it looked like we were getting close to doing to last year. So in late 2015 there was a pretty good chance that you could say that and not be wrong. That’s not a special skill, that’s just repeating what you read in the newspaper.

      Philosophical statements can ABSOLUTELY be analyzed. What do you think philosophers do? That’s their job. What he says is not philosophy, it’s platitudes.

    • Frederick says:

      Albert Einstein was the first to predict gravitational waves, not Bashar or Darryl Anka, and Einstein did a lot more than simply say “gravity has wave nature”. The recent gravitational wave observations were made using experiments modeled around Einstein’s theories, theories already well supported by observational evidence and made of pages upon pages of detailed logic and mathematics. Even if Bashar really relayed this information to Anka, it wasn’t something new or unknown to science, and the simple fact that Bashar/Anka said something vague regarding gravitational waves does not eliminate the need to confirm them through independent observation. Predictions need to be precise and they need to be able to be independently tested, otherwise they are open to wild speculation and interpretation.

      If Anka wants to be taken seriously, he needs to provide evidence that the information he is receiving is true, accurate, and originates from another dimension. He has not provided evidence for any of that. Anka is just the same as any other supposed prophet, he wants people to take him on faith alone, and I hope you realize why that is not acceptable.

  43. Angie says:

    Tbh I follow up with bashar. I don’t worship him or daryl or immediately assume his truth over mine. His truth coincides with mine. I think it’s pretty ignorant to make a lot of assumptions that higher dimensional entities do not exist or that they wouldn’t interact with humans. Regardless, it’s understandable to be skeptical, I still am. But I think it’s more strange to be so adamantly against agreeing with or considering the possibility of someone/something like Bashar than it is to just hear him out and see if it rings true for you. If it doesn’t ok. But you don’t need to be angry, because you don’t have to participate in what he does. But just because you don’t doesn’t necessarily mean other people are ridiculous because they do.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      YOUR truth? Do you live in a different Universe from me and everyone else? Is it still true that there are people suffering in Iraq and Syria right now? Or have you decided that that’s not true for you?

      It’s not that there’s an assumption about the existence “higher dimensional entities.” (What does “higher dimension” even mean?) It’s that there’s ZERO evidence for them. And it doesn’t seem very hard to see that Darryl Anka is doing a lounge act where he spouts platitudes for money.

  44. Paul says:

    Hey I love Bashar and I was looking for some more new channelers. Here we have big list of a bunch of excellent channelers. Thanks for all the great recommendations. You might all see one day. 😉 No worries though, that decision is up to you.

  45. Liza says:

    I have read all of the comments and I would like to remark here , where both skeptics and specially non skeptics of this article are not addressing is to the fact that the reality we live in we don’t just create but we co-create. Co-creating reality is not limited just to humans. We co-create it with every life forms and in my experience we co-create with any object we encounter. How I think this works is , we all are just bunch of energies whether human or not. Any particle in its core is just energy. And if we can achieve a vibrational state that is peaceful we will exude that. But again since it is co-creation and each one of us will have to be in the same vibrational state to experience the desired reality. Eg: If I am filling myself with calming energy while my father is filling himself with violent energy. When we encounter we co-create an energy state that is a mix of both the realities. And we create a new reality where my father parted with some of his violent energy towards me and my reality was not completely peaceful as I desired it to be while I parted with some of my calming energy to my dad and as a result his reality was not utterly violent with which he was charging ahead with. Similarly, if we both of us were filled with violent state of energies we would create a reality where max violence we have achieved (may be desired or not). But as we co-create we only achieve a certain degree of our desired reality.

    Sadly, we live in a world where most of the people exist in a fearful energy state. Where main religions teach : if we don’t do this we will go to hell : that is fear.
    Where main laws tell us : if we do/don’t (do) this we will be jailed, lose our house/children etc.
    Where our educational system tell us: if we don’t get marks we will fail/have no future(while it should only desire to impart pure knowledge in every field possible rather than creating competition and streamlining the possible options of subjects).
    Where our health system tell us : no insurance-> no medical assistance.
    The whole governmental and social system feed/strive on the fear of the people.
    Hence, it doesn’t matter if we live in Syria, USA , India or even our own house for that matter, we will co-create an undesired violent reality.

    I have seen brutal army encounters, death and pain and have both realized and experienced one thing i.e. maintain a positive , peaceful and kind vibrational state at all times to at least achieve a near desired reality. Very difficult to achieve it, nonetheless the struggle is fruitful, to me as well as to the ones co-creating their realities with me.

    Secondly, this article is about Bashar and if he is a fraud? Being a skeptic and doubting with logical arguments is very healthy so as never to become a follower but to be the master of thyself. We don’t need anymore herd mentality. However, having strong conclusive ideas only reflect arrogance and not humility. All we can do is put facts and experiences on the table and let others absorb these information and filter them through their unique spectacles of experiences and ideas and form their own reality.

    Reality will always be a mystery whether material or immaterial but it is a wonderful mystery. We can only and only control our own actions and our own energy states so lets just exist in a state such that the co creation of the most desired reality seems possible. (BTW Bashar does talk about co-creation. All the above are just my own experiences and opinions which I am able to grasp till now. I am still trying to grow and learn.)

    Another funny theory of mine which I have been pondering upon for a long time: As all objects are just a bunch of energies if we keep on dividing ourselves to the minutest energy string and can force each of these energy strings to exist in its highest positive state then can we not overcome our sufferings. Again as energy can never be created or destroyed but can only be transformed. Can we not transform the negative energies around us to positive energies. If we can observe ourselves to our minutest energy string state , it might be very well possible for us to communicate with other objects in that minutest energy level and synchronize. Moreover, the difference between co-creating reality with life forms to that of inanimate objects according to my belief is that we can communicate and transform energy states of an object to our desired state but with life forms the co-creation is a combination and not a transformation. I am not good at articulating my theory but this is very much the idea. 🙂

  46. issness says:

    The funniest thing about all of this, Darryl stated in an interview that ” Bashar” could be all made up in his head- he just uses the information that he has and relays it. When channeling “Bashar”, he states that it doesn’t matter about who he is that defeats the whole meaning, its about the information and if you can/use, or apply it in it your life….. Just like everything else in life

  47. Rodrigo Cabrera says:

    “Skepticism = Ignorance + Arrogance”

    Can’t prove ignorance here since I can be way more ignorant in any of the subjects discussed.

    Don’t need to prove the arrogance part though.

  48. Kyle Arnold says:

    Bashar’s own analysis of skeptics:


    • Noah Dillon says:

      It’s funny how his accent comes and goes, and so does his bad grammar. You would think an alien could keep itself straight. It’s also funny that his analysis of skepticism is just a dismissal of anyone who questions his lack of evidence. I mean, it’s a downer—he’s talking to the audience like he’s selling them a timeshare. But it’s also funny.

      • Rodrigo says:

        Hi. Where is his “bad grammar” comming, for example?

        • Noah Dillon says:

          “Nevertheless, the idea of finding balance in your investigations and your relation to the idea of unusual phenomenon in your world is one that requires a clear, concise approach to remain in balance.” So, there’s several problems with that sentence: first, it doesn’t mean anything, which is a recurring problem in his little lecture; second, there are counting and subject-verb agreement issues; third, he means “phenomena” not “phenomenon”; fourth, he says that “the idea of finding balance […] requires a clear and concise approach to remain in balance.” That’s a tautology. The idea of balance needs to remain in balance?

          “What you call being ‘skeptical’ is a natural point of view for your world in which there are so many deceptions.” The super alien seems to lack access to a dictionary or Google. Bashar misunderstands the basic definition of skepticism and has shifted its meaning purely into the realm of concerns about being ripped off. What does that line of rhetoric intend to do? It intends to say “I’m not ripping you off.” It doesn’t address the whole host of other phenomena that skepticism, which is a tool and not a “point of view,” is used to investigate, such as pareidolia, etc.

          Further, he says “[…So] many deceptions which may occur on your planet, so many agendas which may occur…” etc. George Carlin has a bit about exactly this type of obfuscatory and ill-considered language. All sorts of things may or may not occur. But he’s talking about deceptions that DO occur, not possibilities that can be speculated about. He does this again when talking about beliefs you *may* be holding onto. Let’s not worry about beliefs that you may hold onto. You could believe that everyone’s made of marshmallows. At issue are beliefs that one does hold. So that’s just a basic usage problem.

          He keeps inserting all these extra modifiers into his diction that, like, I only ever see in pretentious undergrad writers of term papers: e.g. “on polar opposite sides of the balance point of skepticism…” Opposite sides are polar. “Balance point” isn’t a term, but he’s indicating “center.” So all that’s a string of redundancies. Or “Cynicism […] has its belief system totally intact.” What does “totally intact” mean? Like it doesn’t have any gaps? That’s also the definition of a sound argument. So that sounds like a usage error, or junk rhetorical filler, or just poorly thought out. Is his belief system “totally intact”?

          I can’t keep doing this. It’s too bewildering how anyone can swallow this, how they can pay for it. It really stuns me. He’s asking people to pay him for little nonsense New Age slogans like whatever you believe is real is real. Try disbelieving gravity and believing you’re wealthy and see what happens. The guy breaks character every other sentence and is asking people for money to fund his bad performance art. It’s unbelievable.

          • Rodrigo says:

            Thanks for taking the time to respond.

            It has been very educational for me to read the many points you make. Though I don’t like it too much when you say your sure he has any bad intentions in what he does, but you are certainly entitled to believe that.

            Now, I would love to find a balance point between what you make of him and what I make.

            Do you believe we can?

            Thanks again.

  49. Ashique says:

    Wow…bashar is a baaad guy who earns millions for cheating people…how come u can say even say that..the article u have got not a bit proof of anything showing he is a fake…if he try this channeling for money then he can say my spaceship is out of fuel and giv me extra for that..like wise he can hav millions..my point is he only earns for Wat he does and he is not forcing no one..and the brain wave study says that when in the process there waves have so heightened that more than one mind exists..and the consciousness technology he said they r using is now prooved here on earth..check entangled app of collected consiousness…and ur website has greater rank than him??really??big deal…:D

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Ashique: the burden of proof lies with Daryl Anka, not skeptics. Daryl Anka has to give evidence that he’s “channeling” an alien and not just closing his eyes and spouting platitudes. In the absence of evidence it’s safest to assume that the world is exactly how it looks based on the evidence we have, which is that people don’t channel aliens, but con men abound. If he has better evidence that he’s not simply a crummy actor I’d like to see it. You can make up whatever rationalizations you want, but those are all coming from you, not from any useful, demonstrable evidence.

      And just because people freely give money to a con man doesn’t make it right. Someone can lie and cheat you out of enormous sums of money and you may be totally happy about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK.

  50. Diane says:

    Perhaps Bashar is a lot more real than you folks are. 🙂 I mean… Why spend your life trying to debunk something of which you already have a strong opinion? In other words, if you’re not open to experiencing and testing something with an open mind, your opinion of that thing (no matter what it is) is invalid. Get the logic of that?

    If you are debunking something of which you ALREADY have decided is crap, you are spinning your wheels and resisting the possibility that maybe you just don’t know everything — of which may scare you. Maybe you feel threatened for some reason. Maybe you’re afraid to live your life with true passion. Maybe you just have a habit of trashing things and the process of trashing makes you feel like you’re doing something important or self-defining. Do you come from a family of trashers, debunkers, critical and judgmental people? If so, you learned: I trash, therefore I am.

    Find something that you can do that you love. What makes your feeling heart open up? Be creative. Build up something new. The act of debunking is a desire to tear down, disqualify, and destroy others’ freedom of expression, and to devalue the diversity of life. What you do to others, you do to yourself. In other words, if your habit of thinking is to tear down… then, when you look into your mirror, or lie awake in the middle of a dark sleepless night, you will more than likely hear the “voices” in your head tearing YOU down too. The chickens always come home to roost.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      This is an assumption that’s really insulting: “Find something that you can do that you love. What makes your feeling heart open up? Be creative. Build up something new.” The people who volunteer at this blog do writing as something they love. They look at science passionately. They think critically about the world and ask questions. I’m pretty sure most of the people writing here do what they love as their main job. As you can see at the bottom of this post, Ms. Burd is a PhD candidate in English. That’s what she’s passionate about, is studying and teaching and writing about literature. This is something they’re passionate about and love and they do it without any compensation. Asking critical questions isn’t tearing things down or trashing them, it’s pointing out that emperor Bashar has no clothes. That’s not inhibiting his freedom of expression—just like your criticism isn’t harming anyone’s free expression—it’s just saying what he does is unethical and manipulative.

      I think you misunderstand what skepticism is. Skepticism is open to things that have evidence. There is zero evidence that Daryl Anka is inhabited by an alien, but pretty reasonable evidence that he is doing a bad job at acting. Why should that be questioned? Because he’s suckering people into paying him for nonsense platitudes that go on bumper stickers. That’s why. It’s not for the satisfaction of the writer, it’s to inform other people who might be interested in Daryl Anka, but maybe haven’t asked some really basic questions about how realistic his claims are.

      You’re right: what you do to others you do to yourself. This is meant to educate other people about a fraud, and in the process the writer educated herself and thought carefully about what she was studying. That’s a great thing. I can’t think of a more socially good exercise.

  51. Simon says:

    Personally I don’t care whether Bashar is real or not. I have found that since learning how to apply his advise my personal and business life are both a whole lot better.

  52. wichal rangai says:

    So much BS in this “article”. More exposure for my favorite teacher Bashar, though.

    Hopefully people will check Bashar out (e.g, YouTube) and find the benefits many got. If not they can just move on.

    If Darryl Anka is doing something wrong, go to the police.

  53. I know you are a very afraid, angry person and I bear you no ill will, I hope you remove this toxic website full of petty hatred and fear and allow your family (namely Darryl) to love you and to love them in return for doing so.
    I know you are capable of so much more as a person. Peace, love and all the best.

  54. Jeff says:

    Anyone who has made an honest effort to incorporate the information that Bashar offers into their own personal lives they are soon convinced that he speaks truth. I have experienced a 180 degree turnaround in my life. I was guided to drink copious amounts of water without the prior knowledge that this was also a teaching of Bashar. For most of my life I’ve struggled with debilitating fatigue. When I began hydrating myself on a grand scale, I experienced a power surge like I’ve never felt before. I’m also restoring the color and thickness of my hair. Also If you research any science driven medical experts on the subject of longevity you will discover that calorie restriction is the only life extension method with substantial evidence to back it up. I am also living a completely free life full of abundance and peace. This only occurred once I decided to remove all fear from my life and focus on what I really wanted in life.
    Others call it intuition or what ever option in life holds the most pull or energy. Christians call it the voice of God. It’s real what I’m describing.. Bad things happen from time to time but if I look back on why these things happened’ there is ALWAYS some growth that eventually leads to more abundance and freedom. Remove the fear and believe that you are more powerful that just an organism struggling to survive. I am nearly living in heaven on earth. And I’m beginning to think heaven is right here in the reality and belief system that we can all create and tailor to our own needs.

    • GHoward says:

      The message being presented during the Bashar sessions is a combination of the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts and the Law of Attraction material. I watched the videos for a year or two but lost interest because there was nothing new or original being presented – at least not from a spiritual or metaphysical perspective. I see little point in aliens communicating through a human channel just to keep rehashing information first made available during the 1970’s.

  55. Joe says:

    This is just a slam piece with no value. Whether Bashar is real or part of Anka”s “pyramid scheme” as you say (it is far from a pyramid scheme), you fail to address any positives in this aggressively skeptical article. I understand you are a skeptic, and your job is to be angry at what you’re not accustomed to with the basic lifestyle choices you’ve chosen as definite, but in order to write a helpful piece for anyone’s consumption you MUST include a contradictory statement or paragraph to your main point. You just don’t do that, and it takes away any credibility you may have had.

    It is easy to find something to be amazed by in regards to Anka and his channeling of Bashar, whether you believe him or not. May it be the COMPLETE transformation of personalities he transitions from, the fact he never once stutters, mumbles, or thinks twice about his answers (which are based solely around love) is worth mentioning, even if you are as small minded and incapable of finding any other positives through Anka”s channel as you have proven to be.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      No. You misunderstand skepticism. Scientific skepticism is the examination of the world through evidence. There is compelling evidence that Paul Anka is a fraud and there is no evidence that the vague, feel-good nonsense he peddles comes from an alien. It is also really hard to be amazed by him. He closes his eyes and says you should believe whatever you want except what skeptics say. Why would you expect stumbling or stuttering to be a giveaway? I don’t believe the stuff he says, but I could spout it all day without batting an eye. It’s formulaic New Age platitudes that have been inundating our culture for decades. It’s just quackery designed to remove money from people who want to feel appreciated. Give up on Paul Anka and go love your friends and family. You don’t need him. He’s a con.

  56. orion says:

    Wonderful article. I’ve been a Bashar skeptic, believer, and now sitting on the fence, but one thing I took away, “all truths are true”, life is just a story. Without contrast life would be blind & meaningless. The color & JOY in my life is because of people like you, your ‘critique’ & prose, the way you weave words that take me on a journey through your eyes, feeling your slant, your point-of-view, was hilarious. Cheers for an epic!

    • Noah Dillon says:

      All truths are true? True things are true and false things are false. That’s not just a story. People in Syria right now are being bombed to death and executed and beheaded and thrown into mass graves. That’s not just a story. And the people murdering civilians there are not truthful, despite what they believe about themselves. The platitudes spouted by people like Darryl Anka may be very nice for people who lead peaceful, middle class lives, but they are pablum and acidic lies to a lot of people around the world. The real world is the real world. It has nothing to do with what you believe or wish.

      • orion says:

        my wife often interprets the same things we both see, differently. Is it not different points of view that create conflicts? One ‘truth’ being imposed on the many, hasn’t fared too well historically. Religion, politics etc.
        perhaps there is a different way of relating? what’s wrong with connecting and enjoying another ones unique point of view, even if it opposes mine?. If the person is expressing with joy & passion, and isn’t behaving badly, I can resonant with that, and put my judgements aside.
        “The real world, is the real world”, i presume you are referring to the ‘awake’ state. But does one know that the ‘dream state’ is not real while they are in it? I suggest every state is ‘real’ when one is in it, but any ‘state’ that comes and goes, cannot be really real, can it…..

  57. Panda says:

    I saw this guy live at UCLA, disgusted and appalled by the way the audience ate up his philosophy. My boyfriend really wanted to go see his movie “First Contact” and so we went together. I was not impressed the moment it began, reminding me of graphics from Ron L. Hubbard’s “Dianetics”. I had to sit through 2.5 hours of your typical sci-fi apocalyptic thriller with cliche testimonies and autobiography of Anka’s resilience himself to rise up to his fame.
    It distresses me that they premiered the movie at a school recognized like UCLA, known for their leading research in neuroscience and business…
    I’m trying to convince my boyfriend that, yes, just because there are certain vague truths in a person’s philosophy (eat healthy, do things that Excite you, technological advances can ruin humanity, etc) does NOT give them the right to brainwash your intellect, taking away your right to interpret perceptions and experiences in your life that may not have gone well or that you cannot understand–leading you towards the manipulative business scheming cycle costing you a fortune to have a phony resolve the deepest questions known to mankind that no one can adequately answer all due to the simple fact that truth is always evolving and changing as modern physics is always evolving with new breakthroughs almost everyday.
    People like Bashar insult people like my friend who is an astrophysicist at Yale or my other friend who is an effective self-esteem (cognitive behavior) based psychologist who obtained her degree with integrity honor (and honors), claiming that these type of hard working folk are getting nowhere and know absolutely nothing about what they devoted their lives to studying and produce new knowledge and findings about.
    Bashar is creating a cult of shared psychotic disorder; a group of organized individuals who have been lured unconsciously to agreeing for their minds to be delusionally reprogrammed into one of serious schizophrenic tendencies.
    This Anka man himself has numerous videos proving to present his true self as a psychotic; providing the desperate with erroneous beliefs that include a sad variety of themes that are persecutory, referential, somatic, religious or grandiose–tricking the crowd who listens that they are entitled to “privileged knowledge”.

    All in all, I have fostered an undesirable outlook on people like Anka, where they have betrayed a sense of integrity, lie and do not take ownership of their contradictions and teach others how to do the same. There is a difference between a strongly held idea/opinion about the progress of humanity and MAKING S**T UP, telling others to believe and then use the S**T they make up to oppress the general population because “outsiders” of this Anka domain are smart enough to reason through his bizarreness by simple inference, logic and common sense.

    I’m pissed, I lost $20.

    • Panda says:

      *I apologize for grammatical errors–I’m used the insidious iPhone to write this response.

    • nobody says:

      disgusted and appalled? so just because you guess its b******t, that gives you the right to verbally attack someone? Much of what you said I dont agree and I feel you are a very negative person

  58. JFD says:

    Nice article, thanks!

    I love Bashar/Abraham and find the teachings to be empowering, he makes no promises which Ive heard, its all about our own beliefs.

    I love hearing boths sides and would love Sam Harris to turn up to a seminar with some questions.

  59. John says:

    May be that is the way I could make a living, pretend to be channel for aliens who have come to save us from this misery, charge a small fee and write books and I could be rich in no time, but by nature I am not that kind of person I do believe a lot of those entities who are channelled are not good or come from advanced worlds, more like they come from a lower dimension, and they are playing with us like lower forms do. My question is this Why would an advance entity channel through a lower body of a human when they could come here I spirit form and speak directly to us, we need to be careful as we are all being conned the truth is out there and within us. Humanity has been held on prison planet Earth for thousands of years why did not these so called aliens free us ? it seems to me all aliens in this region of the galaxy have a vested DNA interest in us for their own use and by shutting us down into a limited 5 sense reality we think we are free when we their slaves. It is humanity who can save themselves only if we wake up get back our power then all these aliens who use us will scatter and run because they are scared we will wake up I do not believe in anything without checking it out and piecing it together we must check everything because we are being overloaded with all kinds of stories.

  60. dktrfrknawsm says:

    The best part is how skeptics conveniently disregard all other theories and possibilities that may explain reality and consciousness but then accept the one that actually makes no sense. Science fact is often far stranger than science fiction. We can see in the collapse of the wave function that an observer has something to do with reality as we know it. It suggests that electrons can act as if they are aware of being observed. Who knows the real correlation there though. Everything that our reality is made up of are vibrations. Everything is literally vibrating at different frequencies. As far as we know, there is no speed faster than the speed of light. But what if you were to go faster than the speed of light. Would you cross the border of our reality into a much higher vibrational state of consciousness? If space/time is 100% and we experience 99.9% time then there is only .1% of space left. We know about relativity which suggests if you experience 99.9% of space then there is only .1% of time left. That explains why if somebody was traveling 99.9% the speed of light they would age very slow compared to someone experiencing 99.9% of time (Speed of light is the fastest in our reality so going the speed of light you take up more space). What would happen beyond that in either direction of the space/time graph? Another thing to think about is if there are an infinite number of realities then there is a 100% chance of a reality containing anything you can think of (kinda like Rick and mortys interdimensional cable). We perceive our existence linearly. So we go from parallel reality to parallel reality where there is very little difference between the realities. Our brain makes it appear seamless to us as if we are not shifting through realities billions of times a second. There is only one moment in creation/consciousness so all of the realities you go through don’t have to be experienced linearly. You choose to experience it linearly instead shifting to greater differences in reality. It’s hard to comprehend. With your physical mind, go ahead and try to comprehend the idea of no beginning and no end. Can you? Past and future are nothing but your physical brain’s memories of past realities and anticipation of future realities. So if there are an infinite amount of realities with a 100% chance there is a reality for everything you can think of, then you could “manifest” anything. For example (obviously our collective conscious has not accepted this) if you were sitting on your porch and it’s hot out so you want a soda instantly, you could shift to a reality that is the exact same as the reality you were just in however in the new reality you have a soda. You always had the soda you were just not in that reality until you shifted to it. It makes sense if you think of it the way of infinite realities with 100% chance of anything. There is a 100% chance of there being a reality out there where the only difference is you have a soda. Just the same there is 100% chance of realities that are various such as where you’re rich or healthy or both. Literally whatever you can think of. So again about the collapse of the wave function, could we be creating reality without being aware of it? What would happen if we became aware?

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Skeptics are interested in evidence, not just any tortured explanation that can be scotch-taped together.

  61. It’s important to police claims by public figures. Because public figures can destroy lives, which they didn’t intend, whoops!

    An example is a priest saying: “don’t go to a doctor, pray for a cure, and mend your ways, so that God forgives you. You want God on your side, right? He’s so much more powerful than a doctor”…

    You will understand that sometimes, going to a doctor is the right thing to do. So the priest has to be careful not to kill a member of the congregation, through bad advice. Priests understand this. It takes years to study to be a good priest. Even then some priests are bad. We need to police the priests. Keeps them on their toes. Surely we can agree on that.

    It’s the same with channeling folk. Faith healers, etc… These things aren’t meant to cure anything except your sick soul. So don’t take them too seriously. Just accept that we love you, and want you to be better. We are projecting love and good vibrations into you. Feel better? Great. But don’t take what I say too seriously. It’s just a love projection 🙂

  62. Troy says:

    I don’t know what or if he’s truly “channeling” and was skeptical in a lot of ways at first too. I really don’t care though, I dig the message and find nothing but love and peace in his teachings. I’ve followed him and Abraham Hicks for some time now and am experiencing a wellness and success in my life like no other time. I have paid $0 on these YouTube videos. You can call people sheep for being open minded to some or all of this, but please bear in mind you can say the same for people who walk the world with blinders on and stay stuck in ruts as a result as well. I used to be like that, glad I’m not anymore. That’s all, not trying to convince anyone to believe what I do, just wanted to drop a line and say the message does help real people out there, and I think that’s all that really matters to many in the end.

  63. Robert says:

    “DMT is the most dangerous drug out there” huh? That’s quite an arrogant generalization.. what are you basing this on, I don’t see any references or even personal experience about how bad DMT is.. At least say you don’t know because.. you don’t know, don’t pretend.

    This article is a fraud, just attacking the success of someone else.
    Ive written more convincing articles in school.

  64. Beck says:

    DMT is found in certain plants. Yes, naturally! It can be extracted in a lab, but it’s found in nature. South American tribes use it for spiritual work (Ayahuasca).
    I’m not defending some new age channeler I don’t pay attention to, but don’t belittle a potentially powerful medicine like DMT if you don’t have all the facts.

  65. BezelT3 says:

    I did a video about Bashar two years ago. But Bashar Communications contacted YouTube on the 22nd of September 2017 and I had it taken down. I guess multi dementional beings don’t handle criticism very well.

  66. Jon says:

    I found it interesting that quite a few of the positive Bashar/Darryl Ankar comments on here link to a number of different gravatar.com profiles. After a (admittedly fairly brief) look through the comment sections of other articles on skeptoid I couldn’t find a single poster who used gravatar…

  67. rideforever says:

    In a world going downhill fast, it is time for mankind to change.

    I think it is good to try something out of your comfort zone, try hard and see if it can work.

    Saying no and carrying on doing mankind the old way is simply not working.

  68. Philipp Knechtle says:

    I was looking if I could find an article about Darryl in a major news outlet and this defeatist article popped up. Probably only because it was in the top of the search engine results.
    But I can tell you that Bashar is real. I’ve talked to him in a (lucid) dream and his energy really is overwhelming. We only exchanged a few words but it was all the proof I would ever need. Now I know this might not be enough for a skeptic to open their mind but if you think about it he isn’t even an alien. He is only an Extra Terrestrial and from a linear perspective Darryl’s future self. Of all the times my open-mindedness got me into trouble this was not one of them. Because I knows I’m right. 🙂

    • Noah Dillon says:

      If it was a lucid dream then you had control of the dream, right? So then it sounds like you told yourself that Darryl Anka is an alien from the future or something. That is definitely not evidence of anything. I mean, you can believe whatever you like and that’s your business, but you making a dream where Darryl Anka told you he was a future alien is not evidence of Darryl Anka being anything in waking life.

  69. Zorbra the date says:

    Get a life man!

  70. Ed Love says:

    Everything you need to know? I sure hope you wake up to things beyond what our senses tell us.

    I used to be a total left brain chess playing computer programming Mensa card carrying geek, stuck in my head 24/7. I’m grateful to have woken up a bit since then.

    A good mind is a wonderful tool, I’m very grateful to have one, but to close oneself off to beings such as Bashar is VERY short sighted.

    Remember: just over a century ago, nearly all modern technology would have been laughed at by the average person, especially skeptics. Flying in the sky? What rubbish? Talk to somebody in another country? What are you smoking?!

    Oh, well, your loss.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Were you actually in Mensa, or are you just, like, speaking figuratively? Because I can’t imagine Mensa members would look at Paul Anka’s cousin closing his eyes and spouting platitudes and would say to themselves, “This guy has it figured out. I see the error of my ways. No more chess. I will believe anything this geek says. He is obviously into some next-level alien technology. You can tell by the way he sells videos, books, and seminars.”

      Also: over a century ago, people had a pretty good handle on hot air balloons and gliders, since by then such devices had been in use for a few hundred years. It’s powered flight that they were still trying to figure out, treating it as an engineering problem that would be overcome. And lo: it came to be. I’m not a Mensa member; I just know about the Wright Bros. from elementary school.

    • Alexandria Nick says:

      “just over a century ago, nearly all modern technology would have been laughed at by the average person”

      Really? What do you base this on? 1918 wasn’t exactly the Bronze Age. Even a modern wide-body airliner would have been in the realm of “not yet, but eventually” for 1918.

      They had aircraft. Aviation was a mature technology, thanks to WWI. The first all-metal monoplane airplane had been built in 1915 (the Junkers J 1). Cabin pressurization was based on an understood technology (pressurized diving bells from 1691) and was just three years away from being first applied to aircraft (the USD-9A). The jet engine, while it wouldn’t be in a practical form until 1928, is based on a series of developments. The first stationary gas turbines date to the 1790s, the first self-sustaining turbines date to 1903, and ramjet engines were well understood (and ancient). Compressor technology wasn’t advanced enough to really get the turbojet going and existing prop aircraft couldn’t fly fast enough to for a ramjet to be practical (they was a 1915 patent of ramjet assisted artillery shells, so that lightweight guns could fire heavier shells at longer ranges, quite ingenious really). It was just eight years later, in 1926, that compressor technology caught up to the existing patents and theory on turbojet engines. It goes on and on like that.

      If you’d gone back to 1918 with a picture of a 747, they wouldn’t go “hahaha you crank, it’ll never happen.” You’d tell them “this will fly in 51 years” and they’d say “well that sounds reasonable. Look at all the advances we’ve made in the last 50 years! Electric lights, phonographs, cinemas, the radio, transatlantic liners, the airplane!”

      And “talk to somebody in another country” wouldn’t be out there either: the first transatlantic radiotelephone voice call was in 1915.

  71. Patrick says:

    Skepticism is a very low vibration. When I’m around it, I feel myself getting depressed, and it’s quite negative in scope. It negates. There isn’t much love involved, only the mind. Always the mind with its arguments, wherein it’s more important about being right than happy, or healthy, as if rightness were the latter two. I used to be like this, and many who continue like this, at the end of their lives, say in a hospice, where I happen to work, how their worldview no longer serves them. So much in the skeptical viewpoint must be left out to fit into a scientistic paradigm, as if to think that only what goes through official channels must be the truth.

    When you actually listen to what Bashar says, and apply it to your life, you’ll find out for yourself. But it can’t resonate with everyone, that’s for sure. I’m not a follower myself, in fact, the guy annoys me with his surefire confidence, but it’s not for everyone. For starters, you have to be living a spiritual life. And if you’re skeptical of the basics regarding spirituality, it won’t float your boat. In my experience, diehard skeptics are only too happy to be rid of spirituality, which explains this dark age we’re in and trying to come out of.

    Let it be known that skepticism won’t dampen the truth. Watch the videos yourself, and see how they resonate with you. Don’t listen to a PHD English student who only investigates things and looks to negate. I spent quite a bit of time in grad school, and the environment breeds mind wars, while the heart is left reeling.

    I myself would like to see more people attack skepticism because it is cowardly. There is no faith, no leap into the unknown, nothing. There is cynicism, a draining cynicism. There is no wonder, only proof gotten by today’s scientific means (which, let’s be honest, loves to ignore so much outside its scope, as history repeats itself). It’s quite immature, the Greeks knew this, and those ancients who remained skeptics quite often missed the boat. You can know why someone like Plato would partake in the Eleusinian mysteries while the skeptics were miserable and saying that their one truth was that there is no truth. At some point, there has to be some change instead of remaining transfixed by the power of your mind and your intransigence regarding your evolution.

    I honestly see it as a wasted life. Seriously, wake up. We all need to wake up. Stop arguing and grow up. Break open your head because, seriously, there is more to it than skepticism. Partake in life. Stop doubting everything. Do you love your neighbour as you would your brother? No? Then you need to wake up and smell the roses lying beyond your own little enclave. Take a leap for once, and don’t only live this reality of every man for himself. This is your paradigm, and it’s grey, and it’s not going to be around for long. Try to shift into a new one, Bashar or not. And trust me, Bashar is not the only one. To assume that they’re all liars, that all of these claims are lies, while the wisdom is discarded… That’s laughable, no? You have to discard SO much. It’s almost like life has to agree with your skeptical paradigm, through your lens, and all of this gets piled up on your shoulders.

    Well, say 1% of it is true, and then… you’re out of a job, skeptics. The cap on truth is bursting in so many places, all you need to do is look around, do some research. In the end, you’re believing what the consensus believes so that the boat the world is in isn’t rocked. So investigate. Find out for yourself. Go to India and witness miracles. Get out of your proverbial basement. Watch what Bashar has to say about fear. Do you have fear? Can you talk about your fear? Or are you constantly in combat mode and saying, forget this, forget that, there’s a hole in this argument, in that one. It’d be much more helpful if you asked, how is this skeptical point of view helping me? Or others? Am I always arguing? Shooting people down? Am I my ideas, needing to get hit over the head with proof, and even then… At any rate, if you don’t see the proof is in the messages, then there is no convincing you… that is, until you start waking up a bit out of the rat race and want something more from life than being automatic.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      I don’t know about vibration and stuff. Scientific skepticism is about finding out the truth about stuff. I would guess that willful ignorance and shelling out to a huckster both have really low vibrations, too.

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